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Version 2022.12 (unreleased)
Friendica Core
The rewrite rule in .htaccess-dist has been changed. The change has to be applied manually to the existing .htaccess
Friendica Addons
BREAKING: The functions from the boot.php file have been moved into better fitting classes
this may break your custom addons. See the pull requests #1293 and #1294 in the
addon repository about the needed changes to your addons.
Closed Issues
Version 2022.10 (2022-10-14)
Friendica Core
Added GD translation, updates to the translations AR, DE, FR, HU, PL, SV, ZH CN
Added a check for too long passwords (due Blowfish hashing algorithm) [MrPetovan]
Added an API endpoint to create events [MrPetovan, pankraz]
Added the possibility to store profile avatars in a separate directory [annando]
Added an option to not fetch parent postings [annando]
Added an option to reject postings by language received by the relay [annando]
Added a notification mail to all users when the server block list is updated [MrPetovan]
Added a download link to the CSV file of the server block list on the about page [MrPetovan]
Added support for youtube short URLs [annando]
Updates to the themes (frio, smoothly) [AlessandroLorenzi, HankG, MrPetovan, tobiasd]
General code cleanup [annando, fabrixxm, Quix0r, tobiasd]
Enhanced the performance (cache, database, rendering) [annando, Quix0r]
Enhanced the language detection [annando]
Enhanced the display of the reason why a posting is shown to a user [annando]
Enhanced the fetching of missing postings [annando]
Enhanced the server detection [annando]
Enhanced the UI for 2FA logins [nupplaphil]
Enhanced the Woodpecker integration [nupplaphil]
Enhanced integration with ejabberd [nupplaphil]
Fixed a federation problem with Diaspora* during the author signature check [annando]
Fixed a problem with Forwarded-For headers [nupplaphil]
Fixed a problem with the encoding of mails send [MrPetovan]
2 months ago
Fixed a problem with weird formatted date notations [annando, MrPetovan]
Fixed a problem following some RSS feeds [mexon]
Fixed a problem with quoted reshares from Twitter [annando]
Updated dependencies [MrPetovan]
Replace SFTP-publish with docker-publish [nupplaphil]
Removed the poke functionality [MrPetovan]
Friendica Addons
Added GD translation, updates to the translation AR, FR
Removed the addons: morechoice, morepokes
Marked the addon whindowsphonepush as unsupported
Valid post body can be empty [MrPetovan]
Support of Twitter threads was added [annando]
Closed Issues
11177, 11317, 11458, 11471, 11566, 11614, 11625, 11635, 11636, 11638,
11651, 11661, 11666, 11695, 11700, 11704, 11706, 11708, 11712, 11716,
11722, 11723, 11724, 11726, 11731, 11732, 11751, 11765, 11775, 11778,
11779, 11794, 11798, 11799, 11800, 11824, 11826, 11851, 11861, 11870,
11909, 11920, 11931, 11938, 11943, 11952, 11953, 11969, 11975
Version 2022.06 (2022-06-11)
Friendica Core
Added DA DK translation, updates to the translations DE, FR, HU, PL, RU, ZH CN [translation teams]
Updates to the documentation [foss-]
General code cleanup [annando, MrPetovan, nupplaphil, tobiasd]
Added caching for several AP endpoints [annando]
Added the display of pinned/featured postings of contacts [annando]
Added the display of polls and current votes [annando]
Added node relocation to the console tool [MrPetovan]
Added tool to move avatars to the avatar cache [annando]
Added storage of edit history of postings [annando]
Added the possibility to set custom posting dates [annando]
Added the possibility that pending events in a forum are send to new members [annando]
Removed node relocation functionality from the Admin Panel [MrPetovan]
Enhanced performance (database related, global directory) [annando]
Enhanced the logging [annando]
Enhanced the federation statistics page in the admin panel [annando]
Enhanced the Mastodon compatible API [annando]
Enhanced the .htaccess-dist file to prevent accessing some common backup files [tobiasd]
Enhanced the priority values of some worker queue jobs [annando]
Enhanced the possibility for the user selecting which notifications should be shown [MrPetovan]
Enhanced the relay server handling [annando]
Enhanced the users control what they are notified about [annando]
Changed the default icons to the flat icons [atjn]
Changed the order of starred posts and posts with mention by the last comment date [annando]
Fixed a problem with the local cache of contact avatars [annando]
Fixed a problem in the federation with Lemmy nodes [annando]
Fixed a problem importing some RSS feeds [annando]
Fixed a problem fetching attached media files [annando]
Fixed a problem with the abstract being formatted [annando]
Fixed a problem preventing the import of contacts [tobiasd]
Fixed a problem with IDN URLs [annando]
Fixed a problem parsing abstract BBCode tags [MrPetovan]
Fixed a problem that could cause unintentionally changing the password by password managers [MrPetovan]
Fixed a problem with the language detection of postings [annando]
Fixed a problem with the selection of JSON/XML webfinger results [annando]
Fixed a problem with re-shared postings that were pinned [annando]
6 months ago
Fixed a problem that caused the display of a wrong information about a new follower for some account types [annando]
Fixed a problem that caused interaction abilities on postings not to be possible [annando]
Fixed a problem causing links to larger photos lead to smaller ones [annando]
Fixed a regression that caused pinned private notes to be shown publically [annando]
Fixed a problem during the language detection for notifications [annando]
Friendica Addons
Breaking: The obsolete hooks settings_form and settings_post have been removed,
custom addons developers should use the addon_settings hook instead.
Updates to the translations DA DK, FR, HU, PL [translation teams]
Use a random item to validate fields on rule save [MrPetovan]
Fix usage of unfollow / block hooks [MrPetovan]
S3 storage back-end
Added the addon [nupplaphil]
Closed Issues
4639, 9650, 10926, 11040, 11146, 11212, 11223, 11226, 11291, 11299,
11309, 11310, 11315, 11319, 11338, 11339, 11340, 11343, 11350, 11353,
11371, 11393, 11407, 11425, 11427, 11431, 11440, 11445, 11450, 11461,
11469, 11470, 11487, 11488, 11491, 11492, 11504, 11507, 11508, 11510,
11511, 11512, 11557, 11560, 11561, 11594, 11602, 11625
Version 2022.03 (2022-03-07)
Friendica Core
Updates to the translations AR, DE, HU [translation teams]
Updates to the documentation [bkil, tobiasd]
General code cleanup [annando, MrPetovan]
Enhanced the federation statistics page in the admin panel [annando]
Enhanced handling of database errors [annando]
Enhanced the thread completion [annando, MrPetovan]
Enhanced the handling of unfollow/revoke actions [MrPetovan]
Enhanced the API [annando]
Fixed a bug that caused wrong categories were displayed in a users profile [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug that lead to private messages being send to the wrong recipient [MrPetovan]
Added display of post receivers [annando]
Added pleroma like version to the API results [MrPetovan]
Added advanced configuration option to automatically re-use the abstract field from AP conversations [annando]
Switched to SMARTY-4 templating engine [MrPetovan]
Breaking: The distribution of _private forums_ was moved to ActivityPub,
making them incompatible with older versions of Friendica [annando]
Breaking: The Twitter-/Friendica-/Statusnet-API now uses the same base
for the id as the Mastodon API (uri-id instead of id). To still
receive new posts with (for example) Friendiqa you have to remove
the account and add it again. [annando]
Friendica Addons
Added S3 Storage Backend addon [nupplaphil]
Closed Issues
11220, 11222, 11232, 11234, 11248, 11245, 11264, 11274
Version 2022.02 (2022-02-06)
Friendica Core
Updates to the translations AR, DE, ET, FR, GB_EN, GB_US, HU, IT, RU, SV [translation teams]
Updates to the documentation [annando, foss-, softmetz, tobiasd]
Updates to the themes (duepuntozero, frio, quattro, vier) [MrPetovan, tobiasd]
General code cleanup [annando, nupplaphil, MrPetovan, tobiasd]
Enhanced the connector hooks [MrPetovan]
Enhanced the API [annando, MrPetovan, nupplaphil]
Enhanced the screen reader accessibility of the frio theme [MrPetovan]
Enhanced the federation with Pleroma (attached images) [annando]
Enhanced the performance of database handling of unused contacts [annando]
Enhanced the Vagrant development configuration [nupplaphil, tobiasd]
Enhanced the handling of emoticons [annando]
Enhanced the handling of blocked domains [annando, MrPetovan]
Enhanced the translation string extraction [fabrixxm]
Enhanced the detection of embedded content [annando]
Enhanced the detection of servers [annando]
Enhanced the handling of attached media files [annando]
Enhanced the logging with syslog [nupplaphil]
Enhanced the display of audio elements [annando]
Enhanced the PHP 8 compatibility [nupplaphil]
Enhanced the contact handling by forum accounts [annando]
Enhanced the display of the notification count [annando]
Enhanced the display of start and end times of events [annando]
Enhanced the federation statistics [annando]
Fixed a problem linking to an addons authors profile [annando]
Fixed a problem with the automatic installation [nupplaphil]
Fixed a problem in the order of database table modifications [annando]
Fixed a problem during the node detection process [annando]
Fixed a problem handling configuring trusted 2FA browsers [MrPetovan]
Fixed a problem with caching user avatars from the local node [annando]
Fixed a problem preventing the federation with Lemmy [annando]
Fixed a problem causing non-notifications for new postings [annando]
Fixed a problem with updating event contents [annando]
Added AR translations [FaridaK, Mohamed_Ahmed_AF, abidin24, alsabi.abdullah, ButterflyOfFire, ominds, hisoka512]
Added language detection for the /help files [annando]
Added current timezone information to the date time picker [MrPetovan]
Added an option to purge contacts from blocked servers [MrPetovan]
Added a media tab on profile pages [annando]
Removed video tab on profile pages [annando]
Bumped the minimal version of PHP to 7.3
Friendica Addons
Updates to the translations AR, DE, FR, HU, IT, PL, SV [translation teams]
Deprecated addons: blogger, buffer, jappixmini, notimeline, xmpp
Added addons: bird avatar, webdav storage [fabrixxm, nupplaphil]
Updated the allow and deny lists of bots [annando]
Improved performance [MrPetovan]
Improved the language detection [MrPetovan]
Enhanced the HTML escaping [MrPetovan]
Enhanced link detection in attachments [tobiasd]
Enhanced configuration [annando]
Updated dependencies to enhance the PHP8 support [MrPetovan]
Added block and unblock hook usage [MrPetovan]
Added support for unretweet and post/comment deletion [MrPetovan]
Added support for the unfollow hook [MrPetovan]
Fixed API calls [MrPetovan]
Fixed a problem leading to duplicated links [annando]
Updated twitteroauth dependency [nupplaphil]
Closed Issues
9720, 10301, 10365, 10454, 10634, 10691, 10725, 10726, 10729, 10734,
10737, 10739, 10745, 10754, 10767, 10791, 10829, 10832, 10839, 10841,
10844, 10851, 10864, 10865, 10868, 10872, 10876, 10877, 10886, 10887,
10897, 10903, 10906, 10914, 10939, 10943, 10945, 10955, 10966, 10971,
10972, 10973, 10978, 10979, 10983, 10990, 10991, 10998, 11020, 11021,
11022, 11023, 11029, 11033, 11034, 11047, 11055, 11063, 11078, 11091,
11101, 11109, 11111, 11130, 11133, 11139, 11144, 11147, 11148, 11152,
11156, 11160, 11163, 11169, 11178, 11189, 11193
Version 2021.09 (2021-09-25)
Friendica Core
Updates to the translation DE, FR, HU, RU [translation teams]
Updates to the documentation [foss-, nupplaphil]
General code cleanup [annando, MrPetovan, nupplaphil]
Unification of setting label wordings towards activating something [heluecht]
Enhanced the proxy mechanism [annando]
Enhanced the desktop notifications [annando]
Enhanced the Mastodon compatible API [annando]
Enhanced the UI to follow new contacts [MrPetovan]
Enhanced remote AP follow of new contacts [annando]
Enhanced the installer [tobiasd]
Enhanced the handling of attachments by the addon hooks [MrPetovan]
Enhanced the federation with PeerTube [MrPetovan]
Enhanced the federation with Diaspora* [annando]
Enhanced the federation with Mastodon [MrPetovan, realkinetix]
Enhanced the interaction with items in various places [annando]
Enhanced the storage back-end handling [nupplaphil]
Enhanced the handling of zmg BBCode elements [annando]
Enhanced the display of logs in the admin panel [fabrixxm]
Fixed a bug in the L10n functions not showing plural forms [annando]
Fixed a bug in following IMAP accounts [annando]
Fixed a bug preventing photos to be deleted [annando]
Fixed a bug preventing the display of the accounts avatar [annando]
Fixed a bug preventing following accounts from profiles visited [annando]
Removed the legacy DFRN transport layer, DFRN is now always using the Diaspora* transport layer [annando]
Removed the legacy OAuth server [annando]
Bumped the minimal PHP version to 7.2
Added user option to control how postings are shortened [annando]
Added Persian to the possible detected languages of a postings [MrPetovan]
Added Matrix account profile field [annando]
Added scheduled postings [annando]
Added transmission of push subscriptions [annando]
Added the possibility to put the config files in a different directory [nupplaphil]
Friendica Addons
Updates to the translation JA, ZH CN [translation teams]
allow filtering by attachments [MrPetovan]
some good guys and bad guys added [annando]
switch from freenode to [tobiasd]
improved performance [annando]
handle mobile links as well [tobiasd]
improve settings [tobiasd]
rename "Parser" to "session" [annando]
Closed Issues
6101, 8038, 9378, 9723, 9871, 10262, 10491, 10502, 10514, 10558,
10568, 10587, 10603, 10617, 10640, 10651, 10672, 10692, 10698,
10699, 10705
Version 2021.07 (2021-07-04)
Friendica Core
Updates to the translation DE, EN-GB, HU, IT, JA [translation teams]
Updates to the themes (frio, vier) [annando, MrPetovan]
Updates to the documentation [annando, nupplaphil]
Updated composer and dependencies [nupplaphil, MrPetovan]
1 year ago
General code cleanup [annando, nupplaphil, mexon, MrPetovan, very-apen]
Enhanced the Mastodon compatible API [annando]
Enhanced the possibilities to download the calendar [annando]
1 year ago
Enhanced the Vagrant development box setup [fabrixxm]
Enhanced the console commands [fabrixxm, mexon]
Enhanced the support of PHP8 [nupplaphil, MrPetovan]
Enhanced the link detection [annando]
Enhanced the worker task display in the admin panel [tobiasd]
Enhanced the installation wizard [tobiasd]
Enhanced the federation statistics page [annando]
Enhanced the profile picture handling [annando]
Fixed information contained in the nodeinfo [MrPetovan]
Fixed an avatar setting problem during the account creation [nupplaphil]
Fixed a display problem with picture only postings from Diaspora* [annando]
Fixed a problem receiving BCC postings from accounts that are not followed [annando]
Fixed a problem with local delivery of postings [annando]
Fixed a problem with block/ignore via API [nupplaphil]
Fixed a problem with directory search results [MrPetovan]
Fixed problems with the console autoinstall command [annando, tobiasd]
Fixed problems with forum delivery [annando]
Fixed a problem fetching photos in private postings [annando]
Fixed a problem with author names containing hash tags [annando]
Fixed a problem when following local contacts [annando]
Fixed problems with the addon settings [MrPetovan]
Removed the Diaspora* relay support [annando]
1 year ago
Removed the system user from the user counting [annando]
Make birthday time comparison 32-bit safe in Protocol/DFRN [MrPetovan]
CI process was switched to drone [nupplaphil]
The "authenticate" hook was moved deeper into the process [very-ape]
Added support for RTL languages [MrPetovan]
Added download link for the calendar entries [annando]
Friendica Addons
Updates to the translations DE, HU, IT, JA [translation teams]
added addon to replace links to twitter in postings [tobiasd]
added addon for password-based authentication against Keycloak [very-ape]
added addon to support SAML services [very-ape]
improved the image upload [annando]
improved the exception handling [nupplaphil]
incoming posts are unlisted [annando]
Ensure location key is available in hook data [MrPetovan]
make the addon work again [nupplaphil]
fixed a problem in connection with the phpmailer addon [nupplaphil]
Move Zabbix to the "good" agents [annando]
adaptation of new addon functionalities and code improvements [mexon]
updated dependencies [nupplaphil]
Closed Issues
7967, 8262, 9715, 9064, 9993, 10055, 10147, 10184, 10198, 10205, 10210,
10219, 10232, 10254, 10287, 10293, 10306, 10312, 10314, 10342, 10364,
10375, 10378, 10392, 10424, 10433, 10439, 10443
Version 2021.04 (2021-04-26)
Friendica Core
Updates to the translations BG, DE, EN-US, ES, HU, IT, RU [translation teams]
Updates to the themes (frio) [Extarys, MrPetovan]
Updates to the documentation [tobiasd, urbalazs]
General code cleanup [annando, MrPetovan, Quix0r]
Enhanced the babel functionality to work with some addons [MrPetovan]
Enhanced the import of mails [annando]
Enhanced the PHP8 compatibility [annando, nupplaphil, realkinetix]
Enhanced federation with diaspora*, Peertube, Pleroma [annando]
Enhanced the admin panel federation overview [annando]
Enhanced the federated deletion of items [annando]
Enhanced the usability of Friendica in containers [nupplaphil]
Enhanced the handling of contact avatars [annando]
Enhanced the display of shared postings [annando]
Enhanced the process of deleting items [annando]
Enhanced the trending tags [annando]
Enhanced the maintenance page [MrPetovan]
Enhanced the performance [annando]
Enhanced the PWA [Extarys]
Enhanced the handling of private messages [fabrixxm]
Enhanced the video BBCode tag [MrPetovan]
Enhanced the installation wizard [fabrixxm]
Enhanced the handling of #tags [MrPetovan]
Enhanced the handling of audio attachments [annando]
Moved API endpoints to pin, star, ignore and like items [MrPetovan]
Updated the composer dependencies [MrPetovan]
Reworked the database structure [annando]
Fixed a bug in accessing uexport and uimport [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug while logging [nupplaphil]
Fixed a bug handling legacy photo storage [annando]
Fixed a bug while parsing fetched HTML [annando]
Fixed a bug that prevented images to be fetched [annando]
Fixed a bug that caused content being handled for expired users [annando]
Fixed some problems of handling OEmbed content [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug in the storage move command [fabrixxm, utzer]
Fixed a bug in the mime type handling [jurassic-c]
Fixed a problem with the /parseurl path [MrPetovan]
Fixed a problem with mentions in the summary of a posting [annando]
Fixed a bug with the endless scroll in saved folders [annando]
Removed the front-end worker [annando]
Added a security.txt file to the repository [MrPetovan]
Added remember device setting for the 2FA [MrPetovan]
Added the possibility to block tags from the trending tags [annando]
Added the possibility to chmod proxied files [Quix0r]
Friendica Addons
Updated to the translations BG, DE, EN-US, ES, HU, IT [translation teams]
Adapted the addons to the new database schema [annando]
Adapted the addons to the new class structure [annando, MrPetovan]
deprecated flash based addons (sniper, mahjongg) [urbalazs]
better URL handling [mexon]
smileybutton addon was reworked [MrPetovan]
Fixed an OEmbed problem with URL handling [MrPetovan]
Improved handling of Photo postings [annando]
Closed Issues
8910, 9402, 9640, 9677, 9698, 9716, 9733, 9743, 9746, 9753, 9761,
9764, 9767, 9777, 9782, 9789, 9799, 9811, 9814, 9820, 9827, 9846,
9854, 9856, 9872, 9875, 9879, 9881, 9885, 9895, 9905, 9907, 9912,
9914, 9929, 9936, 9948, 9950, 9962, 9971, 9975, 9977, 9980, 9996,
10017, 10032, 10041, 10047, 10050, 10068, 10105, 10107, 10110,
Version 2021.01 (2021-01-04)
Friendica Core
Added HU translation
Updates to the translations: DE, IT, RU [translation teams]
Updates to the themes (duepuntozero, frio, vier) [annando, MrPetovan, tobiasd, vinzv]
General Code cleanup [annando, MrPetovan, nupplaphil]
Enhanced the handling of permission sets [annando]
Enhanced the usage of system resources when displaying photos and updating contacts [annando]
Enhanced the database structure [annando, Quix0r]
Enhanced the detection of PeerTube servers [annando]
Enhanced the photo cache [annando]
Enhanced the import of old postings which would otherwise not be imported due their age [annando]
Enhanced the delivery process of ActivityPub content [annando]
Enhanced the performance profiler [annando]
Enhanced the background worker [annando]
Enhanced the handling of blocked authors [MrPetovan]
Enhanced the user management in the admin panel [MrPetovan]
Enhanced the process of expiring postings [annando]
Enhanced the un/follow process of contacts [annando]
Enhanced the handling of HTTP requests [nupplaphil]
Enhanced filter possibilities of contacts [annando]
Enhanced language detection of postings [annando]
Enhanced the admin panel [MrPetovan, tobiasd]
Enhanced the contact suggestions [annando]
Enhanced the community page (filter, tags) [annando]
Enhanced the display of the reason why a posting is displayed in a stream [annando]
Enhanced the forum delivery of postings [redmatrix]
Enhanced PHP8 compatibility [annando]
Enhanced the worker_cooldown mechanism [annando]
Added new options to the remote_self feature [annando]
Added API endpoints for accounts and trends [annando]
Added API endpoints for re-sharing of postings [annando]
Added provider fields to the API [annando]
Added the possibility to map $_SERVER variables during installation [nupplaphil]
Added the possibility to filter account types on the network page [annando]
Added missing Mastodon API endpoints as "unsupported" [annando]
Added a watchdog mode to check if the daemon is running [annando]
Added number of group members to the contact widget [annando]
Added endless scrolling in several places [annando]
Added an option to stay local when clicking on a contact profile [annando]
Added support of ActivityPub relays [annando]
Model\User::getAuthenticationInfo is now available for addons [MrPetovan]
Contact details can only edited for mail and feed contacts [annando]
Fixed some problems during the export of user data [annando]
Fixed various problems with the notification system [MrPetovan]
Fixed a problem with emoticon alt-text interpretation [MrPetovan]
Fixed a problem that caused comments on Tweets being distributed via ActivityPub [annando]
Fixed a problem with the auto-completion when composing comments [MrPetovan]
Fixed an ACL problem while poking contacts [MrPetovan]
Fixed a problem with Mastodon emoticons [MrPetovan]
Fixed a parser problem that caused additional <br> tags [annando]
Fixed escaping of several HTML snippets [MrPetovan]
Fixed a problem with fetching objects by URL [annando]
Friendica Addons
Updated to the translations IT, HU [translation teams]
Added examples [hoergen]
Improved the wording in the admin interface [urbalazs]
Improved the generation of avatars [annando]
Added support for delayed postings [annando]
Improved code structure [nupplaphil]
Fix case-sensitive check by [nupplaphil]
Improved parsing [MrPetovan]
Improved addon description [SpencerDub]
Changed the input to use a slider [MrPetovan]
Reworked the authentication code [MrPetovan]
Fixed a problem with DNS requests [annando]
Improved the list of available avatars [annando]
Fixed UTF8 encoding problems [MrPetovan]
Added more information about the "other" things that cost time [annando]
Improved handling of the HTML structure of postings [MrPetovan]
Improved user settings, language [MrPetovan]
Improved logging [annando]
Improved the twitter_post_hook [MrPetovan]
Improved the posts send to twitter [annando]
Improved the remote_self functionality [annando]
Added support for delayed postings [annando]
Fixed a bug with direct re-shares [MrPetovan]
Closed Issues
2803, 4230, 4486, 4494, 5616, 7393, 7697, 8485, 8533, 8605, 8689,
8796, 8896, 8943, 8950, 9042, 9089, 9127, 9142, 9165, 9235, 9236,
9238, 9249, 9264, 9268, 9276, 9281, 9291, 9296, 9305, 9306, 9315,
9326, 9328, 9329, 9337, 9344, 9348, 9363, 9383, 9385, 9407, 9427,
9430, 9432, 9457, 9461, 9464, 9465, 9480, 9486, 9496, 9508, 9518,
9525, 9538, 9549, 9564, 9568, 9573, 9598, 9611, 9622, 9629, 9630,
9633, 9636, 9639, 9641, 9642, 9662, 9672, 9673, 9678, 9682, 9692,
Version 2020.09-1 (2020-09-24)
Friendica Core:
Updates to the translations: RU [translation teams]
Enhanced forum delivery using attached mention tags [redmatrix]
2 years ago
Enhanced code test-ability [nupplaphil]
Enhanced character set detection when parsing URLs [MrPetovan]
Enhanced the Activity Pub relay functionality [annando]
Added phpseclib dependency to replace standalone ASN1 library [nupplaphil]
Fixed a bug generating Message-IDs for notification mails [nupplaphil]
Fixed missing uri-ids in the database [annando]
Fixed a display problem with the new re-shares [annando]
Friendica Addons:
Added addon to resolve coordinates with OpenStreetmap [annando]
Fixed a bug that prevented notification mails being send [nupplaphil]
Closed Issues:
9142, 9264
Version 2020.09 (2020-09-20)
Friendica Core:
Updates to the translations: DE, EN GB, EN US, ES, FR, IT, NL, PL, RU, ZH_CN [translation teams]
2 years ago
Updates to the themes (all) [MrPetovan, tobiasd]
Updates to the documentation [annando, mpanhans, realkinetix, tobiasd]
2 years ago
General code cleanup and refactoring [annando, MrPetovan, nupplaphil]
Enhanced the API [annando]
Enhanced the processing of background jobs [annando]
Enhanced federation of activities [annando, vpzomtrrfrt]
Enhanced the user notifications[annando]
Enhanced database usage [annando, MrPetovan]
2 years ago
Enhanced ActivityPub support for forums [annando]
Enhanced the utilization of the cache [annando, MrPetovan]
Enhanced the performance of the daemon [annando]
Enhanced the communication with the directory servers [annando]
Enhanced the re-sharing of items [annando]
2 years ago
Enhanced sample lighttpd and nginx configs [MrPetovan, tobiasd]
Enhanced the checks for incoming postings using ActivityPub [annando, Roger Meyer]
Enhanced the import of RSS feeds by removing tracking pixels [annando]
Enhanced the speed of the full text search [annando]
2 years ago
Replaced library used for text completion [MrPetovan]
Fixed a problem that prevented recipients of direct messages to be selected [MrPetovan]
Fixed a problem that prevented new email contacts from being added [annando]
Fixed a problem with the console command search [tobiasd]
Fixed a problem during the search for contacts [annando]
Fixed a problem with the JOT of private notes [MrPetovan]
Fixed missing HTML encoding [MrPetovan]
Fixed a layout problem with the frio composer for new postings [MrPetovan]
Fixed some composer notices [nupplaphil]
2 years ago
Fixed a problem for empty preview data when importing feed posts [annando]
Fixed a problem with the pager on search result pages [annando]
Fixed some templates to show the correct un-/follow button for contacts [annando]
Fixed a problem with the generation of the Message-ID of notification emails [nupplaphil]
2 years ago
Added nodeinfo2 support [annando]
Added CSV export and import of blocked servers to the console [tobiasd]
Added new admin debug module for ActivityPub [MrPetovan]
Added the automatic determination of frequency to pull feeds [annando]
Added signed fetching from system users for ActivityPub [annando]
2 years ago
Added the discovery of new peers from contacts [annando]
Added the directory API endpoint [annando]
2 years ago
Added support for signed outbox requests [annando]
Added direction functionality for clarification of posting flow [annando]
Added the ability to set the database version [annando]
Added support for ActivityPub relay server [annando]
By default display of re-sharer information is now flattened [annando]
2 years ago
Removed some unused POCO functionality [annando]
Removed the unused rating functionality [annando]
Removed unneeded network request for local stuff [annando]
2 years ago
Removed some useless info messages [annando]
Reworked some additional features according to a user voting [MrPetovan]
2 years ago
Friendica Addons:
Updates to the translations: DE, EN GB, EN US, IT, NL, RU, ZH_CN [translation teams]
Updates to the docs [SpencerDub]
General code cleanup and maintenance [annando, MrPetovan]
added some "good" bots [annando]
fixed some SQL queries [MrPetovan]
fixed a problem leading to double message ID headers [nupplaphil]
restructured the addon and fixed a bug preventing the addon from working [MrPetovan]
2 years ago
Closed Issues:
2811, 4606, 5742, 5782, 7660, 8676, 8788, 8797, 8798, 8847, 8860,
8874, 8882, 8885, 8906, 8914, 8922, 8928, 8929, 8935, 8940, 8941,
8956, 8958, 8961, 8967, 8989, 8993, 8994, 8995, 8997, 8999, 9000,
9004, 9013, 9015, 9051, 9064, 9065, 9072, 9081, 9090, 9091, 9099,
9107, 9135, 9136, 9137, 9138, 9140, 9142, 9150, 9153, 9154, 9163,
9164, 9172, 9182, 9192, 9193, 9204, 9210, 9229, 9231, 9246
Version 2020.07-1 (2020-09-08)
Friendica Core
2 years ago
Fixed a problem that leaked sensitive information [Roger Meyer, MrPetovan]
Version 2020.07 (2020-07-12)
Friendica Core:
Update to the translations: DE, EN GB, EN US, FR, ET, NL, PL, RU, ZH-CN [translation teams]
Updates to the themes (frio, vier) [MrPetovan]
Updated the shipped composer version, and the dependency list [annando, MrPetovan, tobiasd]
Updates to the documentation [MrPetovan]
General code refactoring and enhancements [AlfredSK, annando, MrPetovan]
Replace charged terms with "allowlist", "denylist" and "blocklist" [MrPetovan]
Enhanced the comment distribution in threads that involve diaspora*, AP and DFRN actors [annando]
Enhanced the profile probing mechanism [annando, MrPetovan]
Enhanced the post update process of the database [annando]
Enhanced the database performance [annando]
Enhanced ActivityPub attachment handling [MrPetovan]
Enhanced security of redirections [annando]
Enhanced database performance [annando]
Enhanced the handling of BBCode [pre] tags [MrPetovan]
Enhanced Markdown to BBCode conversion [MrPetovan]
Enhanced the speed of the network page [annando]
Fixed a problem recognising logins via the API [MrPetovan]
Fixed a problem with handling local diaspora* URLs [MrPetovan]
Fixed a problem with implicit mentions [annando]
Fixed a problem with the password reset token security [lynn-stephenson]
Fixed a problem with receiving non-public posts via ActivityPub [annando]
Fixed a problem with the photo endpoint of the API [MrPetovan]
Fixed a problem with pressing the ESC key in the frio-theme [MrPetovan]
Fixed a problem with the display if post categories [annando]
Fixed a problem with validation of feeds [annando]
Fixed a problem that prevented AP activities being fetched sometimes [annando]
Renamed the -q option of the console user delete command to -y [MrPetovan]
Added notification count to page title [MrPetovan]
Added handling of relative URLs during feed detection [MrPetovan]
Added entities [nupplaphil]
Friendica Addons:
Update to the translations (EN GB, NB NO, NL, PL, RU, ZH CN) [translation teams]
The list of accepted user agents was enhanced [annando]
2 years ago
Enhanced conntector settings [MrPetovan]
PHP Mailer SMTP:
Updated phpmailer version [dependabot]
New addon to collapse long post depending on their actual height [wiwie]
Enhaceed the handling of mobile twitter URLs [annando]
Enhanced the handling of quoted tweets [MrPetovan]
added HTML error code handling [MrPetovan]
enhancements to the probe mechanism [MrPetovan]
Closed Issues:
3084, 3884, 8287, 8314, 8374, 8400, 8425, 8432, 8458, 8470, 8477,
8482, 8488, 8489, 8490, 8493, 8495, 8498, 8511, 8517, 8523, 8527,
8551, 8553, 8560, 8564, 8565, 8568, 8578, 8586, 8593, 8606, 8610,
8612, 8626, 8664, 8672, 8683, 8685, 8691, 8694, 8702, 8709, 8714,
8717, 8722, 8726, 8732, 8736, 8743, 8744, 8746, 8756, 8766, 8769,
2 years ago
8781, 8800, 8807, 8808, 8827, 8829, 8836, 8844, 8846, 8857, 8866
Version 2020.03 "Red Hot Poker" (2020-03-30)
Friendica Core:
3 years ago
Updates to the translations (DE, FR, JA, NL, PL, RU, ZH-CN) [translation teams]
Updates to the documentation [AlfredSK, annando, MrPetovan]
Updates to the themes (all) [AlfredSK, annando, MrPetovan, ozero]
General code refactoring and enhancements [annando, MrPetovan, nupplaphil, tobiasd]
Enhanced the performance in several background tasks [annando]
Enhanced the display of contact relations (Twitter) [annando]
Enhanced the permission selection for uploaded photos [annando]
Enhanced the access control during composing a posting [MrPetovan]
Enhanced the accessibility [annando, MrPetovan]
Enhanced the delegation process [annando]
Enhanced the contact management links [annando]
Enhanced the pagination on the community page [MrPetovan]
Enhanced the remote following page [annando]
Enhanced the generated node statistics [AlfredSK]
Enhanced the federation statistics page in the admin panel [annando]
Enhanced the probing mechanism [annando]
Enhanced the federation with Zot [annando]
Enhanced the permission selections for events [MrPetovan]
Enhanced the logging format of the date-time entries [MrPetovan]
Fixed a problem with the uninstalling of addons [annando]
Fixed a problem with the XML escaping in postings [MrPetovan]
Fixed a problem with the Markdown parser [MrPetovan]
Fixed AP federation problems with GNU social [annando]
Fixed AP federation problems with Peertube [annando]
Fixed a problem with the update process of the database [annando]
Fixed problems in the generation of notification emails [nupplaphil]
Fixed a problem with automatic contact approvals [annando]
Fixed a problem with following items [annando]
Fixed the redirection in the photo album after actions there [MrPetovan]
Fixed redirection from notifications for non logged in users [nupplaphil]
Fixed a problem with image permissions in comments [annando]
Fixed a problem leading to random deletion of postings [MrPetovan, SpcCw]
Fixed a problem while transmitting XML in CODE blocks [annando]
All target _blank links now have the rel no-opener no-referrer [MrPetovan]
The "more action" menu in Frio was moved to the action buttons [annando]
Replacement of the "hide_wall" option with more clear options [annando]
Replaced most of all fixed profile field with free form profile fields [MrPetovan]
Removed the "compose on new page" option in Frio [MrPetovan]
Removed multiple profiles in favour of custom profile fields [MrPetovan]
Added an option to hide the dislike reaction [MrPetovan]
Added user group filter to contact listings [MrPetovan]
Added folding to the widgets in the side bar [annando]
Added user management functionality to the Friendica console [nupplaphil]
Added api/friendica/events endpoint to the API [MrPetovan]
Added api/friendica/events endpoint to the API [MrPetovan]
Added custom profile fields [MrPetovan]
Added AP type audio for the federation with Funkwhale [annando]
Friendica Addons:
Update to the translations (CS, DE, FR, PL, RU, ZH-CN) [translation teams]
General code refactoring and enhancements [AndyHee, annando, MrPetovan, nupplaphil]
Ensure that good agents are allowlisted [valvin1]
Addon to use Markdown while composing a posting was added [annando]
Functionality is ignored by screen readers [annando]
Added fetching of contact relations [annando]
unicode emoticons:
Extended the list of supported emoticons [loma-one]
Closed Issues:
4599, 5562, 6205, 6418, 6757, 7558, 7560, 7771, 7808, 7817, 7892,
7964, 7968, 7978, 7984, 7991, 7992, 7994, 8002, 8008, 8014, 8058,
8067, 8081, 8084, 8087, 8090, 8097, 8098, 8103, 8136, 8151, 8153,
8157, 8160, 8164, 8165, 8167, 8172, 8173, 8181, 8182, 8185, 8187,
8193, 8197, 8205, 8206, 8216, 8219, 8229, 8233, 8234, 8238, 8245,
8248, 8251, 8252, 8254, 8255, 8264, 8268, 8275, 8280, 8286, 8288,
8289, 8290, 8299, 8303, 8305, 8310, 8318, 8321, 8338, 8339, 8341,
8342, 8358, 8371, 8383, 8393, 8396, 8404, 8412, 8417, 8449, 8467
Version 2019.12 (2019-12-23)
Friendica Core:
Updates to the translations (CS, DE, ET, JA, NL, PL) [translation teams]
Updates to the documentation [copiis, MrPetovan, stom79, tobiasd]
Updates to the themes (all) [annando, hoergen, MrPetovan, tobiasd]
General code refactoring and enhancements [annando, MrPetovan, nupplaphil, tobiasd]
Enhanced the manage functionality [annando]
Enhanced the federation with ActivityPub and Diaspora* protocol detection and contact requests [annando]
Enhanced federation with pixelfed and peertube [annando]
Enhanced how the API handles quoted postings [annando]
Enhanced the attachment removal by the API [annando]
Enhanced the 2FA field for mobile devices [nupplaphil]
Enhanced handling of re-shares [annando]
Enhanced the ACL dialog [annando, MrPetovan]
Enhanced transmission of postings by email and email handling in general [annando]
Enhanced the updating process of contacts [annando]
Enhanced the import of RSS/Atom feeds [annando]
Enhanced the registration form for require approval setups [tobiasd]
Enhanced the follow process for the Diaspora* protocol [annando]
Enhanced the display of the saved searched [AlfredSK]
Enhanced the display of image titles [annando]
Enhanced the handling of OpenID [annando]
Enhanced the Vagrant devel VM [tobiasd]
Enhanced handling of HTML special entities [nathilia-peirce]
Enhanced hashes by using HMAC [nathilia-peirce]
Enhancements to the ActivityPub implementation [annando]
Fixed a problem with delivery of direct messages over ActivityPub [annando]
Fixed some problems with the remote auth functionality [annando]
Fixed an issue that prevented notifications for deleted postings be deleted themselves [annando]
Fixed a problem connecting to forums [annando]
Fixed messages in the admin panel [nupplaphil]
Fixed a problem when the log-file was not write-able [nupplaphil]
Fixed a problem with the caching directory for the password exposure check [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug with detecting the browser language [nupplaphil]
Smart threading is now the default, but can be switched off by the user [annando]
Clarification: Posted order is now arrival order [annando]
Added router configuration file [nupplaphil]
Added as CI service [nupplaphil]
Added the ability to pin postings on account walls [annando]
Added various new API endpoints [annando, MrPetovan]
Added hooks for the email fetching process [annando]
Added support for nodeinfo 2 [annando]
Added export and import of followed contact data [tobiasd]
Added links to tag and category overview in the footer of postings [tobiasd]
Added config switch to use BCC instead of CC for ActivityPub delivery of non-public postings [annando]
Friendica Addons:
Update to the translations (CA, DE, ET) [translation teams]
marked as unsupported [annando]
New addon to integrate Discourse discussions [annando]
UI improvements [tobiasd]
The addon got rewritten to adopt the new ACL [MrPetovan]
Support for new img format was added [mexon]
BB Code is now included as plaintext [mexon]
Logging format is enhanced [mexon]
ActivityPub "announce" notifications are not included [mexon]
Closed Issues:
989, 1071, 1188, 1334, 2537, 3229, 3231, 3385, 4112, 4442, 4451,
5048, 5568, 5802, 6865, 7190, 7308, 7316, 7418, 7613, 7657, 7659,
7664, 7671, 7679, 7681, 7682, 7685, 7688, 7691, 7702, 7707, 7709,
7718, 7733, 7740, 7747, 7756, 7766, 7773, 7776, 7778, 7781, 7821,
7825, 7834, 7863, 7868, 7880, 7888, 7889, 7902, 7914, 7920, 7946,