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Changelog 2018.09 (#5685)

* 1st batch of entries for the 2018.08 CHANGELOG file

* changes till the begin of RC phase

* updated the addon changes

* updated list of closed Issues

* updated at the end of the current RC phase

* last minute updates to the CHANGELOG

* missing stuff

* missing stuff ;-)

* other themes got enhancements as well
Tobias Diekershoff 4 years ago committed by GitHub
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Version 2018.09 (2018-09-23)
Friendica Core:
Update to the translation (CS, DE, EN-US, FI, IT, NL, PL, ZH-CN) [translation teams]
Update to the documentation [Aditoo17, annando, astifter, rebeka-catalina, fabrixxm, M-arcus, microgroove, nupplaphil, tobiasd]
Enhancements to the database structure, handling and documentation [abanink, Angristan, annando, miqrogroove, tobiasd]
Enhancements of unit testing [abanink, nupplaphil, rudloff]
Enhancements to labelling of UI elements [andyhee, tobiasd]
Enhancements to the background workers [annando, miqrogroove, rabuzarus]
Enhancements to the PHP7.2 compatibility [annando, miqrogroove, MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the content filter [MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the hooks provided for addons [abanink]
Enhancements to the interaction with public postings [annando]
Enhancements to the config storage [frabrixxm]
Enhancements to the themes (frio, quattro, smoothly, vier) [annando, astifter, hoergen, MrPetovan, rabuzarus, tobiasd]
Enhancements to the handling of locks [nupplaphil]
Enhancements to the redis integration [nupplaphil]
Enhancements to the admin panel [JeroenED, tobiasd]
Enhancements to the user import process [annando]
Enhancements to the display of invitation information [JeroenED]
Enhancements to the automatic installation process [nupplaphil]
Enhancements to the contact group UI [annando, astifter]
Enhancements to the call of JS [hypolite]
Enhancements to the storage of items in the database [annando]
Enhancements to the process of changing relationships [annando]
Enhancements to the OEmbed of data [MrPetovan]
Fixed various PHP notice occurrences [annando, MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug that could lead to the display of posts from deleted accounts on the community page for a short period [annando]
Fixed a bug that prevented email notification to be send out [annando]
Fixed a bug in database optimisation [annando]
Fixed a bug during removing contacts [annando]
Fixed a bug in the tag-cloud widget [annando]
Fixed a bug in the daemon mode of the background worker [annando]
Fixed a bug in the frio theme that contact filtering [rabuzarus]
Fixed a bug that mangled the display of some additional smileys [abanink]
Fixed a bug in generating registration mails [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug that caused blank re-share bodies [MrPetovon]
Fixed a bug in the API handling of private mails [fabrixxm]
Fixed a bug when calling the mail() function [miqrogroove]
Fixed a bug that caused deleted accounts being displayed in the local directory [miqrogroove]
Fixed a bug when checking the domain of an email address [VVelox]
Fixed a bug that prevented re-shares from Twitter to be shown as this [annando]
Fixed a bug that caused broken profile links [miqrogroove]
Fixed a bug that caused content from unknown accounts appearing in the timeline [annando]
Fixed a bug with the ignoring and blocking of contacts [annando]
Fixed a bug with showing hidden contacts in some places [annando]
Fixed a bug that prevented the deletion of events by contacts [annando]
Fixed a bug that prevented email contacts from being added [annando]
Fixed a bug in the notification/seen API call [fabrixxm]
Fixed a bug that prevented a refresh after un-/ignoring a conversation [annando]
Fixed a bug in the handling of some language translations [anndno]
Fixed a bug in the hook handling [annando]
Fixed the handling of too long tags [annando]
Fixed a bug that prevented the unliking of dis-/likes [annando]
Fixed bugs with the handling of private nodes [annando]
Fixed a bug in the session initialisation [annando]
Fixed bugs in the execution of the background processes [annando, Quix0r]
Fixed a problem with the notification page [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug with wrong dates in importing some Atom feeds [annando]
Fixed forum exclusive distribution of postings using the !notation [annando]
Fixed a bug that lead to empty notifications [MrPetovan]
Fixed a problem that could sometimes prevent the execution of the relocation [annando]
Fixed a bug with the handling of images in postings over the connectors [annando]
Added conversation cleanup configuration [miqrogroove]
Added support of the usage of internal diaspora links to accounts [annando]
Added the possibility for admins to block certain nicknames (e.g. role names) [tobiasd]
Added the generation of system guid [nupplaphil]
Added the possibility for admins to mark a node for explicit content [tobiasd]
Added filter by account type to the community page [annando]
Added private flag to API results [fabrixxm]
Added post update checks to the console utility [annando]
Added codecov analysis [nupplaphil]
Added access-keys to the frio theme [tobiasd]
Added the profile settings to the user settings [tobiasd]
General code refactoring and beautification work [annando, MrPetovan, Quix0r, tobiasd]
Fixation of the position on the network page when new posts arrive [rabuzarus]
Ported OpenWebAuth from Hubzilla [annando, rabuzarus]
Removed hard coded syntax highlighting from code blocks [MrPetovan]
Removed (temporarily) the possibility to add pictures to private messages [annando]
New INI style config file format in /config [MrPetovan, tobiasd]
The .htaccess file is not part of the git repository anymore [annando, Quix0r]
Friendica Addons:
Update to the translations (CS, DE, EN-US, NL, PL, ZH-CN) [translation teams]
General update to adopt changes in core [annando, MrPetovan, Quix0r, tobiasd]
Enhancement to the error handling [MrPetovan]
Honour the CSP settings [MrPetovan]
Fixed translation problems [annando]
Enhancement of the settings [AlfredSK]
support for removed [annando]
Enhancement of the album name handling [rabuzarus]
Enhancement to the wording of the labels [astifter]
Fixed a problem with default values of the filtered languages [tobiasd]
The service wont shutdown, so we can keep the addon [tobiasd]
Fixed a problem that prevented new connections [annando]
Fixed a bug that prevented the addon to block accounts [annando]
Enhancements of the settings [AlfredSK]
Use rich text for quote tweets [MrPetovan]
Prevent empty quotes from being created [annando]
Fixed a problem with re-shares from remote_self contacts [annando]
Changed URL display after link expansion [MrPetovan]
Fixed a problem with EXIF handling [MrPetovan]
added addons:
mastodoncustomemojis [MrPetovan]
deprecated addons:
notimeline, retriver, remote_permissions, widgets
Enhancements of the health summary [andyhee]
Enhancements of the PHP7 compatibility [MrPetovan]
Closed Issues:
901, 1034, 1074, 1303, 1308, 1391, 1490, 1470, 1559, 2093, 2337,
2340, 2381, 2396, 2675, 3291, 3299, 3493, 3501, 3535, 3643, 3840,
4148, 4419, 4475, 4507, 4655, 4659, 4710, 4726, 4739, 4753, 4814,
4830, 4868, 4889, 4923, 4971, 4950, 4985, 5066, 5099, 5137, 5148,
5158, 5168, 5188, 5202, 5211, 5222, 5233, 5243, 5247, 5252, 5257,
5260, 5262, 5268, 5274, 5275, 5276, 5278, 5298, 5318, 5319, 5320,
5321, 5322, 5330, 5333, 5341, 5365, 5405, 5407, 5411, 5423, 5432,
5434, 5436, 5443, 5455, 5464, 5467, 5469, 5486, 5496, 5497, 5514,
5539, 5524, 5541, 5544, 5550, 5564, 5566, 5605, 5630, 5638, 5651,
5653, 5660, 5670, 5691, 5733, 5745, 5768
Version 2018.05 (2018-06-01)
Friendica Core:
Update to the translations (DE, EN-GB, EN-US, FI, IS, IT, NL, PL, RU, ZN CH) [translation teams]