Tobias Diekershoff tobias
  • Joined on May 23, 2018
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NOTE: This addon is now part of the Friendica addon repository. simple addon to replace Twitter with nitter

Updated 3 months ago

Modelica 0 0

Cusomisation files for gitea instance at git.friendi,ca

Updated 4 months ago

Shell 0 0

bash script to do the packaging for Friendica releases.

Updated 4 months ago

PHP 0 1

Addon to replace procurances of youtube to the alternative interface in invidious

Updated 7 months ago

Python 0 0

python scripts to convert Friendica accounts and backup files to text files

Updated 1 year ago

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Friendica addon for a more typographically correct rendering of the postings depending on the used language in the posting.

Updated 2 years ago

Jupyter Notebook 0 0

A small Jupyter notebook to analyse a Friendica milestone and the associated label in the addon repository for release note and CHANGELOG preparation.

Updated 2 years ago

Smarty 0 0

Addon for Friendica that adds a small mathematical challenge to the registration form that needs to be solved before the registration can be performed.

Updated 2 years ago

WordPress theme for Friendica site at

Updated 3 years ago