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Tobias Diekershoff 4 years ago
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Version 3.5.2 (2017-05-XX)
Friendica Core:
Updates to the translations (DE, EN-GB, ES, IT, RU) [translation teams]
Updates to the documentation [annando, beardyunixer, rabuzarus, tobiasd]
Updated the nginx example configuration [beardyunixer]
Code revision and refractoring [annando, hypolite, Quix0r, rebeka-catalina]
Background process is now done by the new worker process [heluecht]
Added support of Composer for dependencies [Hypolite]
Added support of Web app manifests [Rudloff]
Added basic robot.txt functionality if none exists [Shnoulle]
Added server blocklist [Hypolite, tobiasd]
Removed mcrypt dependency [heluecht]
Removed unused libraries [heluecht]
Removed Embedly integration [Hypolite]
Fixed a bug in the language detection for EN [Hypolite]
Improved API [annando, gerhard6380]
Improved Diaspora federation [heluecht]
Improved Mastodon federation [heluecht, Hypolite]
Improved import from OStatus threads [heluecht]
Improved the themes (frio, quattro) [fabrixxm, Hypolite, rabuzarus, Rudloff, strk, tobiasd]
Improved maintenance mode [heluecht]
Improved gcontact handling [heluecht]
Improved desktop notifications [rabuzarus]
Improved keyboard shortcuts for navigation [Rudloff]
Improved the installer [heluecht]
Improved openid handling [strk]
Improved php7 support [heluecht]
Improved display of notifications [heluecht]
Improved logging mechanism [beardyunixer]
Behaviour clarification of the group filter / new tab [heluecht]
Old options for the pager and share element were removed [heluecht]
Support of PDO was added [heluecht]
Improved error logging for issues with the database [heluecht]
Adoption to changes in DateTime handling of MySQL [heluecht]
Friendica Addons:
Translations updated (RU) [pztrm]
Updates to the translation (RU) [pztrm]
(core) Fix blocking issue for Communityhome [heluecht]
Pledgie addon was updated to remove cert problems [tobiasd]
Securemail now uses openpgp-php and phpseclib [fabrixxm]
Superblock Configuration [tobiasd]