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Version 3.6 (2018-03-xx)
Friendica Core:
Updates to the translations (DE, EN_GB, EN_US, ES, FR, IT, ZH_CN) [translation teams]
Update for the Danish and French regions [Alkarex]
Update for the documentation [andyhee, annando, rabuzarus, ratten, rudlof, silke, tobiasd]
Updates to the themes [annando, fabrixxm, hoergen, rebeka-catalina, rabuzarus]
Enhancements to the ARIA support in frio [rabuzarus]
Enhancements to the DB handling [nd structure annando]
Enhancements to the API [annando, fabrixxm, hypolite, rudlof]
Enhancements to the support of Open Graph with images [hoergen]
Enhancements to the Diaspora federation (participation signal, relay of dislikes, basic forum support for D*, Birthdays) [annando]
Enhancements to the OStatus federation [annando]
Enhancements to the handling of feed contacts [hypolite]
Enhancements to the display of threaded discussions (optional) [hypolite]
Enhancements to the display of events [hoergen]
Enhancements to the ACL dialog (selection of forums) [rabuzarus]
Enhancements to the handling of new connections [annando]
Enhancements to the vitality check of contacts [annando]
Enhancements to the deamon script [annando]
Enhancements to the federation stats [annando, tobiasd]
Enhancements to the interaction with puclic postings [annando]
Enhancements to the structure of the admin panel [tobiasd]
Enhancements to the community page [annando]
Enhancements to the delegation of accounts [annando, hypolite]
Enhancements to the user import and server relocation functionality [annando]
Enhancements to the menu layout in the admin panel [tobiasd]
Enhancements to the extraction of strings to be translated [fabrixxm, hypolite]
Enhancements to the installation wizard [annando, tobias]
Enhancements to the events [hoergen, hypolite, rabuzarus]
Enhancements to the handling of email contacts [annando]
Enhancements to the Vagrant configuration of the development VM [tobias]
Enhancements to the probing of pump.io profiles [annando]
Enhancements to the handling of BBCode tags [hypolite]
Enhancements to the OEmbed handling [hypolite]
Fixed a bug that triggered the display of activities on the cummunity page [annando]
Fixed a bug with personal notes [annando]
Fixed a display issue of long postings when using the showmore option [annando]
Fixed a bug that caused Twidere to crash on reload [annando]
Fixed a bug in the exported data to the-federation.info [annando]
Fixed a bug in URL completion for feed fragments [annando]
Fixed a bug in the notification system about new registrations [annando]
Fixed the display of dislikes [annando]
Fixed the display of orphand childs in threads [hypolite]
Fixed some SQL problems [annando]
Fixed the CLI config script [tobiasd]
Fixed the forum selection on the network display [annando]
Fixed a bug during the import of account [annando]]
Fixed a problem with UTF8 encoding during account export [annando]
Fixed a problem with archiving "self" contacts [annando]
Fixes to file permissions lintian reported [tobiasd]
Fixed a session problem leading to double login problem [hypolite]
Fixed a bug that caused code blocks on Diaspora being displayed wrongly [hypolite]
Fixed a bug that suggested it was possible to use some bridges without an account on the other side [annando]
Fixed the situation that an OStatus activity was triggered when publishing a image without sending out a posting for it [annando]
Fixed some issues with the display of exported events on GNU social and diaspora [annando]
Fixed the issue that Atom feeds of forums had no postings listed [annando]
Fixed a problem with the expiration of accounts [annando]
Added Atom feed for conversations [annando]
Added the possibility to address forums with !forumname [annando]
Added option to compare version against upstream version [tobiasd]
Added an optional hint that a global community page is global [tobiasd]
Added an option to always display the preview image in shared articles even if larger ones exist [annando]
Added CLI script to silence accounts on the community page [tobiasd]
Added CLI script to block postings to a node from accounts [tobiasd]
Added account block interface to the admin panel [hyoplite]
Added browser bookmarkled code snipplet [hoergen]
Added an additional feature to display a tagcloud on the profile page [rabuzarus]
Added retrival of Mastodon server statistics [annando]
Added Atom feed that only contains top level postings of a user [annando]
Added tag following via saved search for #hashtag [annando]
Added PHP version informations to the admin panel [hypolite]
Added the possibility to change relationships between Friendica contacts [annando]
Added the membersince functionality from the addon to the core [rabuzarus]
Added support of nodeinfo 2.0 [annando]
Removed the long deprecated internal templating engine [annando]
Removed the obsolete mysql support, you have to use MySQLI or PDO [annando]
Removed the unused mood module [annando]
Removed connect link from side panel when it should not be there [annando]
Removed very old updating routines [annando]
Dependencies are now (mostly) handled by composer [hypolite, zeroadam]
General code refactoring and beautification work [annando, hypolite, tobiasd, zeroadam]
ejabberd logs are now handled by syslog [annando]
Moved the poller script wo the "scripts" directory and renamed it to worker [annando]
Threaded display of conversations is now always enabled [annando]
Images send to public forums are now always public as well [annando]
The DB cleanup option now includes the conversation table [annando]
Hash tags now always search locally [annando]
Consistend usage of addons (instead of plugins and addons) [zeroadam]
Community page is split between local and global and always visible for local users [annando]
Updated the credits to include new contributors [tobiasd]
Friendica Addons:
Updates to the translations (DE, EN_GB, ES, FR, IT, ZH_CN) [translation teams]
all bridges don't relay postings anymore that are posted to a public forum [annando]
DAV addon marked unsupported [tobiasd]
Current Weather: fixing a problem with the weathermap link [zeroadam]
NSFW added config examples, reworked the description, now ignores the CW from Mastodon [andyhee, annando, rebeka-catalina]
Twitter support 280 chars limit [annando]
OpenWeatherMap fix broken map link [zeroadam]
CommunityHome added settings to admin panel, removed active users feature [annando, fabrixxm]
General code refactoring and beautification work [annando, hypolite, tobiasd, zeroadam]
Public Server reworked [annando]
pageheader settings beautifications [tobiasd]
mailstream settings beautifications [tobiasd]
Membersince is now part of the core [rabuzarus]
Forum posts are not transmitted over the connectors anymore [annando]
Friendica Dir:
Fixed a problem with the maintenance cron [hypolite]
Fixed a problem with the location widget [hypolite]
Work on the UI [hypolite]
Closed Issues:
929, 1056, 1125, 1215, 1251, 1289, 1312, 1429, 1488, 1540, 1610,
1858, 2786, 2845, 3020, 3039, 3337, 3379, 3394, 3396, 3583, 3661,
3671, 3680, 3801, 3824, 3828, 3839, 3855, 3857, 3860, 3863, 3867,
3905, 3911, 3916, 3942, 3946, 3999, 4013, 4020, 4023, 4041, 4042,
4061, 4069, 4070, 4071, 4075, 4078, 4082, 4094, 4105, 4116, 4137,
4141, 4144, 4150, 4155, 4161, 4163, 4173, 4184, 4199, 4200, 4207,
4227, 4228, 4236, 4251, 4272, 4273, 4278, 4279, 4281, 4290, 4294,
4295, 4296, 4304, 4306, 4319, 4348, 4362, 4368, 4377, 4390, 4395,
4396, 4409, 4412, 4426, 4431, 4445, 4450, 4452, 4458, 4463, 4481,
4482, 4495, 4497, 4498, 4508, 4518, 4520, 4522, 4535, 4543, 4550,
4555, 4556, 4571, 4575, 4611, 4620
Version 3.5.4 (2017-10-16)
Friendica Core:
Updates to the translations (DE) [translation teams]