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Version 2019.12-dev (unreleased)
Version 2019.12 (unreleased)
Friendica Core:
Updates to the translations (CS, DE, ET, JA, NL, PL) [translation teams]
Updates to the documentation [copiis, MrPetovan, tobiasd]
Updates to the themes (all) [annando, hoergen, MrPetovan, tobiasd]
General code refactoring and enhancements [annando, MrPetovan, nupplaphil, tobiasd]
Enhanced the manage functionality [annando]
Enhanced the federation with ActivityPub and Diaspora* protocol detection and contact requests [annando]
Enhanced federation with pixelfed and peertube [annando]
Enhanced how the API handles quoted postings [annando]
Enhanced the attachment removal by the API [annando]
Enhanced the 2FA field for mobile devices [nupplaphil]
Enhanced handling of re-shares [annando]
Enhanced the ACL dialog [annando, MrPetovan]
Enhanced transmission of postings by email and email handling in general [annando]
Enhanced the updating process of contacts [annando]
Enhanced the import of RSS/Atom feeds [annando]
Enhanced the registration form for require approval setups [tobiasd]
Enhanced the follow process for the Diaspora* protocol [annando]
Enhanced the display of the saved searched [AlfredSK]
Enhanced the display of image titles [annando]
Enhanced the handling of OpenID [annando]
Enhanced the Vagrant devel VM [tobiasd]
Enhanced handling of HTML special entities [nathilia-peirce]
Enhanced hashes by using HMAC [nathilia-peirce]
Enhancements to the ActivityPub implementation [annando]
Fixed a problem with delivery of direct messages over ActivityPub [annando]
Fixed some problems with the remote auth functionality [annando]
Fixed an issue that prevented notifications for deleted postings be deleted themselves [annando]
Fixed a problem connecting to forums [annando]
Fixed messages in the admin panel [nupplaphil]
Fixed a problem when the log-file was not write-able [nupplaphil]
Fixed a problem with the caching directory for the password exposure check [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug with detecting the browser language [nupplaphil]
Smart threading is now the default, but can be switched off by the user [annando]
Clarification: Posted order is now arrival order [annando]
Added router configuration file [nupplaphil]
Added as CI service [nupplaphil]
Added the ability to pin postings on account walls [annando]
Added various new API endpoints [annando, MrPetovan]
Added hooks for the email fetching process [annando]
Added support for nodeinfo 2 [annando]
Added export and import of followed contact data [tobiasd]
Added links to tag and category overview in the footer of postings [tobiasd]
Added config switch to use BCC instead of CC for ActivityPub delivery of non-public postings [annando]
Friendica Addons:
Update to the translations (CA, DE, ET) [translation teams]
marked as unsupported [annando]
New addon to integrate Discourse discussions [annando]
UI improvements [tobiasd]
The addon got rewritten to adopt the new ACL [MrPetovan]
Support for new img format was added [mexon]
BB Code is now included as plaintext [mexon]
@ -13,7 +61,12 @@ Version 2019.12-dev (unreleased)
ActivityPub "announce" notifications are not included [mexon]
Closed Issues:
1071, 7548, 7657, 7681
989, 1071, 1188, 1334, 2537, 3229, 3231, 3385, 4112, 4442, 4451,
5048, 5568, 5802, 6865, 7190, 7308, 7316, 7418, 7613, 7657, 7659,
7664, 7671, 7679, 7681, 7682, 7685, 7688, 7691, 7702, 7707, 7709,
7718, 7733, 7740, 7747, 7756, 7766, 7773, 7776, 7778, 7781, 7821,
7825, 7834, 7863, 7868, 7880, 7888, 7889, 7902, 7914, 7920, 7946,
Version 2019.09 (2019-09-29)
Friendica Core: