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3.6.1 changelog (1st draft)

Tobias Diekershoff 4 years ago
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Version 3.6.1 (2018-03-xx)
Friendica Core:
Update to the translations (DE, PL, ZN CH) [translation teams]
Update to the documentation [annando, rudloff, tobiasd]
Enhancements to the DB handling [annando]
Enhancements to the relais system [annando]
Enhancements to the handling of URL that contain unicode characters [annando]
Enhancements to the Vagrant VM configuration [fabrixxm]
Enhancementa to the Babel module [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug in the relocation process of a Friendica instance [annando]
Fixed a bug in the shell wrapper for the console [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug with the console tool po2php [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug in the ACL [annando, MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug that prevented the deletion of contact groups [annando]
Fixed wrong version of a dependency preventing the usage of PHP 5.6 [MrPetovan]
Added preloading config adampter [MrPetovan]
Added memcached support [MrPetovan]
Added password exposure check [MrPetovan]
Added a console to unify the PHP utility scripts [MrPetovan]
Added hashtag autocompletion [rabuzarus]
Added feedtest module [MrPetovan]
The execute-ables were moved from /util to /bin [MrPetovan]
General code refactoring and beautification work [annando, MrPetovan]
Friendica Addons:
Updates to the translations (NL, PL, ZH CN) [translation teams]
NSFW: add hashtag only hiding [MrPetovan]
Closed Issues:
4601, 4616, 4647, 4660, 4661, 4663, 4664, 4665, 4666, 4669, 4670
Version 3.6 (2018-03-23)
Friendica Core:
Updates to the translations (DE, EN_GB, EN_US, ES, FR, IT, ZH_CN) [translation teams]