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# Translators:
# GunChleoc, 2021
msgid ""
msgstr ""
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"POT-Creation-Date: 2018-11-16T04:17:37+00:00\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2018-11-16 20:30+0000\n"
"Last-Translator: GunChleoc, 2021\n"
"Language-Team: Gaelic, Scottish (\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
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"Language: gd\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=4; plural=(n==1 || n==11) ? 0 : (n==2 || n==12) ? 1 : (n > 2 && n < 20) ? 2 : 3;\n"
"X-Generator: Poedit 2.2\n"
#: src\classes\Content\Pager.php:168 src\classes\Content\Pager.php:216
msgid "Previous"
msgstr "Air ais"
#: src\classes\Content\Pager.php:173 src\classes\Content\Pager.php:273
msgid "Next"
msgstr "Air adhart"
#: src\classes\Content\Pager.php:211
msgid "First"
msgstr "Toiseach"
#: src\classes\Content\Pager.php:278
msgid "Last"
msgstr "Deireadh"
#: src\classes\Controllers\Web\Directory.php:73
msgid "People"
msgstr "Daoine"
#: src\classes\Controllers\Web\Search.php:64
msgctxt "field"
msgid "Language"
msgstr "Cànan"
#: src\classes\Controllers\Web\Search.php:65
msgctxt "field"
msgid "Locality"
msgstr "Ionad"
#: src\classes\Controllers\Web\Search.php:66
msgctxt "field"
msgid "Region"
msgstr "Sgìre"
#: src\classes\Controllers\Web\Search.php:67
msgctxt "field"
msgid "Country"
msgstr "Dùthaich"
#: src\classes\Controllers\Web\Servers.php:90
msgid "Public Servers"
msgstr "Frithealaichean poblach"
#: src\templates\layout.phtml:4 src\templates\layout.phtml:18
msgid "Friendica Directory"
msgstr "Eòlaire Friendica"
#: src\templates\layout.phtml:23 src\templates\layout.phtml:25
#: src\templates\layout.phtml:43 src\templates\layout.phtml:45
#: src\templates\search.phtml:4 src\templates\search.phtml:12
msgid "Search terms"
msgstr "Faclan-luirg"
#: src\templates\layout.phtml:24 src\templates\layout.phtml:45
#: src\templates\search.phtml:11
msgctxt "noun"
msgid "Search"
msgstr "Lorg"
#: src\templates\layout.phtml:27 src\templates\layout.phtml:47
#: src\templates\search.phtml:14
msgctxt "verb"
msgid "Search"
msgstr "Lorg"
#: src\templates\layout.phtml:33
msgid "Toggle navigation"
msgstr "Toglaich an t-seòladaireachd"
#: src\templates\layout.phtml:55
msgid "Directory"
msgstr "Eòlaire"
#: src\templates\layout.phtml:60
msgid "Public servers"
msgstr "Frithealaichean poblach"
#: src\templates\search.phtml:19
msgid "%d result for \"%s\""
msgid_plural "%d results for \"%s\""
msgstr[0] "%d toradh airson “%s”"
msgstr[1] "%d thoradh airson “%s”"
msgstr[2] "%d thoraidhean airson “%s”"
msgstr[3] "%d toradh airson “%s”"
#: src\templates\servers.phtml:2
msgid "Top servers pagination"
msgstr "Duilleagachadh fhrithealaichean aig a bhàrr"
#: src\templates\servers.phtml:12
msgid "Bottom servers pagination"
msgstr "Duilleagachadh fhrithealaichean aig a bhonn"
#: src\templates\sub\profile.phtml:5
msgid "Filter by locality"
msgstr "Criathraich a-rèir ionaid"
#: src\templates\sub\profile.phtml:11
msgid "Filter by region"
msgstr "Criathraich a-rèir sgìre"
#: src\templates\sub\profile.phtml:17
msgid "Filter by country"
msgstr "Criathraich a-rèir dùthcha"
#: src\templates\sub\profile.phtml:31
msgctxt "verb"
msgid "Follow"
msgstr "Lean air"
#: src\templates\layout.phtml:65 src\templates\sub\profile.phtml:47
msgid "Language"
msgstr "Cànan"
#: src\templates\sub\profile.phtml:50
msgid "Filter by language"
msgstr "Criathraich a-rèir cànain"
#: src\templates\sub\profile.phtml:56
msgid "Location"
msgstr "Ionad"
#: src\templates\sub\profile.phtml:69
msgid "Search Tag"
msgstr "Taga luirg"
#: src\templates\sub\profiles.phtml:1
msgid "Account type tabs"
msgstr "Tabaichean seòrsa a chunntais"
#: src\templates\sub\profiles.phtml:4 src\templates\sub\profiles.phtml:7
msgid "Top %s pagination"
msgstr "Duilleagachadh %s aig a bhàrr"
#: src\templates\sub\profiles.phtml:13 src\templates\sub\profiles.phtml:16
msgid "Bottom %s pagination"
msgstr "Duilleagachadh %s aig a bhonn"
#: src\templates\statistics.phtml:66 src\templates\sub\server.phtml:15
msgid "Stable Version"
msgstr "Tionndadh seasmhach"
#: src\templates\statistics.phtml:68 src\templates\sub\server.phtml:17
msgid "Develop Version"
msgstr "Tionndadh leasachaidh"
#: src\templates\sub\server.phtml:19
msgid "Outdated Version"
msgstr "Seann-tionndadh"
#: src\templates\sub\server.phtml:72
msgid "Admin"
msgstr "Rianaire"
#: src\templates\sub\server.phtml:79
msgid "No description provided"
msgstr "Cha deach tuairisgeul a sholarachadh"
#: src\templates\sub\server.phtml:82
msgid "Visit Server"
msgstr "Tadhail air frithealaiche"
#: src\templates\widget\popularcountries.phtml:2
msgid "Popular Countries"
msgstr "Dùthchannan fèillmhor"
#: src\templates\widget\popularlanguages.phtml:2
msgid "Popular Languages"
msgstr "Cànanan fèillmhor"
#: src\templates\widget\populartags.phtml:2
msgid "Popular Tags"
msgstr "Tagaichean fèillmhor"
#: src\templates\sub\server.phtml:44 src\templates\sub\server.phtml:45
msgid "Default Language"
msgstr "An cànan tùsail"
#: src\templates\sub\server.phtml:49
msgid "Known Users"
msgstr "Cleachdaichean as aithne"
#: src\classes\Views\Widget\AccountTypeTabs.php:48
msgctxt "account-type"
msgid "All"
msgstr "Na h-uile"
#: src\classes\Views\Widget\AccountTypeTabs.php:56
msgctxt "account-type"
msgid "People (%d)"
msgid_plural "People (%d)"
msgstr[0] "Daoine (%d)"
msgstr[1] "Daoine (%d)"
msgstr[2] "Daoine (%d)"
msgstr[3] "Daoine (%d)"
#: src\classes\Views\Widget\AccountTypeTabs.php:59
msgctxt "account-type"
msgid "Forum (%d)"
msgid_plural "Forums (%d)"
msgstr[0] "Fòraman (%d)"
msgstr[1] "Fòraman (%d)"
msgstr[2] "Fòraman (%d)"
msgstr[3] "Fòraman (%d)"
#: src\templates\layout.phtml:97
msgid "Stats"
msgstr "Stadastaireachd"
#: src\templates\statistics.phtml:4
msgid "Directory statistics"
msgstr "Staitistearachd an eòlaire"
#: src\templates\statistics.phtml:5
msgid "Profiles"
msgstr "Pròifilean"
#: src\templates\statistics.phtml:6
msgid ""
"This directory knows about <strong>%s distinct potential profile "
msgstr ""
"Fhuair an t-eòlaire lorg air <strong>%s URL gu pròifilean fa leth</strong>."
#: src\templates\statistics.phtml:16 src\templates\statistics.phtml:46
msgid "Languages"
msgstr "Cànanan"
#: src\templates\statistics.phtml:17
msgid ""
"Out of <strong>%s</strong> profiles reporting their language there are:"
msgstr "Am measg <strong>%s</strong> pròifil a dhinnseas an cànan, tha:"
#: src\templates\statistics.phtml:27
msgid "Servers"
msgstr "Frithealaichean"
#: src\templates\statistics.phtml:28
msgid ""
"This directory knows about <strong>%s distinct potential server "
msgstr ""
"Fhuair an t-eòlaire lorg air <strong>%s URL gu frithealaichean fa "
#: src\templates\statistics.phtml:29
msgid ""
"Out of those, there are <strong>%s domains (%s)</strong> that have been a "
"Friendica server at least once."
msgstr ""
"Tha <strong>%s àrainn (%s)</strong> nam measg a tha nam frithealaichean "
"Friendica no a bha uair."
#: src\templates\statistics.phtml:33
msgid "Out of those, there are:"
msgstr "Am measg an fheadhainn sin, tha:"
#: src\templates\statistics.phtml:47
msgid "Out of <strong>%s</strong> servers reporting their language there are:"
msgstr ""
"Am measg <strong>%s</strong> frithealaiche a dhinnseas an cànan, tha:"
#: src\templates\statistics.phtml:57
msgid "Versions"
msgstr "Tionndaidhean"
#: src\templates\statistics.phtml:58
msgid "Out of <strong>%s</strong> servers reporting their version there are:"
msgstr ""
"Am measg <strong>%s</strong> frithealaiche a dhinnseas an tionndadh, tha:"
#: src\templates\statistics.phtml:7
msgid ""
"Out of those, there are <strong>%s profiles (%s)</strong> that opted in the "
"public directory at least once."
msgstr ""
"Am measg an fhadhainn sin, tha <strong>%s pròifil (%s)</strong> a tha ag "
"aontachadh ri gabhail a-steach dhan eòlaire poblach no a dhaontaich ris "
#: src\templates\statistics.phtml:35
msgid "<strong>%s available servers (%s)</strong>"
msgstr "<strong>%s frithealaiche ri fhaighinn (%s)</strong>"
#: src\templates\layout.phtml:91
msgid "Friendica Directory version %s"
msgstr "Eòlaire Friendica tionndadh %s"
#: src\templates\layout.phtml:94
msgid "Source Code on GitHub"
msgstr "Bun-tùs air GitHub"
#: src\templates\statistics.phtml:11
msgid ""
"Out of those, there currently are <strong>%s available profiles "
"(%s)</strong>. <a href=\"%s\">Check them out!</a>"
msgstr ""
"Am measg an fheadhainn sin, tha <strong>%s pròifilean rim faighinn "
"(%s)</strong>. <a href=\"%s\">Nach doir thu sùil orra?</a>"
#: src\templates\statistics.phtml:39
msgid ""
"<strong>%s public servers (%s)</strong> currently open for registration. <a "
"href=\"%s\">Check them out!</a>"
msgstr ""
"Tha <strong>%s frithealaichean poblach (%s)</strong> fosgailte airson "
"clàradh. <a href=\"%s\">Nach doir thu sùil orra?</a>"
#: src\classes\Views\Widget\AccountTypeTabs.php:57
msgctxt "account-type"
msgid "News (%d)"
msgid_plural "News (%d)"
msgstr[0] "Naidheachdan (%d)"
msgstr[1] "Naidheachdan (%d)"
msgstr[2] "Naidheachdan (%d)"
msgstr[3] "Naidheachdan (%d)"
#: src\classes\Views\Widget\AccountTypeTabs.php:58
msgctxt "account-type"
msgid "Organization (%d)"
msgid_plural "Organizations (%d)"
msgstr[0] "Buidhnean (%d)"
msgstr[1] "Buidhnean (%d)"
msgstr[2] "Buidhnean (%d)"
msgstr[3] "Buidhnean (%d)"
#: src\templates\sub\server.phtml:40
msgid "Health Score"
msgstr "Sgòr slàinte"
#: src\templates\sub\server.phtml:52
msgid "%s User"
msgid_plural "%s Users"
msgstr[0] "%s chleachdaiche"
msgstr[1] "%s chleachdaiche"
msgstr[2] "%s cleachdaichean"
msgstr[3] "%s cleachdaiche"
#: src\templates\sub\server.phtml:54
msgid "None"
msgstr "Chan eil gin"
#: src\templates\sub\server.phtml:59 src\templates\sub\server.phtml:63
msgid "Registration Policy"
msgstr "Poileasaidh clàraidh"
#: src\templates\sub\server.phtml:60
msgid "By Approval"
msgstr "Le aontachadh"
#: src\templates\sub\server.phtml:64
msgid "Open"
msgstr "Fosgailte"