Friendica Communications Platform (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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Tobias Diekershoff bda839635c Update to the German language files 12 years ago
cmnt_received_eml.tpl wording in email template adjusted 12 years ago
cmnt_received_html_body_eml.tpl html email updates 12 years ago
cmnt_received_text_body_eml.tpl html email updates 12 years ago
follow_notify_eml.tpl german translation view/de/follow_notify_eml.tpl 12 years ago
friend_complete_eml.tpl german translation of friend_complete_eml.tpl 12 years ago
htconfig.tpl issues with private photos - hitting internal size limits 12 years ago
intro_complete_eml.tpl german translations of insecure_net.tpl intro_complete_eml.tpl and 12 years ago
lostpass_eml.tpl german translation of lostpass.tpl and lostpass_eml.tpl 12 years ago
mail_received_html_body_eml.tpl icon changes, feed security improvements 12 years ago
mail_received_text_body_eml.tpl changed message sending to use base64 encoding 12 years ago
messages.po Update to the German language files 12 years ago
passchanged_eml.tpl german translation of passchanged_eml.tpl pagetypes.tpl 12 years ago
register_open_eml.tpl remove note about accounts being hidden in register email 12 years ago
register_verify_eml.tpl german translation of register_open_eml.tpl 12 years ago
request_notify_eml.tpl german translation of request_notify_eml.tpl 12 years ago
strings.php Update to the German language files 12 years ago
wall_received_eml.tpl german translation of wall_received_eml.tpl 12 years ago