Addon for Friendica that adds a small mathematical challenge to the registration form that needs to be solved before the registration can be performed.
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Math Captcha Addon

Addon for Friendica 2019.03 and later.

This addon for Friendica adds a small mathematical task to the registration form. If this task was not solved correctly, the the registration process fails.

The task is randomly created combining two numbers between 1 and 10 with the addition, subtraction and multiplication operations.

  • Author: Tobias Diekershoff
  • License: MIT


On the server running your Friendica change into your addon directory and clone this git repository. You should then have all the needed files in the


directory of your Friendica installation. Afterwards enable the addon in the admin panel as usual.


You can translate this addon by translating the strings in the lang/C/messages.po file and copy the resulting messages.po to the lang/LNG_CODE directory of your language.. To generate the needed strings.php file for your language, use the tools Friendica supplies.

Custom Themes

If your theme does supply an alternative registration form, you need to supply a modified version of the form to the addon or the addons default template will be used. Your theme specific template needs to be placed in


and has to contain the following new fields

{{include file="field_input.tpl" field=$mathcaptcha}}

at the correct position of the form.