Roland Häder roland
roland approved friendica/friendica-directory#85 2022-04-25 13:12:40 +02:00
PL translation updated THX strebski

I can only review technical problems, as I don't speak/read Polish language. And I see no issues here.

roland commented on issue friendica/friendica-directory#33 2022-04-25 13:10:49 +02:00
The blocked server grid - blocklist subscriptions [feature request]

My few (non-politicial) ideas:

  • it should be "node-to-node" and not over a central instance, like a directory is: Let the administrator choose a node that is willing to export its blocking list…
roland opened issue friendica/friendica-directory#86 2022-04-25 12:35:44 +02:00
dfrn_request Needs to be removed as Friendica develop has no longer support for it