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  Philipp e72402389d
Merge pull request #7715 from annando/fix-getguid 1 year ago
  Michael 11194d6679 Fix: The getGUID function hadn't fetched the GUID from pictures with scale "0" 1 year ago
  Philipp 0c4ab89bc3
Merge pull request #7714 from MrPetovan/task/4090-move-search-to-src 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan e3e3ee72a0 Improve logging in Module\Search\Index 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan c8316bfe57 Use Dice instantiation to access App\Arguments 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan 1e737ae888 Move mod/search to src/Module/Search/Index 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan 22598fc7e8 Improve search box 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan cdefa7f32a Add new module and widget for managing saved searches 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan 11ad0acd28 Add accessor for App->args in App and BaseModule 1 year ago
  Philipp 5f80180b47
Merge pull request #7710 from MrPetovan/task/rework-theme-session-vars 1 year ago
  Tobias Diekershoff 062f0c65d3
Merge pull request #7713 from annando/socialhome 1 year ago
  Michael 83f670e9e5 Test against the thread parent as well 1 year ago
  Michael 9c6fd5fc35 Fix communication issues when a contact is able to speak AP, but uses Diaspora 1 year ago
  Philipp 47d57cb184
Merge pull request #7712 from annando/proxy-logging 1 year ago
  Michael 1c8dd457cc Just some added logging to the proxy functionality to better analyze problems 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan 919727eacd
Merge pull request #7711 from annando/gserver-2 1 year ago
  Michael 4e7d94053e Fix for multiline host-meta, reducement of requests, fix for wordpress 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan f4d06ebd47 Remove useless theme session variable deletions in modules 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan ead0defb48 Rework theme override in Profile::load and App 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan e5fbaf6a00 Add Session::clear method 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan 4a5dfefacc Move theme determination after full module run 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan cb4950a3be Replace duplicated authentication code in FKOAuth1 with Session::setAuthenticatedForUser 1 year ago
  Tobias Diekershoff f13a5c0cb2
Merge pull request #7708 from MrPetovan/bug/7707-vier-fix-config 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan ca65181577 Add necessary required_once statement in theme/vier/config.php 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan 7959b9bbed
Merge pull request #7706 from tobiasd/20191006-checknote 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan 69ea65c0f2
Merge pull request #7704 from annando/gcontact-update 1 year ago
  Tobias Diekershoff cbaa4d13d1 add server side check about note to admin 1 year ago
  Philipp 8f60536634
Merge pull request #7705 from tobiasd/20191006-CS 1 year ago
  Tobias Diekershoff f1a020c4f0 CS translation update THX Aditoo 1 year ago
  Michael e3431f2d26 Empty line added 1 year ago
  Michael 8238081d87 Replace obsolete functionality in "PortableContact" 1 year ago
  Philipp c32fb1547f
Merge pull request #7699 from MrPetovan/task/4090-move-acl-to-src 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan b62e20c7bf Code beautification 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan 848bfdcfd4
Merge pull request #7703 from tobiasd/20191001-Vagrant 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan 9df7aa93fd
Merge pull request #7700 from annando/gserver-class 1 year ago
  Michael af5527f896 Unified return value types 1 year ago
  Michael aa75e749be Enhanced documentation 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan 908197cc70 Use switches instead of if/else in Module\Search\Acl 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan 9e29321aaf Use constants for search type in Module\Search\Acl 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan 445133cb21 Move Module\Search\Acl::contactAutocomplete to Core\Search::searchGlobalContact 1 year ago
  Michael 4d1cc44151 Added documentation 1 year ago
  Tobias Diekershoff 2a383688a6 added git as dependency for the Vagrant VM and made the call to compuser with www-data 1 year ago
  Michael cd3dada39c Detect network type via the contacts 1 year ago
  Michael a7e518acbd Readded the network parameter 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan 4e185ebc84 Add missing /babel route methods 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan 8f20e2054b Move /acl module to src/ 1 year ago
  Michael d9a74bd5dd Code transitioning from PortableContacts.php to GServer.php 1 year ago
  Michael 2009080327 Remove more test data 1 year ago
  Michael 832c765ad5 Hostmeta check, Pleroma version number cleaning 1 year ago
  Michael 59b464ade3 PoCo endpoint added 1 year ago