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friendica a5e7c73e67 string update 11 years ago
friendica 8473444242 string update 11 years ago
Alexander Kampmann e0c659b34b Enabled automated doc building. Changes: 11 years ago
friendica 18bf5d1402 theme info (like plugin info) 11 years ago
friendica 9441ff5142 string update for 2.38 11 years ago
Abinoam P. Marques Jr 7404d76126 util/README - Friendika -> Friendica 11 years ago
friendica 3e85c1d330 make 'x minutes ago' fully translateable with argument ordering. string update. 11 years ago
Tobias Diekershoff 857f21eb32 fpostit by Devlon Duthied added to utils 11 years ago
friendica 8aa2552372 add remove_user hook (it looks like dreamhost changed all my file permissions, this will make a nasty commit) 11 years ago
friendica e9fb809a2d add db_update cmdline script 11 years ago
zottel 690436bd1b Update messages.po 11 years ago
Fabio Comuni 49507a4356 Update messages.po 11 years ago
friendica adcaefce89 string update 11 years ago
friendica b795ce4fe7 little stuff - name change, live updates, new network types 11 years ago
Fabio Comuni dc3d47edcf update messages.po 11 years ago
Friendika 32808a934d string update 11 years ago
Friendika c63adcfae0 bug #159 multiple definition of string_plural_form function when changing languages 11 years ago
Friendika d723ff4770 diaspora top level status posts, string update 11 years ago
Friendika 48ffa880f0 cleanup 11 years ago
Friendika 723d60194c security - remove string_translator (has been blocked for the last couple of months) 12 years ago
fabrixxm 771c58da62 fix po2php plurals regexp and IT strings.php 12 years ago
Friendika 5a0690d940 add attachments to FB posts, fix paren string in statusnet, do not insert attach div into post if no attachments 12 years ago
Friendika cd536731c3 minor string update 12 years ago
Fabio Comuni ad2aded259 Small tweak to a copule of translatable strings 12 years ago
Fabio Comuni dd32a2366c update messages.po 12 years ago
Friendika 5903ea38f3 @fabrixxm fix for po2php, manually patched 12 years ago
Friendika 5eea0d5ecb photo lockview not working, temp fix for po2php 12 years ago
Fabio Comuni 4c2c14d34c Update run_xgettext script and util/messages.po to use with transifex. Fix to po2php 12 years ago
Friendika 0f261ef8fa configurable FB poll interval, default 1hr. 12 years ago
Friendika d45ad7bb6b suppress duplicate FB posts (incoming after posted locally) 12 years ago
Friendika a0e7d8fa00 redirect to profile photo upload on very first login 12 years ago
Friendika afe4cc8bfa pull request #91 fabrixxm (manual merge) 12 years ago
Friendika 3787e1e500 provide disclosure warning on private network page 12 years ago
Friendika d874a55178 per contact network page (link in photo menu) 12 years ago
Friendika a0179235d2 provide a way to disable mailbox integration 12 years ago
Friendika 9e54a070c2 string update 12 years ago
Friendika 158b65894a initial checkin mailbox reading functions - lots more to do 12 years ago
Friendika 44c47f118c "profile locator/address" is now called "Identity Address" to reduce confusion 12 years ago
Friendika 6683560c7e upd8 readme 12 years ago
Friendika d4bb560e7f small wording change 12 years ago
Friendika 2d7366bf81 profile visibility editor 12 years ago
Friendika 5654ce926c move all message display sub-functions from boot.php into conversation.php 12 years ago
Fabio Comuni 969cc6996a Fix a typo, updated IT strings 12 years ago
Friendika e35a5bac55 the rest of the english html templates except for htconfig 12 years ago
Friendika 338ba48554 more templates 12 years ago
Friendika 4043ede080 more templates 12 years ago
Friendika c32ed16303 more templates converted to string files 12 years ago
Friendika 6728a11ee3 support feed attachments/enclosures, and fix for bug #30 12 years ago
Olivier Migeot ddf13d8c97 Some corrections to PO workflow, and integrated latest templates "stringization" for french. 12 years ago
Friendika 4aa60a7aaf oexchange 12 years ago