24609 Commits (develop)

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  Philipp d1e1cb2172
Merge pull request #7535 from MrPetovan/bug/fatal-errors 2 days ago
  Hypolite Petovan 2736aac678 Add missing use statement in Search\Directory 2 days ago
  Philipp 1fd1849641
Merge pull request #7534 from MrPetovan/bug/7350-feed-title-entities 2 days ago
  Hypolite Petovan 9de59d5c4d Add entry title HTML entities conversion in Protocol\Feed 2 days ago
  Philipp 0f32ab10d8
Merge pull request #7524 from MrPetovan/bug/7337-check-dead-enumeratePermissions 2 days ago
  Hypolite Petovan 77b754862b
Merge pull request #7533 from nupplaphil/bug/friendica-7299 2 days ago
  Philipp Holzer bff427174b
Fix parameters for Source 2 days ago
  Philipp Holzer b5cb3bc783
Fixing https://github.com/friendica/friendica/issues/7299#issuecomment-521745931 2 days ago
  Hypolite Petovan efcdb3e000
Merge pull request #7532 from nupplaphil/bug/friendica-7298 2 days ago
  Philipp Holzer b63b1570d6
removed superfluous comment 2 days ago
  Philipp Holzer 9d3ad8f435
Fix https://github.com/friendica/friendica/issues/7298#issuecomment-522215746 2 days ago
  Hypolite Petovan 1a2628f210
Merge pull request #7528 from nupplaphil/bug/fix_locks 3 days ago
  Hypolite Petovan fc2825b280
Merge pull request #7530 from nupplaphil/bug/theme_reload 3 days ago
  Philipp Holzer d39a6ba444
Auto-remove duplicated, allowed themes during reload 3 days ago
  Philipp Holzer 7e82f8dc2e
fix Admin Theme reload 3 days ago
  Hypolite Petovan 9e4f7251e6
Merge pull request #7529 from vinzv/7527-replace-paper-plane-icon-with-check-mark 3 days ago
  Philipp Holzer 46655eac70
Remove unnecessary parameter 3 days ago
  Philipp Holzer 1237ac1062
enhance semaphore lock testing 3 days ago
  Philipp Holzer c803dcb6c5
Fix Locks 3 days ago
  Vinzenz Vietzke 5582c4dea3 replace paper plane for finished transfers 3 days ago
  Philipp e8561b480b
Merge pull request #7525 from vinzv/7522-replace-share-icon 3 days ago
  Vinzenz Vietzke 5a9156e5e9 replacing slideshare icon with paper plane 3 days ago
  Hypolite Petovan dfd0f67b33
Merge pull request #7521 from nupplaphil/task/create_process 3 days ago
  Philipp Holzer 566889fbc0
fix alignment 3 days ago
  Philipp Holzer 2c73377b39
Create Core\Process as a base for followup work 4 days ago
  Philipp Holzer 90b438e082
Move mode settings to App\Mode 4 days ago
  Tobias Diekershoff e7c3d327cc
Merge pull request #7523 from MrPetovan/bug/7428-linkPreview-photo-browser 3 days ago
  Hypolite Petovan cf8177461e Prune unavailable contacts from AP envelope 3 days ago
  Hypolite Petovan 828368267c Add check_dead parameter to Item::enumeratePermissions 3 days ago
  Hypolite Petovan 895faddf82 Prevents linkPreview to match on URLs lead by an equal sign 3 days ago
  Michael Vogel aba23abfaa
Merge pull request #7520 from MrPetovan/bug/7468-contact-search-fan 3 days ago
  Hypolite Petovan 7a73445503
Merge pull request #7519 from nupplaphil/task/add_page 4 days ago
  Hypolite Petovan e463df6418 Add existence check for contact.uid and contact.rel fields in Contact::getContactTemplateVars 4 days ago
  Philipp Holzer eaed327c07
fix indentation 4 days ago
  Hypolite Petovan 98b0f97639 Suppress relationship string in template vars for public contact 4 days ago
  Michael Vogel 6f944f1e53
Merge pull request #7514 from MrPetovan/bug/7507-allow-protocolless 5 days ago
  Philipp Holzer 30b69f1fc4
some fixings 5 days ago
  Philipp Holzer 9f68e6b589
Add Page class for Frontend 5 days ago
  Hypolite Petovan feb720a3ee
Merge pull request #7518 from nupplaphil/bug/lock_unlink 5 days ago
  Hypolite Petovan 258c8bd905
Merge pull request #7517 from nupplaphil/task/prepare_app 5 days ago
  Philipp Holzer 2369ea1d50
Fix Lock-Unlink 5 days ago
  Philipp Holzer 822ba67105
Fixing https://github.com/friendica/friendica/pull/7508#issuecomment-521679624 5 days ago
  Philipp Holzer 290dd2ab39
moved rest of BaseURL 5 days ago
  Philipp Holzer ccbb0241bf
Removed unnecessary auto-initializing 5 days ago
  Philipp Holzer 956439a9f2
reverted wrong indentation 5 days ago
  Philipp Holzer 734b63adba
Fixed wrong "BaseUrl" class (=> "BaseURL") 5 days ago
  Philipp Holzer 08be92a862
Moved BaseURL to App namespace (because similar type as Arguments/Modules/Modes) 5 days ago
  Philipp Holzer fa1b783052
removed static Logger usage 5 days ago
  Philipp Holzer 4f0ee4df27
Move $page initialization into constructor 5 days ago
  Philipp Holzer 55f9dba230
Prepare App for further usage 5 days ago