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Hypolite Petovan 3cef3ab107
Merge pull request #10548 from annando/args 5 hours ago
Hypolite Petovan e34795762d
Merge pull request #10544 from annando/router-lock 19 hours ago
Michael 6360c960e6 Tests again 1 day ago
Michael 2b41b322bc Tests 1 day ago
Michael 1539d76fda Forgotten variable 1 day ago
Michael 5a87ccf026 Getter/Setter for theme info 1 day ago
Michael c52b8595e8 theme infos are now bundled in a single array 1 day ago
Michael 0551648399 App->data is not needed anymore 1 day ago
Michael df558d4056 Completely removed argc/argv 1 day ago
Michael 540ddb9265 Hopefully making the tests to work 2 days ago
Michael 4e6dc34d6e Reverting changes for the tests 2 days ago
Michael 68496f6e15 Reverting api.php because of tests 2 days ago
Michael 0c0abd9238 Replaced argv/argc with replacement functions 2 days ago
Hypolite Petovan 69c75daf4f
Merge pull request #10543 from annando/app-variables 2 days ago
Michael 9cc4682e0a Merge branch 'app-variables' of github.com:annando/friendica into app-variables 2 days ago
Michael fbac31edc5 Simplyfying code 2 days ago
Michael Vogel 1793513f46
Apply suggestions from code review 2 days ago
Michael 52378eb298 Fighting with the tests 2 days ago
Michael 12c63c9b97 Tests 2 days ago
Michael 0dd0de1eb3 Init class 2 days ago
Michael 4b5eb055c8 Tests 2 days ago
Michael 2aa2c61479 Lock before recreate / fix cache key misspelling 2 days ago
Hypolite Petovan 507b992248
Merge pull request #10516 from nupplaphil/bug/storage_manager 2 days ago
Michael 0bbe954316 Getter/Setter for queue 2 days ago
Michael 866dbf9f89 Use getter/setter for timezone value 2 days ago
Michael 40a42ccdb1 Defining default value 2 days ago
Michael eda2f95a66 Added documentation 2 days ago
Michael 8f46064430 Using getter/setter functions 2 days ago
Michael b4aa796e75 The user isn't used in the template 2 days ago
Michael 784770db6f Some more stuff removed 2 days ago
Philipp 6347a238a1
Update messages.po 2 days ago
Philipp 4be4498b13
Update UX for Storage administration 2 days ago
Philipp 1e4f9f62fe
Rename buttons 6 days ago
Philipp e19b9824cd
Allow setting & saving storages per type 6 days ago
Philipp 2fe28af74f
PHP-CS fixing 1 week ago
Philipp cbe522ee82
Fixings 1 week ago
Philipp 3647f6f031
Refactor storage admin setting 1 week ago
Philipp 97bafb3a59
Extract Storage admin section to own page 1 week ago
Michael 2420bf84db Simplified code 3 days ago
Michael d56793dd09 Fix field name 3 days ago
Michael a115f10d62 Styling 3 days ago
Michael b3b5599d27 Show the network icon for the contact 3 days ago
Michael 30aad250df App->contact is now removed 3 days ago
Michael f60d60e997 Profile fetching simplyfied 3 days ago
Michael 0fe5759d8a Fixed avatar fetching for mail and feed 3 days ago
Michael 2502a9192d Many more app-variables removed 3 days ago
Hypolite Petovan e05c1821c2
Merge pull request #10541 from annando/profile 3 days ago
Michael 21e3d1c4e3 Updated messages.po 4 days ago
Michael fae0f839bc Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into profile 4 days ago
Michael Vogel f6e5a14805
Apply suggestions from code review 4 days ago