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###Client software
There are free software clients that do somehow work with Friendica but most of them need love and maintenance.
Also, they were mostly made for other platforms using the GNU Social API.
This means they lack the features that are really specific to Friendica.
Popular clients you might want to have a look at are:
* [Hotot (Linux)]( - abandoned
* [Friendica for Android]( - abandoned
* You can find more working client software in [Wikipedia](
As Friendica is using a [Twitter/GNU Social compatible API](help/api) any of the clients for those platforms should work with Friendica as well.
Furthermore there are several client projects, especially for use with Friendica.
If you are interested in improving those clients, please contact the developers of the clients directly.
* Android / CynogenMod: **Friendica for Android** [src](, [homepage]( - abandoned
* iOS: *currently no client*
* SailfishOS: **Friendiy** [src]( - developed by [Fabio](
* Windows: **Friendica Mobile** for Windows versions [before 8.1]( and [Windows 10]( - developed by [Gerhard Seeber](