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clarification to the docs

Tobias Diekershoff 7 years ago
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@ -6,6 +6,8 @@ Bugs and Issues
If your server has a support page, you should report any bugs/issues you encounter there first.
Reporting to your support page before reporting to the developers makes their job easier, as they don't have to deal with bug reports that might not have anything to do with them.
This helps us get new features faster.
You can also contact the [friendica support forum]( and report your problem there.
Maybe someone from another node encountered the problem as well and can help you.
If you're a technical user, or your site doesn't have a support page, you'll need to use the [Bug Tracker](
Please perform a search to see if there's already an open bug that matches yours before submitting anything.


@ -57,13 +57,15 @@ All that the pages need to have is a discoverable feed using either the RSS or A
To follow a Twitter member, put the URL of the Twitter member's main page into the Connect box on your [Contacts](contacts) page.
To follow a Twitter member, the Twitter-Connector (Addon) needs to be configured on your node.
If this is the case put the URL of the Twitter member's main page into the Connect box on your [Contacts](contacts) page.
To reply, you must have the Twitter connector installed, and reply using your own status editor.
Begin the message with @twitterperson replacing with the Twitter username.
If the php module for IMAP support is available on your server, Friendica can connect to email contacts as well.
Configure the email connector from your [Settings](settings) page.
Once this has been done, you may enter an email address to connect with using the Connect box on your [Contacts](contacts) page.
They must be the sender of a message which is currently in your INBOX for the connection to succeed.