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Friendica Global Directory

This standalone software is meant to provide a global public directory of Friendica profiles across nodes.

This is an opt-in directory, meaning that each node can choose not to submit its profiles to global directories, and each user can individually choose not to be submitted.


  • PHP >= 7.1 with:
    • Curl
    • GD
    • JSON
  • Command-line access
  • A web server with URL rewriting (Apache)
  • A database server (MariaDB)
  • A background task scheduler (Crontab)
  • About 60 MB for a Git install
  • About 100 MB for a full database


Please refer to the provided installation instructions.

Update from a previous version

Please refer to the provided update instructions.

Custom pages

If you need to add custom HTML pages as required by law to publish any website processing data in some countries, simply add your HTML files in the config/pages folder, they will be automatically linked from the footer.


  • The expected extension is .html.
  • Underscores in the page file name are replaced by spaces in the page link label.
  • Accents aren't supported.

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