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Friendica Directory Update Instructions

1. Update the source code

If you installed Friendica Directory in /path/to/friendica-directory.

Using Git

cd /path/to/friendica-directory
git pull
composer install

Using an archive

  1. Create a temporary folder to unpack the new archive.
  2. Copy your old config/local.json to the new folder.
  3. Swap the folder names.
  4. Remove the temporary folder.

Sample Linux commands:

cd /path/to
mkdir friendica-directory-new
unzip friendica-<version>.zip friendica-directory-new
cp friendica-directory/config/local.json friendica-directory-new/config
mv friendica-directory friendica-directory-old
mv friendica-directory-new friendica-directory
rm -r friendica-directory-old

2. Update the database structure

The database structure may have changed since the last update, fortunately a console command allows to run the migration scripts up to the latest version:

cd /path/to/friendica-directory
bin/console dbupdate

Known issues

Before version 2.1, updating the database schema was impossible because the status column value of the migration_version table was incorrectly set to partial up instead of complete.
Updating from 2.0.x, changing the value allows to update the database schema.