Theme for static website generator pelican inspired by pelican-simplegrey, but without all the datadealer (Google, Twitter, Facebook) stuff.
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Theme inspired by the mkdocs default theme, without all the datadealer (Google, Twitter, Facebook) stuff. Federation Widget in sidebar (works currently only with Friendica). Social links to Mastodon, Matrix, Friendica, Diaspora, Misskey,... It has a menu for easy navigation on mobile. EMail and License is displayed in the footer.

Javascript only used for Federation Widget.

Configuration in


    SITEDESCRIPTION = 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit ..' # Additional text shown on the start page

    SITELOGO = 'images/logo.png' # Logo for the site, height is 50px, subdirectory in PATH

    DISPLAY_PAGES_ON_MENU = True # Markdown files in the 'pages' directory are shown as links in the header

    SOCIAL = (('Diaspora', ''),
          ('Friendica', ''),
          ('Forgejo', ''),
          ('Funkwhale', ''),
          ('Gitea', ''),
          ('Github', ''),
          ('Gitlab', ''),
          ('Gnusocial', ''),
          ('Hubzilla', ''),
          ('Mastodon', ''),
          ('Matrix', ''),
          ('Misskey', ''),
          ('Movim', ''),
          ('Peertube', ''),
          ('Pixelfed', ''),
          ('Pleroma', ''),
          ('Pixelfed', ''),
          ('Plume', 'http://plume.come/'),
          ('Pixelfed', ''),
          ('', ''),
          ('RedMatrix', ''),
          ('XMPP', ''))

    # License (choose one)
# For federation timeline activate Apache headers module:
# a2enmod headers

# CORS headers must be set at the Friendica server, add the following to .htaccess
# Header add Access-Control-Allow-Origin ""
# Header add Access-Control-Allow-Methods: "GET"

    FEDERATION_TIMELINE = (('domain',''),
                         ('type','user'),               # could be 'group' to follow a group
                         ('servertype','friendica'),)    # could be 'diaspora', 'friendica' or 'hubzilla'

Project documentation

For displaying project Markdown files as website similar to mkdocs, additional parameters should be set:

CATEGORIES_ON_SIDEBAR = 'left' # 'right' or 'none'
# If 'left', directory names are used as menu button. If files are not in subdirectories, filenames are used

FILENAME_METADATA = '(?P<title>.*)' # to retrieve the title from filename, if there is no Title field in te Markdown file

DEFAULT_DATE = 'fs' # to retrieve the date from file savedate of file, if there is no Date field in te Markdown file
# last saved file will be used as the start page of the website

STATIC_PATHS = ['Screenshots'] # place of image files should be set


  • Icons copyright by their respective owners


In line with Federation Widget ( this template is under the WTF Public License.