With this tool you enable your Friendica users to use a subdomains of your Friendica hostname as their Bluesky handle.
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Bluesky handle registration for Friendica

This tool enables your Friendica users to rename their existing Bluesky handles to a subdomain of your Friendica system. So for example user "nickname" on your server "myfriendica.tld" can then use "nickname.myfriendica.tld" as their Bluesky handle.



You need an additional configuration for your webserver to serve wildcard requests. Best way is to copy your Friendica configuration and to simply change the following parameters and the directory:

    ServerName        atproto.myfriendica.tld
    ServerAlias       *.myfriendica.tld

Please be aware, that no SSL certificate is needed, serving HTTP only is completely okay.


Please copy the sample file local-sample.config.php to local.config.php and set the database configuration parameters like in ypur Friendica configuration. Also don't forget to enter your Friendica hostname, that's all. You can check your installation by visiting the page "nickname.myfriendica.tld" (with an existing handle and your real Friendica hostname). If everything is configured correctly, this subdomain will then redirect you to the profile page of this user. Then enable the option "Allow your users to use your hostname for their Bluesky handles" in the admin panel of the Bluesky addon to make the functionality accessible for your users.