Friendica Communications Platform (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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Friendika 012e039dae store signature data if applicable for relaying 11 years ago
Contact.php more thorough cleanup on account/contact removal 12 years ago
EmailNotification.php small fixes to item post to try and sort out segfault issues on php 5.3 (?) 12 years ago
Photo.php do not translate hidden photo album 'Contact Photos' as it may become unhidden when different language is used. 12 years ago
Scrape.php documentation 11 years ago
acl.js make profile-jot-desc track lock state changes 12 years ago
acl_selectors.php cleanup 11 years ago
ajaxupload.js protocol revision, send dfrn_confirm binary items as hex 12 years ago
api.php fix API time - wrong format string 11 years ago
attach.php several fixes for attachments 11 years ago
auth.php some more zot changes migrating back to f9a mainline 12 years ago
bbcode.php improved code blocks 12 years ago
config.php never enough comments 11 years ago
contact_selectors.php more view cleanup 12 years ago
conversation.php enhanced email privacy 11 years ago
country.js bug #94 mis-spell Czech 12 years ago
cronhooks.php cronhooks broken 11 years ago
crypto.php crypto stuff 11 years ago
datetime.php configurable format for date input selectors 12 years ago
dba.php undo last checkin 12 years ago
diaspora.php store signature data if applicable for relaying 11 years ago
directory.php load db configs (config,system) for all "executables" 12 years ago
email.php email - search from, to, cc, and bcc 12 years ago
event.php show lock icon on private events 12 years ago
expire.php load db configs (config,system) for all "executables" 12 years ago
fcontact.php friend finder support functions 12 years ago
group.php enhance random_string, block public email replies 11 years ago
html2bbcode.php iframes 12 years ago
items.php hopefully fix statusnet bug by altering our feed format slightly 11 years ago
jquery.htmlstream.js First test for friendika "live" update 12 years ago
jquery.js here if it's needed 13 years ago
main.js comment box premature close due to race condition with liveupdate 11 years ago
nav.php my -> your 12 years ago
network.php fill and expire fcontact cache 11 years ago
notifier.php fill in framework for d* outgoing 11 years ago
oembed.php cleanup 11 years ago
pgettext.php improve push_lang and pop_lang to do basically nothing if the new language is the same as existing 12 years ago
plugin.php breaking up boot file (part of zot refactor) 12 years ago
poller.php split off facebook and other cron hooks from poller 11 years ago
profile_advanced.php Fix a typo, updated IT strings 12 years ago
profile_selectors.php match the documentation 12 years ago
queue.php load db configs (config,system) for all "executables" 12 years ago
queue_fn.php facebook queueing on failure, sync update.php with boot.php update version to avoid race condition 12 years ago
remoteupdate.php First test for friendika "live" update 12 years ago
salmon.php crypto stuff 11 years ago
security.php cleanup 11 years ago
session.php Initial checkin 13 years ago
system_unavailable.php resolve file inclusion conflicts w/ multiple plugins, improve the typo checker 12 years ago
template_processor.php Recursive string replacement in template 12 years ago
text.php cleanup 11 years ago
zotfns.php invite system 12 years ago