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Friendica - your open and free social network
Welcome to the free social web. Friendica is a platform for decentralised social communication linking to other independent social and corporate services.
Friendica connects you to a federated communications network of thousands of servers called the Fediverse.
Through various protocols you can interact with anyone on [Friendica](, [Mastodon](, [Lemmy](, [Diaspora](, [Misskey](, [Peertube](, [Pixelfed](, [Pleroma]( and many more.
Receiving content from Tumblr, WordPress and RSS is also possible.
Friendica allows to import and mirror your content via add-ons such as ITTT and Buffer.
You can control the privacy scope of your content.
Being part of the Fediverse allows you to be free from data-harvesting corporations.
Enjoy open social communication, independent of any specific provider.
[Join Friendica]( today or set up [your own Friendica instance](doc/
### Friendica on desktop
![Frio theme in desktop browser](images/screenshots/friendica-2023-12-frio-desktop.png?raw=true "Frio theme in desktop browser")
### Friendica on mobile
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<img src="images/screenshots/friendica-2023-10-frio-mobile-timeline-dark-blue.png" width="370" alt="frio on mobile, dark color scheme">
<img src="images/screenshots/friendica-2023-10-frio-mobile-options-light-blue.png" width="370" alt="frio on mobile, light color scheme">
## Endorsements
- Friendica is listed on [![Awesome Humane Tech](images/humane-tech-badge.svg)]( in the [Fediverse category](