499 Commits (ffc406d8195871a6580c78f1cc42ff0b7deeba02)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Adam Magness ffc406d819 normalise_link calls 3 years ago
  Adam Magness 0efcbe5d15 protect_sprintf calls 3 years ago
  Adam Magness 0e01568ccd escape_tags calls 3 years ago
  Adam Magness a0f65ca7a1 notags calls 3 years ago
  Adam Magness a71eb1d127 functions moved to HTML class 3 years ago
  Adam Magness 35abc4bb64 get markup template 3 years ago
  Adam Magness 91facd2d0a replace macros 3 years ago
  Adam Magness 14fde5dc9b Log function 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 14237a9599 Move $pager and $page_offset out of App 3 years ago
  Philipp Holzer d00ddc01af
Split goaway to System::externalRedirectTo() and App->internalRedirect() 3 years ago
  Philipp Holzer 2ef81108b3
Renamed System::redirect() to $a->redirect() 3 years ago
  Philipp Holzer 5a02e39a65
Rename App Methods 3 years ago
  Michael 09302367d5 Include AP in the contact search 3 years ago
  Michael Vogel 7f3fb34c24 Some easy to replace "q" calls have been replaced by "DBA" calls (#5632) 3 years ago
  Michael Vogel 060e887a31 And still there are notices that have to be removed ... (#5629) 3 years ago
  Michael 0342f9e084 Removed notices, will it ever end? 3 years ago
  Michael e8334c4655 Use the Item class instead of DBA calls when possible 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan ea17370211 Fix bug with ACL and contact network page 3 years ago
  Roland Häder e06fc2aa69 Stopped using deprecated constants NETWORK_* (#5537) 3 years ago
  Roland Häder 4d39164c1e [WIP] Rewrite to Proxy class: (#5507) 3 years ago
  Roland Häder 37253656e3 Moved CONTACT_* constants to Friendica\Model\Contact class, lesser in global namespace (#5490) 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan a6fb3568f9 Rename dbesc to DBA::escape 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan ecea7425f8 Rename DBA::is_result to DBA::isResult 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 0ec44f3e8a Rename DBM method calls to DBA method calls 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 8ddb94ef06 Use DateTimeFormat::utc() instead of DBM::date() 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 4db98eb43d Rename DBA::inArray to DBA::toArray 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan af6dbc654f Rename Friendica\Database\dba to Friendica\Database\DBA 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan daa1177e3a Update use statement lists with new Friendica\Database\dba class 3 years ago
  Michael Vogel 5af9596dde New item field "Post-type" and new table "permissionset" (#5408) 3 years ago
  Roland Häder 6b5d90333f Fixes for some E_NOTICE and type-hints added (#5358) 3 years ago
  Michael Vogel 0360f7197a Several more warnings ... (#5340) 3 years ago
  Michael 3e797547a3 Warnings fixed 3 years ago
  Michael bffdf96d87 The "file" variable isn't stored anymore in the item table 3 years ago
  Michael 76dab3b2d7 Use gravity instead of verb 3 years ago
  Michael b03db4643f The fetch function now centrally controls the content 3 years ago
  Michael 6e10de9284 New function to fetch item data especially for users 3 years ago
  Michael 0280a46ab4 Use predefined field lists 3 years ago
  Michael bb79b8f4ac More item calls have been replaced with the new functions 3 years ago
  Michael 3f07d01dd1 Get rid of unneeded or redundant fields 3 years ago
  Michael 5bcb9daa43 Use local_user instead 3 years ago
  Michael bdbc51229a Fix for not being able to delete items 3 years ago
  Michael fd318a1193 Corrected query to don't show hash tag posts from blocked or ignored contacts 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 20843fee38 Reintroduce own posts in network list 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 99b446eccc Remove useless intval() calls in mod/network 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 7563adcc7d Use positive form for relationship check in mod/network 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan b28fd98acd Replaced < comparison with IN for contact.rel in mod/network 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan c8b0520144 Use CONTACT_IS_SHARING constant instead of `rel` value 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan b798ad126a Hide posts from recently ignored or unfollowed contact in mod/network 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan a7db21c8fd Rename Core\Acl to Core\ACL 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 09c717d751 Remove references to include/acl_selectors 3 years ago