32486 Commits (c34994df0317eeb9fb5c5ae8e9ca65b9404126e2)

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Hypolite Petovan c34994df03
Merge pull request #11035 from annando/api-next 6 months ago
Philipp 313d74598d Fix tests 6 months ago
Michael 14ec87e68c Deprecated upload function relocates to a replacement 6 months ago
Michael e381ca6ba0 Added group update 6 months ago
Michael 7c8542f25a Tests deactivated 6 months ago
Michael b15d3a2523 API: Next bunch of functions transformed 6 months ago
Hypolite Petovan 9cc675233d Add a second parameter to BaseApi::getRequest to enable API tests 6 months ago
Hypolite Petovan d83ebe6031
Merge pull request #11036 from nupplaphil/bug/module_di 6 months ago
Philipp 0b3540af0e
Make PHP-CS happy :) 6 months ago
Philipp 056702c1e0
Fixing wrong inherited methodsyntax 6 months ago
Philipp 6fc2eeaeaf
Move all (inactive) API endpoint specific tests to new structure 6 months ago
Hypolite Petovan 5aad46c7fb
Merge pull request #11005 from nupplaphil/feat/module_di 6 months ago
Philipp e8ee312d80
Fix Tos Module 6 months ago
Philipp 77b092b4b9
Respect the Dollar(notation :-)) 6 months ago
Philipp 9207b9e408
Fixing https://github.com/friendica/friendica/issues/11033 6 months ago
Philipp 7cba74bb6c
Fix that (raw)content is always executed during Module::run() 6 months ago
Philipp f245fdaa5d
Fix Contact modules 6 months ago
Philipp 4e1080ac4f
Update messages.po 6 months ago
Philipp e4000155f3
Fix Page Header usage 6 months ago
Philipp 6a9fff5100
Fixing Response 6 months ago
Philipp ae24bf8d54
Fixing Response 6 months ago
Philipp 7cd85873ee
Replace IRespondToRequests with PSR-7 ResponseInterface 6 months ago
Philipp ca5c40c97e
Delete deprecated ApiResponseDouble 6 months ago
Philipp 3b2946f98f
Replace `header()` with `$response->setHeader()` at `BaseModule` 6 months ago
Philipp 78c45bd142
Add NodeInfo Module test as an example 6 months ago
Philipp 537b74f307
Inherit `ApiResponse` from `Response` 6 months ago
Philipp 561aba18e3
Introduce `Response` for Modules to create a testable way for module responses 6 months ago
Philipp ad5b0762b0
Fix LegacyModule content return 6 months ago
Philipp 8bdd90066f
Make `BaseModule` a real entity 6 months ago
Philipp 238613fd01
Add feedback :) 6 months ago
Philipp b5d2d32b44
Split and delete `ModuleController` 6 months ago
Philipp a5ab184fb8
Merge pull request #11025 from MrPetovan/task/11022-improve-connector-hooks 6 months ago
Philipp e852623c4f
Merge pull request #11030 from MrPetovan/bug/11029-add-remove-group 6 months ago
Hypolite Petovan 9e6c63d8f1
Merge pull request #11032 from annando/api-lists 6 months ago
Michael a3e3d87a42 Standards 6 months ago
Michael d128b723c0 Code standards 6 months ago
Michael 0de9ae913b API: moved several lists 6 months ago
Michael Vogel b03b1fe367
Merge pull request #11031 from MrPetovan/bug/9720-share-preg_replace 6 months ago
Hypolite Petovan 1c5aef0685 Escape dollar sign in replace string to prevent placeholder replacement in Model\Item::addShareDataFromOriginal 6 months ago
Hypolite Petovan b204e25d81 Update translation file after adding strings 6 months ago
Hypolite Petovan 8bfe877629 Add backward compatibility with user contacts in Module\Group 6 months ago
Hypolite Petovan a26322b4c2 Replace args call with parameter from router in Module\Group 6 months ago
Hypolite Petovan 3d77fd5e29
Merge pull request #11028 from annando/fix-api 6 months ago
Michael 03330ec969 Fixing tests 6 months ago
Michael 998964c733 Fixing (some) tests 6 months ago
Michael f5a3f8039d Fixing tests 6 months ago
Michael ce161386e7 Fix test 6 months ago
Michael 0e3c8e3f5e Mixed parameter order 6 months ago
Michael da9b5f32db Unneeded "use" removed 6 months ago
Michael fb47389c69 API: Fix profile_url handling / missing constant 6 months ago