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rabuzarus ddf3589fc5 count unread forum items for forumlist widget (ping.php) 8 years ago
fabrixxm c700a6fb37 duepuntozero, vier: add unread messages per group 8 years ago
fabrixxm d522d7095d quattro: add unread message count per groups 8 years ago
fabrixxm 24d807221b Image filebrowser dialog links images to image page
fix #1991
8 years ago
fabrixxm 0363bab040 js: add new Dialog object
The Dialog is used by code to show urls in colorbox.
Templates can overwrite `show()` function to change its behaviour
8 years ago
fabrixxm cbabac298d filebrowser: link image to original picture, show error messages 8 years ago
Fabrixxm b6199bb520 catch comment format button also after ajax update 8 years ago
Fabrixxm f5657e283c fix folder links in filebrowser dialog 8 years ago
Fabrixxm b52158e7cf add comment to document how comment formatting buttons work 8 years ago
Fabrixxm 52f9465578 filebrowser fixs, use it in comment textareas
move filebrowser js to single file
document filebrowser usage
replace "onclick" for comment style buttons with data-* and move logic to main.js
use filebrowser to insert images in comments
8 years ago
Fabrixxm 6fc864c947 rework mod/ping and desktop notification logic
`mod/ping.php` returns all notifications ordered by date
mixing system notifications, private messages, intros, registrations
remove 'notify_full' mode
remove `&arr;` from unseen notes, 'seen' attrib now is "1" or "0"
new note attribute 'timestamp'
desktop notification logic use timestamp to check which notification show to the user
notification html template use timestamp to show full date to user in tooltip
`relative_date()` don't append full date on dates older than 24 hours
8 years ago
Fabrixxm e29d05ce4a notifications order, unseen css class
ping return notfications ordered by notification id
notifications list get seen/unseen class from ping xml
global.css define 'notify-unseen'
8 years ago
Fabrixxm bd3f29f266 remove close timeout 8 years ago
Fabrixxm d8f69737ab remove debug logs 8 years ago
Fabrixxm 4549773389 fix desktop notification logic, add onclick handler 8 years ago
Fabrixxm 4036ad2554 Fix desktop notification
use on/off field for enable/disable desktop notification
show only new notifications after enable
use localstorage to save enabled/disalbed and last notification id
hide settings on browsers without desktop notification
8 years ago
Michael Vogel 439aee0a82 Automatically resize iframe if no height was provided. 8 years ago
Tobias Diekershoff 42ec9ad279 after pull 1460 all notifications got marked read 8 years ago
Tobias Diekershoff 106b0b5d23 Merge pull request #1460 from FlxAlbroscheit/develop
Issue 1163: Feature allowing desktop-notifications
8 years ago
FlxAlbroscheit d2261397d9 Feature for desktop-notifications 8 years ago
StefOfficiel f56a025aff Update jquery.js
Update jQuery 1.11.1 to 1.11.2 in good branch
8 years ago
Tobias Diekershoff 985d771b13 decreasing bubble display time in themes from 10s to 5s 8 years ago
Michael Vogel 8b5412068e When selecting forums there was an added "span" html element. 9 years ago
Carsten Pfeiffer 00c16b387a Make TinyMCE editors resizable 9 years ago
Fabrixxm 5bc69ccc70 remove dollar sign 9 years ago
Beanow 01b4f7d29a Menu links now collapse if clicked again. 9 years ago
hauke baabb5ba8b removed fancybox as it is not used anywhere 9 years ago
hauke 392b53dbf9 minified js files where out of date and inconsistently used. Removed until decision on minifying strategy 9 years ago
hauke 87fa2ee2af updated jquery to version 1.11, updated themes frost and diabook where necessary 9 years ago
Michael Vogel 7eeb320085 It is now possible to ignore threads. 9 years ago
Michael Vogel 16803645ef No change in functionality. 9 years ago
Michael Vogel 4d6f28d224 Optimized version of the possibility to reload the content of the network page only at its top. 9 years ago
Michael Vogel 2f89a9b3e8 Auto update of network page only at top of the page 9 years ago
fabrixxm 487d563366 add people in thread in autocomplete (issue #936)
tested only in quattro theme
contacts in thread will appear twice in autocomplete popup
9 years ago
fabrixxm 67f844f561 acl automention: fix stupid typo... 10 years ago
fabrixxm ad5a47aecf add fetaure switch for acl-automention 10 years ago
Fabrixxm 53dc1ce31f fix textarea/tinymce, add contact id to mention 10 years ago
Fabrixxm 9a94c35120 acl selector add and remove mentions when a forum is selected. 10 years ago
Mats Sjöberg 0a6e9c0c60 Updated minified version of ajaxupload.js. 10 years ago
Mats Sjöberg 06246bb0f2 getOffset() now falls back to old slower version for CSS layouts which cannot figure out bounding box widths. This fixes the photo and attachment upload buttons for some themes such as vier. 10 years ago
Zach Prezkuta 35358baac9 update to v4.0.0; point to local host of SWF 10 years ago
Zach Prezkuta 5d30008ab3 don't set img src in notifications to blank 10 years ago
Zach Prezkuta bc57d7f64e bug in main.js for VideoJS on initial page load 10 years ago
Zach Prezkuta fec4581f34 basic video playback support using VideoJS 10 years ago
Zach Prezkuta 2b94590bbf elastic transitions 10 years ago
Zach Prezkuta 0e67ba2bd4 update minified javascripts 10 years ago
Zach Prezkuta 0f25455d1b starting switching to colorbox 10 years ago
Zach Prezkuta 7d3a923294 script for minifying javascript files 11 years ago
Zach Prezkuta e0dd8944ce some deleted files for tinymce update 11 years ago
Zach Prezkuta 6668d22d37 try to improve TinyMCE block handling 11 years ago