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  Silke Meyer f70bdb984f A few more changes for breathe style in vier. 7 years ago
  Silke Meyer 7fdcc15182 same drop-down menu for contact details as for user menu 7 years ago
  Silke Meyer 321c711a3d top bar icons stay dark upon hover 7 years ago
  Silke Meyer dd1b28314e space between logo and sitename 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel e6328104ea dbstructure: New tables wasn't created due to some bugs 7 years ago
  Tobias Diekershoff f23f6ca9c6 Merge pull request #1017 from silke/vier-border-radius 7 years ago
  Silke Meyer d738395b0f active tab 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel 82c4e3fe50 The page info function can now be called with a picture link, support for big and preview images for attachments in global.css 7 years ago
  Silke Meyer 564ec8053a top nav bar colors 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel 4c9a6ed2fb BBCode: Support for preview parameter in attachment, rearranged code for share 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel 724a5192da Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel 83935d6797 API: Corrected wrong variable name 7 years ago
  Silke Meyer 44dacd1d82 Just kept the differences for "breathe" style 7 years ago
  Silke Meyer f15dec16d1 bg color and selected tab brighter 7 years ago
  Silke Meyer cb1f52ad93 added style to theme.php 7 years ago
  Silke Meyer db1ef0bfcf Transformed changes into its own Vier style 7 years ago
  Silke Meyer 31730ec75b white text / icons in upper nav 7 years ago
  Silke Meyer e961681f63 comment field 7 years ago
  Silke Meyer 583207b5c3 edit field 7 years ago
  Silke Meyer 39604c37d8 round corners for vevent 7 years ago
  Silke Meyer e7171bb89a softer look for code fragments in postings 7 years ago
  Silke Meyer 36c55f047b border-radius for messages 7 years ago
  fabrixxm adefb06ff7 Merge pull request #1008 from annando/master 7 years ago
  Silke Meyer 911777a737 border-radius for tabs again, they seems to have got lost earlier 7 years ago
  Silke Meyer 6e9ed089cf removed border at bottom of #live-network 7 years ago
  Silke Meyer f5c7b47788 made drop-down menu on user icon a bit more "softer" 7 years ago
  Silke Meyer e1b9783338 border-radius for search box 7 years ago
  Silke Meyer c324e2c9f9 Small border-radius for tabs 7 years ago
  Silke Meyer 17a78e7186 added small border-radius for event notice 7 years ago
  Silke Meyer f533332ad5 added border-radius for #profile-jot-form 7 years ago
  Silke Meyer 29fbedcaf4 added border-radius for tread-wrapper 7 years ago
  Tobias Diekershoff 310ad912fa rev up 7 years ago
  Tobias Diekershoff 7ac76a387f Merge pull request #1013 from tobiasd/20140610 7 years ago
  Tobias Diekershoff 5d58badee2 NL: update to the strings 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel ce29f55536 Vier: Some small color changes 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel 405a0aaee2 Community: New option to reduce the maximum amount if posts per person. 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel c5f993eb42 Added support for detecting app.net profiles 7 years ago
  Tobias Diekershoff bc95f558a8 Merge pull request #1011 from sim6/fix-api-string-values 7 years ago
  Simó Albert i Beltran 85ece01485 Fix API string values 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel bb641dec62 Vier: pager content is now centered 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel c83aae2f1f Vier: Making the pager look better 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel 4984a3703f Vier: Redesigned tabs 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel a41cc6f45f Added app.net 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel 48e2b422dd Preparation for an bidirectional app.net connector 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel 0c77cee667 New database update system that uses the database structure defined in dbstructure.php 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel e729d2e216 Show title for the reply button. 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel d3878d717c bbcode: new element "attachment" for attached links. 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel d8d745891a New hook that is called when items expire 7 years ago
  Tobias Diekershoff c6e1e66cd9 Merge pull request #1007 from tobiasd/20140602 7 years ago
  Tobias Diekershoff 56a9dec41a NL: update to the strings 7 years ago