130 Commits (7de5c7ebe1fba7757f06762d26dae478c9de5389)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  zottel 7de5c7ebe1 Changes to make contacts delete all content from the user when a user is deleted. 9 years ago
  friendica 88a0d6a1d5 private group tests, cont. 9 years ago
  friendica 5d0d9f8772 make contact ssl_policy change a function since it is used in a few places 9 years ago
  friendica f4721955db more ssl policy fixes and prevent delivery to soapbox when using local delivery 9 years ago
  friendica e1de2e3de0 don't change ssl settings on local photos for remote contact 9 years ago
  friendica 7956c2d08e improved rw notifications 9 years ago
  friendica 7684f63ecd track whether contact is a community page or not 9 years ago
  friendica f0a62d8908 ssl_policy stuff 9 years ago
  friendica 8aa2552372 add remove_user hook (it looks like dreamhost changed all my file permissions, this will make a nasty commit) 9 years ago
  Friendika 2802c142cb local_deliver testing 10 years ago
  Friendika e232c50c9e check author url to see if it matches current contact before relay is accepted 10 years ago
  Friendika 7d6a67f903 mostly cosmetic changes to make DB tables accurately reflect the conversation members 10 years ago
  Friendika b1e5dfad3c clean up w3c validation and layout for priv mail and lang selector 10 years ago
  Friendika d709225b68 better check for orig post author 10 years ago
  Friendika 6ff221d5a1 another typo 10 years ago
  Friendika c2d70d005b and a typo fix 10 years ago
  Friendika 159d06df82 notification issue after last checkin 10 years ago
  Friendika 11ca81adba keychecks 10 years ago
  Friendika d653d922b1 sorting through key issue 10 years ago
  Friendika fd18b42a5a Check all keys before use 10 years ago
  Friendika 2aef98f71d cripple account when expired 10 years ago
  Friendika c0be5bea16 fix warning of self-signed cert for photos of our own contacts in comment notification emails 10 years ago
  Friendika b721fabc3c show lock icon on private events 10 years ago
  Friendika d7154a4606 ability to link contacts that are "really me, but on another system/network". 10 years ago
  Friendika 76e56fd44e begin work on relocation conversation 10 years ago
  Friendika 0b221e8945 bug #96 move libraries to library - better alignment of like rotator 10 years ago
  Friendika 3fe1e19725 pass notify endpoint with friend suggestions 10 years ago
  Friendika 59d9070d13 suggestion template 10 years ago
  Friendika a15bd91d17 don't update an event that hasn't changed. 10 years ago
  Friendika c23c366ff6 receive friendship suggestion over the wire (dfrn) and store 10 years ago
  Friendika ca84823437 Dear $username not expanded/replaced in text emails 10 years ago
  Friendika 05eb9ceaba avoid returning events from getting posted again 10 years ago
  Friendika d5fdd4287d event sharing, cont. 10 years ago
  Friendika 94af6fb064 correct nickname for display link on comment emails 10 years ago
  Friendika 3710a6fd07 sort out a couple of email notify issues 10 years ago
  Fabio Comuni ad2aded259 Small tweak to a copule of translatable strings 10 years ago
  Friendika 040fc247a0 bug #85 10 years ago
  Friendika 576f8eda08 more buggy debugging code removed. 10 years ago
  Chris Case f4cb6b9b08 fixed a couple of bugs 10 years ago
  Chris Case 2cf696d0b5 image updates 10 years ago
  Friendika b2e92e0af3 deprecate load_view_file 10 years ago
  Friendika de131c9e58 set utf-8 on all emails 10 years ago
  Friendika 3d51518a13 set writable flag on dfrn_poll 10 years ago
  Friendika 940d216395 initial dfrn update to pass perms 10 years ago
  Friendika 75ad3219e6 remote deletion - check contact-id 10 years ago
  Fabio Comuni 7df8e18dd1 Update more strings 10 years ago
  fabrixxm a7af6df962 Fix spaces around t() and tt() 10 years ago
  fabrixxm 9f7878057f update source strings 10 years ago
  Friendika f089b1610e feeds: update content when updated/edited changes 10 years ago
  Friendika 755c2245e8 move php path setting inside proc_run 10 years ago