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Mike Macgirvin 5edee3c4d1 magic-envelope verification, appears to do it wrong.
Ultimately we need to do it right (or why bother having a spec?),
and fallback to doing it wrong if we're talking to a broken system - which
ironically seems to include most of the federated social web projects.
2010-10-21 04:53:43 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin 39b19cd089 fakelink was being inherited incorrectly by the ACL selector 2010-10-20 03:44:18 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin 68464b5d93 ability to clear browser location on individual posts 2010-10-20 00:33:17 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin b91e9545f7 we'll need this for browser geotagging of course 2010-10-19 20:58:01 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin a8e4ec7801 use browser geolocation when desired 2010-10-19 20:52:05 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin 81835acc36 default the geotag privacy preference 2010-10-19 17:33:22 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin 7c9b323e25 provide choice of using browser geotag 2010-10-19 17:30:15 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin bf727dc3e8 db support for relationship->with in profiles 2010-10-19 17:15:00 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin d58ff1a8df duplex wasn't getting set correctly on group pages 2010-10-19 16:23:05 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin 9d807ba66f oops 2010-10-19 16:10:16 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin d715c062c0 clean up the html layout on profile page 2010-10-19 16:09:10 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin 0b2d85891e lrdd link on profile page (for salmon m/e), remove dfrn-template, qualify some contact lookups, some cleanup of app/boot 2010-10-19 15:51:56 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin 3876cab8ea sorting out the last(?) quirks in group pages. 2010-10-18 16:38:48 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin ac824fe83e eradicate redundant get_uid function 2010-10-18 14:34:59 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin 103814ab8e hordes sounds better 2010-10-18 03:38:12 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin 44853c6453 readme update 2010-10-18 03:32:53 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin 664cf8ac8e pass community page permissions through notification feeds 2010-10-18 03:02:51 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin fbc64baf31 we probably need the page template for the last checkin 2010-10-18 00:47:43 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin 511c761fec group/community/celebrity pages 2010-10-18 00:43:49 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin be981a4f8a wrong type comparison (string, int) which was the cause of the last problem. 2010-10-17 20:27:27 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin 1d2fdb259e funny behaviour with post permissions after recent changes 2010-10-17 20:24:58 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin 3789c288a7 dash, not underscore 2010-10-17 20:13:45 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin 0f47ac282c celebrity/group/community pages about 75% implemented 2010-10-17 20:04:17 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin f5a8a92df1 infrastructure for supporting pages/groups 2010-10-16 22:11:21 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin 36e1afa6ae allow login by username and multiple unique email addresses on system - this will provide support for group/celebrity pages (coming soon). 2010-10-16 20:38:27 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin 6d646e9df5 don't allow ignored contacts to post through the hub, change default poll
for hub subscribers to once a day now that we can utilise multiple hubs.
2010-10-15 04:58:13 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin a1d37b6cc4 add recipient url to pubsub instrumentation 2010-10-15 04:36:39 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin 35a9b49ed0 allow for multiple pubsub hubs so everything can still work when/if one goes flaky
(Google's hub has been particularly unreliable recently and the symptoms are that
you just stop receiving updates, and/or updates you send are silently dropped and
never delivered). Also add more instrumentation to help debug pubsub issues.
2010-10-15 04:20:42 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin e9aa6eb0c7 readme 2010-10-14 05:26:20 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin ba957e9fe9 readme update 2010-10-14 04:20:39 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin d96ae0f9f5 can no longer avoid recording the curl response code 2010-10-13 22:01:23 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin bf77043b51 set correct content-type on feeds, is fussy and ignores the one declared in the xrd 2010-10-13 19:06:52 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin 957827bda7 proofreading nits 2010-10-13 15:04:52 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin 6f11c20bf2 updated readme 2010-10-13 06:13:37 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin 5c020b4aae updated readme 2010-10-13 05:42:51 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin 0f660c25d9 publish both forms of profile pictures in feeds for compatibility. Also set sizes. 2010-10-13 03:27:15 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin c1fb819d34 mostly cosmetic 2010-10-13 02:47:32 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin 033935c194 cleanup to ensure protocol version is passed properly. We will need it if/when any incompatible protocol changes are introduced. 2010-10-12 20:29:04 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin 3c440f70c6 Provide the ability to subscribe to our user from other federated sites.
This is a read-only relationship until the rest of the salmon
magic-envelope stuff lands
2010-10-12 19:32:15 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin f1977d420e minor cleanup 2010-10-12 17:11:06 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin 744edcf2ab modularise webfinger and make it service agnostic 2010-10-12 16:50:12 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin a340f70c51 i18n strings update 2010-10-12 04:46:22 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin dba866c689 more comprehensive XRD linkages 2010-10-12 04:39:32 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin 013d2604f8 inline salmon magic keys 2010-10-12 04:07:03 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin cc64742e23 auto-update - create 's' keys for all users that don't have 'em 2010-10-12 01:14:50 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin b9d768972e added 's' keys - salmon keys, small keys, stupid keys, whatever... 2010-10-11 23:22:38 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin 6b67d00fce if pubkey is encrypted, it will also be packaged for safe transport 2010-10-11 04:01:24 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin eafd225bdd protocol revision, send dfrn_confirm binary items as hex 2010-10-11 03:16:25 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin dcb7bc5e71 Use dual delivery when dealing with flaky hub, reduce poll to once/hour 2010-10-10 21:08:25 -07:00
Mike Macgirvin 70bd7a6509 activity objects weren't escaped properly 2010-10-10 20:02:29 -07:00