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Hypolite Petovan 818cdf83ca [Database version 1500] Remove obsolete table fcontact 23 hours ago
Michael e5a531d3b5 Simplify "last-activity" handling 2 days ago
Michael a6ff817f47 Update added 2 weeks ago
Michael 018858934b The priority is now a class constant 2 months ago
Roland Häder da66730e4f
Rewrite: 2 months ago
Michael 5b3145d7ce Several performance improvements 4 months ago
Michael c6de91a8ec Don't delete the post when there is some undeleted post-user 4 months ago
Michael bc3a6b2bb7 Return value added 4 months ago
Michael 5c5ae00370 Improved performance when updating contacts 4 months ago
Roland Häder db095b8559
Changes: 5 months ago
Roland Häder e33f5612ab
Changes: 5 months ago
Roland Häder fd8f4269ff
Reformatted code 6 months ago
Michael 75bc4eccb7 Display featured posts for contacts 8 months ago
Michael 6c156e3bc6 Set "manually-approve" in the update 10 months ago
Michael 9a764516d0 Use the "contact-type" instead of "forum" or "prv" 10 months ago
Michael bb349a7db4 Partially revert changes for the RC 11 months ago
Michael 59358077c7 First support for user headers 11 months ago
Balázs Úr e56a53647b Update copyright 11 months ago
Philipp cad4883544
Update update.php 12 months ago
Philipp 1ed495738b
Fix possible invalid source variable 12 months ago
Philipp 3c85c92070
Add EOF 12 months ago
Philipp 6ca5668ac1
Migrate distributed cache config value 12 months ago
Hypolite Petovan f7714c09e6 Fix user-contact rows not being updated in Contact\User::updateByContactUpdate 1 year ago
Philipp 2ab0d06996
Restructure Storage to new paradigm 1 year ago
Philipp 5d92713a8e Rename Depository to Repository 1 year ago
Philipp ed184bd592
Set intro.blocked to deprecated 1 year ago
Michael 3781b34272 PROFILE_PHOTOS is mostly removed and replaced 1 year ago
Philipp cf38b62993
public fields fix 1 year ago
Philipp 5fecc9ecf7
Adapt ProfileField & Fix current PermissionSet Usage at ProfileFields 1 year ago
Philipp 838cdac5d1
Move ProfileFieldRepository::migrateFromLegacyProfile() & delete old repository 1 year ago
Michael f1d3f60499 Remove "fcontact" from suggestions 1 year ago
Michael 13827edd2c New photo field "photo-type" as preparation for banners 1 year ago
Michael 5113987031 Added update function to add user-contact entry 1 year ago
Philipp c06ba3a7c9
Update db version 1 year ago
Philipp b798ca2da6
Force "Database" as default storage backend 1 year ago
Michael c1f849c389 Unneeded legacy DFRN table removed 1 year ago
Michael 6668066099 The legacy OAuth server is removed 1 year ago
Michael 110f8018eb Issue 10519: check for tables and fields before applying changes 1 year ago
Michael 4955670e15 Linefeed added 1 year ago
Michael d267ba999c We now use the new account-user-view (and fixed the function name) 1 year ago
Michael 0ab24510ef Centzralized functionality to update and publish profile changes 1 year ago
Hypolite Petovan 57d5a47042 Ensure task parameters is an array with at least 1 element in update_1404() 2 years ago
Michael 6fe916a390 API: improved mail handling 2 years ago
Michael 69f6b73033 Only delete "post-user" when it is has got the wrong structure 2 years ago
Michael 688e056ad1 "post-reason" ends double usage of "post-type" 2 years ago
Balázs Úr 054c301ef0 Update copyright 2 years ago
Michael 5f48d6497e Fix slow queries 2 years ago
Michael c247d5fbeb The item table is now completely removed 2 years ago
Hypolite Petovan 7de03eb13f [Database version 1402] Rework parsed_url table 2 years ago
Michael e2e87c7ad8 Ensure that the thread-user-data does exist 2 years ago