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Version 3.5
Friendica Core:
NEW Optional local directory with possible federated contacts [heluecht]
NEW Autocompletion for @-mentions and BBCode tags [rabuzarus]
NEW Added a composer derived autoloader which allows composer autoloaders in addons/libraries [fabrixxm]
NEW theme: frio [rabuzarus, heluecht, fabrixxm]
Enhance .htaccess file (nerdoc, dissolve)
Updates to the translations (DE, ES, IS, IT, RU) [translation teams]
Updates to the documentation [tobiasd, heluecht, mexcon, silke, rabuzarus, fabrixxm, Olivier Mehani, gerhard6380, ben utzer]
Extended the BBCode by [abstract] tag used for bridged postings to networks with limited character length [heluecht]
Code cleanup [heluecht, QuixOr]
Improvements to the API and Friendica specific extensions [heluecht, fabrixxm, gerhard6380]
Improvements to the RSS/Atom feed import [mexcon]
Improvements to the communication with federated networks (Diaspora, Hubzilla, OStatus) [heluecht]
Improvements on the themes (quattro, vier, frost) [rabuzarus, fabrixxm, stieben, heluecht, Quix0r, tobiasd]
Improvements to the ACL dialog [fabrixxm, rabuzarus]
Improvements to the database structure and optimization of queries [heluecht]
Improvements to the UI (contacts, hotkeys, remember me, ARIA, code hightlighting) [rabuzarus, heluecht, tobiasd]
Improvements to the background process (poller, worker) [heluecht]
Improvements to the admin panel [tobiasd, heluecht, fabrixxm]
Improvements to the performance [heluecht]
Improvements to the installation wizzard (language selection, RINO version, check required PHP modules, default theme is now vier) [tobiasd]
Improvements to the relocation of nodes and accounts [heluecht]
Improvements to the DDoS detection [heluecht]
Improvements to the calendar/events module [heluecht, rabuzarus]
Improvements to OpenID login [strk]
Improvements to the ShaShape font [andi
Reworked the implementation of the DFRN, Diaspora protocols [heluecht]
Reworked the notifications code [fabrixxm, rabuzarus, heluecht]
Reworked the p/config code [fabrixxm, rabuzarus]
Reworked XML generation [heluecht]
Removed now unused simplepie from library [heluecht]
Friendica Addons
Updated to the translations (DE, ES, IS, NL, PT BR), [translation teams]
Piwik [tobiasd]
Twitter Connector [heluecht]
Pumpio Connector [heluecht]
Rendertime [heluecht]
wppost [heluecht]
showmore [rabuzarus]
fromgplus [heluecht] Connector [heluecht]
GNU Social Connector [heluecht]
LDAP [Olivier Mehani]
smileybutton [rabuzarus]
retriver [mexon]
mailstream [mexon]
NEW notifyall (port from Hubzilla) [rabuzarus]
DEPRECATED cal (now in core), FB Connector, FB Post Connector, FB Sync
Closed Issues
683, 786, 796, 922, 1261, 1576, 1701, 1769, 1970, 1145, 1728, 2063,
2059, 2078, 2079, 2133, 2165, 2194, 2229, 2230, 2241, 2254, 2242,
2270, 2277, 2339, 2320, 2345, 2352, 2358, 2367, 2373, 2376, 2378,
2385, 2395, 2402, 2406, 2433, 2472, 2485, 2492, 2506, 2512, 2516,
2539, 2540, 2893, 2597, 2611, 2617, 2629, 2645, 2687, 2716
Version 3.4.3
What's new for the users:
Updates to the documentation (silke, tobiasd, annando, rebeka-catalina)