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@ -5,17 +5,8 @@ Here are some more things to help get you started:
- <a href="https://kakste.com/profile/newhere">New Here</a> - a group for people new to Friendica
- <a href="http://helpers.pyxis.uberspace.de/profile/helpers">Friendica Support</a> - problems? This is the place to ask.
- <a href="https://kakste.com/profile/public_stream">Public Stream</a> - a place to talk about anything to anyone.
- <a href="https://letstalk.pyxis.uberspace.de/profile/letstalk">Let's Talk</a> a group for finding people and groups who share similar interests.
- <a href="http://newzot.hydra.uberspace.de/profile/newzot">Local Friendica</a> a page for local Friendica groups</a>
- <a href="help/Connectors">Connecting to more networks</a>