Friendica Communications Platform (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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11 years ago
Distributed Social Network
11 years ago
Mistpark is a social network without boundaries. Mistpark installations can
11 years ago
link together into a global social network which is free from central
control. We are developing connectors to seamlessly communicate with many
11 years ago
other open social networks and providers - GNU-social, Diaspora,,
11 years ago
and even some of the larger closed services such as Facebook and Twitter.
11 years ago
Over the coming months, the boundaries between these networks will start to
become indistinguishable as they all become part of your social circle.
Your personal thoughts and conversations belong to you - and are shared with
those you wish to share them with.
11 years ago
Mistpark is secure, and as private as you wish it to be. Our privacy settings
are straight-forward and simple, because we know that relationships rarely are
11 years ago
(straight-forward and simple). Whether you're communicating with drinking
11 years ago
buddies or potential employers, you can rest assured that each is only able to
see the side of you that you wish to present.
11 years ago
A single instance of Mistpark Server can easily support hundreds of (and up to
several thousand) people using commodity hosting hardware. Each of these
people are able to connect with potentially hundreds or thousands of friends
and associates on any other supported network anywhere in the world and share
photos, links, status updates, etc.
But maybe you don't want to be connected to the world... That's OK too.
Mistpark may also be closed off from the global community and used to support
11 years ago
social networking amongst corporate, educational, religious, and other private
11 years ago
communities. This makes it an excellent choice for the social networking needs
11 years ago
of young teenagers and especially k-12 organisations.
11 years ago
Every person on Mistpark has unlimited profiles available to them. There is a
"public profile" which can be seen by anybody. Additional profiles may be
11 years ago
tailored to specific groups or individuals.
11 years ago
Groups may be created and used for closed conversations. In this way your
conversations with one group of friends is completely isolated from other
11 years ago
friends or groups of friends.
You may also create interactive band/celebrity pages, special interest groups,
and even organisational 'soapboxes' - for social communications that require
the ability to scale to global levels. Mistpark provides for automatic
relationship management in these extreme cases so that you can concentrate on
your message and public persona - and not worry about being swamped by friend
requests. You can even maintain private social contact with your closest
friends and public updates to your millions of fans - using the same interface.
No other social network offers this ability.
11 years ago
IMPORTANT: Please see the file INSTALL for system requirements.
11 years ago
Visit for more information.
11 years ago
You may also contact the author and raise issues via the source code
repository on github --
11 years ago
It's your network now. If social networking isn't what you thought it would
be, help us to make it better.