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@ -15,9 +15,17 @@ It's your network now. If social networking isn't what you thought it would
be, help us to make it better.
A single instance of Mistpark Server supports up to several hundred people
using commodity hosting hardware. Also available from Mistpark Labs is
using commodity hosting hardware. Each of these people can connect with any
other mistpark/DFRN cell anywhere in the world and share photos, links,
status updates, whatever. Also available from Mistpark Labs is
Mistpark Personal Edition, which supports a single user.
Every user has unlimited profiles available. There is a "public profile" which
can be seen by anybody. Additional profiles may be tailored to specific
groups or individuals - and shown when a known friend visits your site.
Groups may be setup for closed conversations (like Diaspora's "aspects").
Please see http://dfrn.org for more information on the mistpark/DFRN project.
We will be providing a support site specifically for mistpark at