Official Addons for the Friendica Communications Platform. (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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if(! function_exists("string_plural_select_nl")) {
function string_plural_select_nl($n){
$n = intval($n);
return intval($n != 1);
$a->strings["Permission denied."] = "Toegang geweigerd.";
$a->strings["Unable to register the client at the server '%s'."] = "Niet mogelijk om uw client te registreren op server '%s'";
$a->strings[" Import/Export/Mirror"] = " Import/Exporteren/Spiegelen";
$a->strings["Enable Post Addon"] = " Post Addon inschakelen";
$a->strings["Post to by default"] = "Plaatsen op als standaard instellen ";
$a->strings["Save Settings"] = "Instellingen opslaan";