[catavatar] Mark string as translatable #1064

urbalazs merged 1 commits from private/urbalazs/catavatar-20201228 into 2020.12-rc 2 years ago
urbalazs commented 2 years ago (Migrated from github.com)
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The pull request has been merged as dd9edc1ebd.
You can also view command line instructions.

Step 1:

From your project repository, check out a new branch and test the changes.
git checkout -b private/urbalazs/catavatar-20201228 2020.12-rc
git pull origin private/urbalazs/catavatar-20201228

Step 2:

Merge the changes and update on Forgejo.
git checkout 2020.12-rc
git merge --no-ff private/urbalazs/catavatar-20201228
git push origin 2020.12-rc
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