13 Commits (d3ab209676b1cfe30d74b4e20206da84cebd0f70)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Philipp Holzer d197bf4c2b
Bugfix - Replacing goaway() 4 years ago
Hypolite Petovan 5360f08f42 Revert to stable version 3.5.4 4 years ago
Adam Magness f8c162cbfb Update t() calls 4 years ago
Adam Magness c71f7b0e1a Update function names 4 years ago
Adam Magness 0afd633346 Addon class 4 years ago
Hypolite Petovan 27b60e003f Use short form array syntax everywhere 5 years ago
Adam Magness 48dcbc6f3f Issue 3873 5 years ago
Tobias Diekershoff e2cb4a9e74 Wording submit -> save settings 9 years ago
Tobias Diekershoff 1b250fad73 moved my profile 9 years ago
Zach Prezkuta c12542ef96 revert addon Smarty3 templates to non-variable-based includes 10 years ago
Zach Prezkuta 3da6f1471c update addons to support Smarty3 10 years ago
friendica d6fd0c9717 balckout: fail silently if less than PHP 5.3 10 years ago
Tobias Diekershoff 0d9913f5eb fixing some typos in blackout addon 11 years ago
Tobias Diekershoff 7c0351d29d blackout addon added 11 years ago