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Tobias Diekershoff 5c5c23acb0 wording submit -> save settings 10 years ago
pokerazor d59553b098 Changes to OpenStreetMap, show map inline, also lookup lat lon from location name 11 years ago
Zach Prezkuta c12542ef96 revert addon Smarty3 templates to non-variable-based includes 11 years ago
Zach Prezkuta 3da6f1471c update addons to support Smarty3 11 years ago
Thomas Willingham 49aef48076 Extend openstreetmap description since quite a few people have installed it and been unable to work out what it did.
Update my URL in infiniteimprobabilitydrive so people can shout at the right person.

Remove pokes from morechoice, and put them in their own addon.  We'll leave the really "out there" ones away from the git.

Group text, created by user request.  Sets the group editor to text mode.  This is possibly too 'special interest' for the git, but I'll let somebody else decide.
11 years ago
friendica 23def0b48d provide sane osm defaults if nothing has been configured 11 years ago
Klaus Weidenbach ecfdb0ab23 Make OSM tile server configurable.
This patch makes it possible to configure the tile server used for serving the OpenStreetMap maps.
Add README with hints about the Tile Usage Policy ( A list of public available tile servers can be found here:
You can also configure the default zoom level.
11 years ago
friendica 111f6717a8 OSM improvements - increase zoom, return quickly if no location to render 11 years ago
friendica bb5588b5eb add openstreetmap 11 years ago