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@ -34,6 +34,14 @@ If the expression using a post variables returns `true`, the post will be collap
A post will be collapsed if at least one rule matches, but all matching rule names will be displayed above the collapsed content.
## Examples
1. To block specific domains `body matches "/\\.example\\.com/"`
2. To block everything that contains the words `body matches "/Guten Morgen/"`
3. To block every occurence of the word facebook with a space in front and after the word `body matches "//s facebook/s /"`
4. To colapse every post that contains more than 1 image `body matches "/(?:(?:(?:\\[url(?:=.*)?\\])?\\[img(?:=.*)?\\].*\\[\\/img\\]\\s*(?:\\[\\/url\\])?)\\s*){2}/"`
## Expression Syntax
### Supported Literals
@ -506,4 +514,4 @@ You can also retrieve the variables of a specific post by pasting its URL below