Qt/QML App for Friendiqa
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QML based client for the Friendica Social Network. Tabs for news (incl. Direct Messages), friends, photos and events. OS: currently Linux and Android (4.3 Jelly Bean, 5.1 for background sync). Source code is a QtCreator project.


Newstab Friendstab Photostab Eventstab Configtab



Currently supported:

  • Shows Posts from friends, replies, Direct Messages and notifications (in swipe view), selected group, replies, favorited messages, public timeline
  • Background sync with configurable interval of 15 min to 2h for active contact for friends timeline, replies and DMs (Android 5.1 required)
  • Android notifications for new items in friends timeline, replies and DMs
  • Search for news
  • Click on hashtag in newsitem starts search for news with that word
  • Click on image shows image fullscreen
  • For news containing urls ending with mp3, mp4, avi, webm, ogg or to a Peertube instance: media can be played in the app
  • Open links in external browser
  • Click on contact photo for contact details and last news
  • Click on like text for additional contact info
  • Deletion, Reposting, Answering of Posts
  • Expand truncated news items
  • Liking, disliking, favoriting
  • Attending for event posts
  • Update fetches new posts (up to last 50) since last in local DB
  • More shows older posts from local DB
  • Create new Message with images or direct messages, Contact/Group access rights (can be stored), smileys
  • Send image from Android gallery
  • Send text or urls from other apps to Friendiqa
  • Native Android image dialog


  • Videos and other binary data as attachment (sending, not supported in API)
  • More than one attachment
  • Attachments for Direct messages (currently not supported in API)


Currently supported:

  • Tabs for own profiles, friends, other contacts and groups
  • Show profile(s) of user and change profile picture
  • List of all known contacts with locally downloaded pictures
  • Additional information, last messages and other functionality shown in news tab
  • Show public and private pictures of contact (screenscraping of contact’s website, works only with certain theme)
  • Show public and private events of contact
  • Show members of groups
  • Open website of contact or connect page (for other contacts)
  • Clean other contacts with no news


  • More information for contact from description page, possibly private information for friends (needs API change)
  • Groups: create, change, delete (needs API change)


Currently supported:

  • Download public and private own images to local directory
  • Upload picture to album with descriptions(public), send from gallery
  • Delete own pictures and albums on client and server
  • Change name or album of existing picture
  • Show albums in grid, show images in album in grid and fullscreen
  • Show public and private (Friendica 3.6 server required) albums and images of contacts
  • Pinch to zoom, swipe to scroll


  • Upload private images


Currently supported:

  • Download own public events
  • Show public and private events of Friendica contacts (Friendica >3.6 server required)
  • List view of events of selected date
  • Click on event to show details


  • Show own private events (needs API)
  • Create events (needs API)


Currently supported:

  • Multiple accounts
  • View mode for news (tree or timeline)
  • Maximum news (deleted after use of Quit button)
  • Sync home timeline, replies, DM, Notify yes/no


  • OAuth?



  • Video tab
  • Translation
  • Blingbling


  • German, Spanish, Italian
  • To contribute translations: Have a look at linux-sources/translations/friendiqa-de.ts and open it with an editor. It’s an xml file. Change values and send me the file/do pull request.



Pubished under the GPL v3 with the exception of the Openssl library, which is published under OpenSSL License.