This repository holds old, deprecated and unmaintained addons that got removed from the Friendica Addon repository
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$a->strings["Remote Permissions Settings"] = "对外批准设置";
$a->strings["Allow recipients of your private posts to see the other recipients of the posts"] = "允许您私人文章接受者看别接受者。";
$a->strings["Submit"] = "提交";
$a->strings["Remote Permissions settings updated."] = "对外批准设置更新了。";
$a->strings["Visible to:"] = "可见给:";
$a->strings["Visible to"] = "可见的给";
$a->strings["may only be a partial list"] = "可能部分的单";
$a->strings["Global"] = "综合";
$a->strings["The posts of every user on this server show the post recipients"] = "这网站所有用户的文章表示接受者";
$a->strings["Individual"] = "一个人的";
$a->strings["Each user chooses whether his/her posts show the post recipients"] = "各用户选择他问上是否表示接受者";
$a->strings["Settings updated."] = "设置跟新了";