This repository holds old, deprecated and unmaintained addons that got removed from the Friendica Addon repository
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Jappix Mini Addon

This quick-and-dirty addon allows you to add a Jabber-based, Facebook-like chat
to Friendica. It uses Jappix Mini.

It is necessary to use a BOSH host - so to use this addon, each users need to
know the address of a BOSH host that works with his account. The BOSH server of
the Jappix project ( is not locked to a specific XMPP
provider, but keep in mind that only personal usage is approved according to
If you have a larger server, it is recommended that you install your own BOSH
server and recommend it using the configuration help field. If it is on the
same server, you can also deactivate the BOSH proxy. This should improve the

The addon has an experimental autosubscribe and autosuggest functionality which
tries to add your Friendica contacts to your roster automatically.

- Jabber passwords can only be encrypted if they are at most 39 characters

Notes on the license

The license of this addon is AGPL, as required by Jappix Mini. If you make
modifications to the addon, you are responsible for providing a proper facility
for downloading the changed source code.
Moreover, it may be necessary that you publish the source code of the Friendica
application and all other used addons if you do not use standard versions.