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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- $Id: ruby.xml,v 1.1 2007-06-03 02:35:28 ssttoo Exp $ -->
<highlight lang="ruby" case="no">
<author name="Andrey Demenev" email=""/>
FIXME: While this construction : s.split /z/i
is valid, regular expression is not recognized as such
(/ folowing an identifier or number is not recognized as
start of RE), making highlighting improper
%q(a (nested) string) does not get highlighted correctly
<default innerClass="code" />
<region name="data" start="/^__END__$/m" end="$" delimClass="reserved" innerClass="comment" never-conteined="yes" />
<region name="strdouble" delimClass="quotes" innerClass="string"
start="&quot;" end="&quot;" >
<region name="qstrdouble" delimClass="quotes" innerClass="string"
start="%[Qx]([!&quot;#\$%&amp;'+\-*.\/:;=?@^`|~{&lt;\[(])" end="%b1%" remember="yes" />
<region name="strsingle" delimClass="quotes" innerClass="string"
start="'" end="'" />
<region name="qstrsingle" delimClass="quotes" innerClass="string"
start="%[wq]([!&quot;#\$%&amp;'+\-*.\/:;=?@^`|~{&lt;\[(])" end="%b1%" remember="yes" />
<block name="global" match="\$(\W|\w+)" innerClass="var" />
<block name="classvar" match="/@@?[_a-z][\d_a-z]*/i" innerClass="var" />
<region name="brackets" delimClass="brackets" innerClass="code" start="\(" end="\)" >
<contains all="yes"/>
<region name="sqbrackets" delimClass="brackets" innerClass="code" start="\[" end="\]" >
<contains all="yes"/>
<block name="escaped" match="\\." innerClass="special" contained="yes">
<onlyin region="qstrsingle"/>
<onlyin region="strsingle"/>
<onlyin region="qstrdouble"/>
<onlyin region="strdouble"/>
<onlyin region="regexp"/>
<block name="identifier" match="[a-z_]\w*" innerClass="identifier" />
<block name="exponent"
innerClass="number" />
<block name="float" match="(\d*\.\d+)|(\d+\.\d*)" innerClass="number"/>
<block name="hexinteger" match="0[xX][\da-f]+l?" innerClass="number" />
<block name="integer" match="\d+l?|\b0l?\b" innerClass="number" />
<block name="octinteger" match="0[0-7]+l?" innerClass="number" />
<region name="rubydoc" start="/^=begin$/m" end="/^=end$/m" delimClass="comment" innerClass="comment">
<contains block="cvstag" />
<block name="cvstag" match="\$\w+\s*:.+\$" innerClass="inlinedoc" contained="yes">
<onlyin region="comment"/>
<onlyin region="rubydoc"/>
<region name="comment" innerClass="comment" start="#" end="/$/m" delimClass="comment" >
<contains block="cvstag" />
<region name="regexp" delimClass="quotes" innerClass="string" start="\s*\/" end="\/[iomx]*"
<keywords name="reserved" inherits="identifier" innerClass="reserved" case = "yes">
<keyword match="__FILE__" />
<keyword match="require" />
<keyword match="and" />
<keyword match="def" />
<keyword match="end" />
<keyword match="in" />
<keyword match="or" />
<keyword match="self" />
<keyword match="unless" />
<keyword match="__LINE__" />
<keyword match="begin" />
<keyword match="defined?" />
<keyword match="ensure" />
<keyword match="module" />
<keyword match="redo" />
<keyword match="super" />
<keyword match="until" />
<keyword match="BEGIN" />
<keyword match="break" />
<keyword match="do" />
<keyword match="false" />
<keyword match="next" />
<keyword match="rescue" />
<keyword match="then" />
<keyword match="when" />
<keyword match="END" />
<keyword match="case" />
<keyword match="else" />
<keyword match="for" />
<keyword match="nil" />
<keyword match="retry" />
<keyword match="true" />
<keyword match="while" />
<keyword match="alias" />
<keyword match="module_function" />
<keyword match="private" />
<keyword match="public" />
<keyword match="protected" />
<keyword match="attr_reader" />
<keyword match="attr_writer" />
<keyword match="attr_accessor" />
<keyword match="class" />
<keyword match="elsif" />
<keyword match="if" />
<keyword match="not" />
<keyword match="return" />
<keyword match="undef" />
<keyword match="yield" />