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Version 2020.03 (unreleased3)
Friendica Core:
Friendica Addons:
Closed Issues:
Version 2019.12 (2019-12-23)
Friendica Core:
Updates to the translations (CS, DE, ET, JA, NL, PL) [translation teams]
Updates to the documentation [copiis, MrPetovan, stom79, tobiasd]
Updates to the themes (all) [annando, hoergen, MrPetovan, tobiasd]
General code refactoring and enhancements [annando, MrPetovan, nupplaphil, tobiasd]
Enhanced the manage functionality [annando]
Enhanced the federation with ActivityPub and Diaspora* protocol detection and contact requests [annando]
Enhanced federation with pixelfed and peertube [annando]
Enhanced how the API handles quoted postings [annando]
Enhanced the attachment removal by the API [annando]
Enhanced the 2FA field for mobile devices [nupplaphil]
Enhanced handling of re-shares [annando]
Enhanced the ACL dialog [annando, MrPetovan]
Enhanced transmission of postings by email and email handling in general [annando]
Enhanced the updating process of contacts [annando]
Enhanced the import of RSS/Atom feeds [annando]
Enhanced the registration form for require approval setups [tobiasd]
Enhanced the follow process for the Diaspora* protocol [annando]
Enhanced the display of the saved searched [AlfredSK]
Enhanced the display of image titles [annando]
Enhanced the handling of OpenID [annando]
Enhanced the Vagrant devel VM [tobiasd]
Enhanced handling of HTML special entities [nathilia-peirce]
Enhanced hashes by using HMAC [nathilia-peirce]
Enhancements to the ActivityPub implementation [annando]
Fixed a problem with delivery of direct messages over ActivityPub [annando]
Fixed some problems with the remote auth functionality [annando]
Fixed an issue that prevented notifications for deleted postings be deleted themselves [annando]
Fixed a problem connecting to forums [annando]
Fixed messages in the admin panel [nupplaphil]
Fixed a problem when the log-file was not write-able [nupplaphil]
Fixed a problem with the caching directory for the password exposure check [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug with detecting the browser language [nupplaphil]
Smart threading is now the default, but can be switched off by the user [annando]
Clarification: Posted order is now arrival order [annando]
Added router configuration file [nupplaphil]
Added as CI service [nupplaphil]
Added the ability to pin postings on account walls [annando]
Added various new API endpoints [annando, MrPetovan]
Added hooks for the email fetching process [annando]
Added support for nodeinfo 2 [annando]
Added export and import of followed contact data [tobiasd]
Added links to tag and category overview in the footer of postings [tobiasd]
Added config switch to use BCC instead of CC for ActivityPub delivery of non-public postings [annando]
Friendica Addons:
Update to the translations (CA, DE, ET) [translation teams]
marked as unsupported [annando]
New addon to integrate Discourse discussions [annando]
UI improvements [tobiasd]
The addon got rewritten to adopt the new ACL [MrPetovan]
Support for new img format was added [mexon]
BB Code is now included as plaintext [mexon]
Logging format is enhanced [mexon]
ActivityPub "announce" notifications are not included [mexon]
Closed Issues:
989, 1071, 1188, 1334, 2537, 3229, 3231, 3385, 4112, 4442, 4451,
5048, 5568, 5802, 6865, 7190, 7308, 7316, 7418, 7613, 7657, 7659,
7664, 7671, 7679, 7681, 7682, 7685, 7688, 7691, 7702, 7707, 7709,
7718, 7733, 7740, 7747, 7756, 7766, 7773, 7776, 7778, 7781, 7821,
7825, 7834, 7863, 7868, 7880, 7888, 7889, 7902, 7914, 7920, 7946,
7953, 7978
Version 2019.09 (2019-09-29)
Friendica Core:
Update to the translations (CS, DE, EN GB, EN US, FR, JA, NL, PL) [translation teams]
Update to the themes (frio, vier) [JeroenED, MrPetovan, tobiasd, vinzv]
Update to the documentation [annando, tobiasd, guzzisti, vinzv]
Enhanced the log output of the background process [annando]
Enhanced the vcard translation in the profile [JeroenED]
Enhanced the delivery count [annando]
Enhanced ActivityPub envelopes [MrPetovan]
Enhanced communication about deleted accounts via AP [annando]
Enhanced the following process [annando]
Enhanced the tests [nupplaphil]
Enhanced the front-end worker [annando]
Enhanced the img format to allow alternative texts [annando]
Enhanced the detection of supported protocols for contacts [annando]
Enhanced the re-share of items [annando]
Enhanced 2FA process [MrPetovan]
Enhanced server wide theme settings [MrPetovan]
Enhanced config loading process [MrPetovan, nupplaphil]
Enhanced handling of emoticons [MrPetovan]
Enhanced performance [annando]
Fixed a bug in the admin panel leading to orphaned options [tobiasd]
Fixed a problem that could lead to duplicated Pleroma contacts [annando]
Fixed a problem with the hide profile setting [annando]
Fixed the problem sending out the post when hitting the enter key in the ACL dialog [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug in HTML special character escaping of event titles [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug in HTML special character conversion in item titles [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug in the auto linker for URLs [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug that prevented the display of images in some postings from diaspora* [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug in setting the permissions on uploaded images [annando]
Fixed a bug that lead to potentially unwanted importing threads started by contacts of contacts [annando]
Fixed implicit self mentions [MrPetovan]
Fixed display of register links on closed nodes landing pages [MrPetovan]
Fixed the display of [spoiler] tags [MrPetovan]
Fixed an issue with photo permissions in private mails [annando]
Fixed a bug in the process of following Pleroma accounts [annando]
Fixed a bug that caused notifications about locally deleted items [annando]
Fixed the link to the source of an event [MrPetovan]
Fixed a problem that caused authors from twitter postings having no profile pic [annando]
Fixed a bug in BBCode -> Markdown conversation for font size [annando]
Fixed a BBCode parser problem with the audio tag [MrPetovan]
Fixed a session problem [annando]
Fixed a problem with the auto-installer [nupplaphil]
Fixed a bug with magic links redirection for non profiles [annando]
General code cleaning [annando, MrPetovan, nupplaphil]
Removed contacts auto completion (in /contacts [MrPetovan]
Replaced FontAwesome by ForkAwesome in frio theme [vinzv]
Added new compose page for the frio theme [MrPetovan]
Added new console command: lock [nupplaphil]
Added new additional feature to show trending tags on community page [MrPetovan]
Added support of image descriptions [annando]
Added support of wildcards to server block lists [MrPetovan]
Added app specific passwords when using 2FA [MrPetovan]
Added fetching of postings via URL to interact with public postings [annando]
Added opt-out flag for federated search engines and associated header information for profiles [annando]
Friendica Addons:
Update to the translation (CS, DE, EN GB, EN US, ES, FR, JA, NL SV) [translation teams]
General code cleanup [nupplaphil, Quix0r]
Added translations
Added more bots [annando]
Added admin panel settings [annando]
Changed used URLs to https adopting tumblrs change [annando]
Enhanced handling of multi image postings [annando]
Enhanced display of quoted tweets [MrPetovan]
Added alternative text support for images [annando]
Closed Issues:
870, 1605, 2199, 3239, 3816, 4117, 4815, 5721, 6384, 6521, 6553,
6675, 7212, 7235, 7285, 7293, 7314, 7317, 7337, 7338, 7346, 7350,
7367, 7383, 7396, 7397, 7401, 7406, 7408, 7426, 7428, 7456, 7442,
7457, 7468, 7471, 7473, 7488, 7497, 7498, 7501, 7507, 7521, 7526,
7527, 7536, 7542, 7545, 7576, 7586, 7594, 7597, 7603, 7610, 7618,
7629, 7635, 7638, 7663, 7665, 7672
Version 2019.06 (2019-06-23)
Friendica Core:
Update to the tranlation (CS, DE, EN-GB, EN-US, ET, FR, IT, PL, PT-BR, SV) [translation teams]
Update to the documentation [nupplaphil, realkinetix, MrPetovan]
Update to the themes (frio, vier) [BinkaDroid, MrPetovan, tobiasd]
Enhancements to the API [annando, MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the way reshares are handled [annando]
Enhancements to the redis configuration [nupplaphil]
Enhancements to the federation stats display in the admin panel [tobiasd]
Enhancements to the processing of changed storage engine [MrPetovan]
Enhancements to ActivityPub support [annando, MrPetovan]
Enhancements to code security [MrPetovan]
Enhancements to delivery counter [annando]
Fixed the notification order [JeroenED]
Fixed the timezone of Friendica logs [nupplaphil]
Fixed tag completion painfully slow [AlfredSK]
Fixed a regression in notifications [MrPetovan, annando]
Fixed an issue with smilies and code blocks [MrPetovan]
Fixed an AP issue with unavailable local profiles [MrPetovan]
Fixed an issue with the File to Folder feature [MrPetovan]
Fixed an issue with the legacy storage engine [fabrixxm]
Fixed an issue with the theme and addon path items [MrPetovan]
Fixed an issue occuring when the BasePath was not set [tobiasd]
Fixed an issue with additionally opened Sessions [MrPetovan]
Fixed an issue with legacy loglevel mapping [nupplaphil]
Fixed contact suggestions [annando]
Fixed an issue with frio hovercard [nupplaphil]
Fixed event interaction federation [annando]
Fixed remote image permission [deantownsley]
General Code cleaning and restructuring [annando, nupplaphil, tobiasd]
Added frio color scheme sharing [JeroenED]
Added syslog and stream Logger [nupplaphil]
Added storage move cronjob [MrPetovan]
Added collapsible panel for connector permission fields [MrPetovan]
Added rule-based router [MrPetovan]
Added Estonian translation [Rain Hawk]
Added APCu caching [nupplaphil]
Added BlockServer command to the Friendica console [nupplaphil]
Added reshare count [annando]
Added rule-based router [MrPetovan, nupplaphil]
Added themed error pages with mascot [MrPetovan, lostinlight]
Added contact relationship filter [MrPetovan]
Added native reshares and reshare count [annando]
Removed the old queue mechanism (deferred workers are now used) [annando]
Removed BasePath and Hostname settings from the admin panel [nupplaphil]
Remove support for defunct F-Droid Friendica app [MrPetovan]
Friendica Addons:
Update to the tranlation (ET, SV, ZH_CN) [translation teams]
Added a new addon for preventing access by bots [nupplaphil, annando]
Traces of Google+ were removed [annando]
Fixed a problem with the display of the correct temperature unit [tobiasd]
Deprecated the addon as Google+ was closed [tobiasd]
Deprecated addon for incompatibility with latest Friendica version [MrPetovan]
Added a new addon to use external SMTP for email [M-arcus, kecalcze, MrPetovan]
Deprecated addon as service was discontinued [M-arcus]
Marked addon as unsupported because of various incompatibilities with themes [MrPetovan]
Closed Issues:
838, 1012, 2209, 2528, 3309, 3717, 3816, 3869, 4453, 4999, 5011,
5047, 5276, 5850, 5983, 6245, 6303, 6319, 6379, 6410, 6477, 6478,
6720, 6799, 6813, 6819, 6861, 6864, 6879, 6903, 6916, 6917, 6918,
6921, 6927, 6929, 6936, 6938, 6941, 6943, 6947, 6948, 6950, 6952,
6983, 6999, 7012, 7020, 7023, 7031, 7036, 7047, 7106, 7110, 7112,
7119, 7128, 7130, 7131, 7141, 7142, 7150, 7171, 7183, 7196, 7209,
7223, 7226, 7240, 7241, 7249, 7264, 7269, 7271, 7275, 7300, 7303
Version 2019.04 (2019-04-28)
Friendica Core:
Fixed a privacy problem with postings accessed by feed [MrPetovan]
Version 2019.03 (2019-03-22)
Friendica Core:
Update to the translation (CS, DE, EN-GB, EN-US, ES, FR, IT, PL, SV, ZH-CN) [translation teams]
Update to the documentation [Aditoo17, JeroenED, m4sk1n, softmetz, tobiasd]
Update to the themes (duepuntozero, frio, smoothy, quattro, vier) [lxiter, MrPetovan, nupplaphil, rabuzarus, tobiasd]
Enhancements to the API [jasonscheng]
Enhancements to the Vagrant development VM [JeroenED]
Enhancements to the storage of gender, sexual preferences and maritial status [JeroenED]
Enhancements to the wording of notifications [MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the display of contacts in the profile [MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the handling of local links [lxiter]
Enhancements to the explicit and implicit mentioning in conversations [annando, MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the warnings in the admin panel [tobiasd]
Enhancements to the AP implementation [annando]
Enhancements to the worker process [annando]
Enhancements to the testing process [MrPetovan, nupplaphil]
Enhancements to the LibreJS compatibility [tobiasd]
Enhancements to the federated display of postings [MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the photo menu [annando]
Enhancements to the probing of contacts [annando]
Fixed several bugs with weird tagging in code blocks [lxiter]
Fixed a bug during contact entries update [rabuzarus]
Fixed several PHP warnings and errors [annando, MrPetovan, tobiasd]
Fixed an issue when Friendica is installed in a subdirectory [rabuzarus]
Fixed several issues in the handling of the Markdown parsing from and to d* [lxiter, MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug that prevented blocked contacts from being removed from groups [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug in the ACL with preselected items [lxiter]
Fixed an issue with polling Events via AP [annando]
Fixed a memory issue with the JSON-LD parser [annando]
Fixed an issue with the forced DB structure update [nupplaphil]
Fixed an issue with wrongly encoded HTML entities in URLs [annando]
Fixed an issue with the rotation of images in the gallery [nupplaphil]
Fixed issues with redirs in the photo menu of Friendica contacts [tobiasd]
Fixed an issue with sending out notification mails to the admin [nupplaphil]
Fixed an the issue, that the API was ignoring the globalsilence setting [nupplaphil]
Fixed issues with the autolinker of URLs in postings [MrPetovan]
Fixed an issue resulting in multible emails after successful updates of the database [nupplaphil]
Fixed a timeout issue during detection process of the remote profile [annando]
Fixed an issue with postings from blocked servers [annando, MrPetovan]
Fixed an issue with the paging of stored folders [MrPetovan]
Fixed an issue with notifications about interactions with Friendica contacts [annando]
Fixed an issue that caused double postings of images uploaded to the gallery [annando]
Fixed an issue handling legacy config files [nupplaphil]
Fixed an issue that caused notifications about interaction with a locally deleted posting [annando]
If the node does not want to publish information, nodeinfo now returns 404 instead of non-existing entries [nupplaphil]
General Code cleaning and restructuring [annando, JeroenED, MrPetovan, nupplaphil]
Switched logging engine to monolog [nupplaphil]
Added plugable storage backend [fabrixxm, nupplaphil]
Added item delivery indicator to posting header [MrPetovan]
Added URL parameter to force a specific language [JeroenED]
Added live preview of attachments to frio [rabuzarus]
Added a "friendica_author" field to the API results which holds the real author [annando]
Added support for AP with forum postings [annando]
Added a summary of articles send over AP [annando]
Friendica Addons:
Updates to the translations (CS, DE, EN-GB, ES, FR, NL, PL, SV) [translation teams]
Updated documentation [softmetz, tobiasd]
Fix applying the translations [JeroenED, tobiasd]
Fixed some templating of the settings [tobiasd]
The addon was marked as unsupported as it does currently not work (needs OAuth support) [annando]
Added new addon to display a cookie usage notice in the browser [lxiter]
Fixed a theming issue with frio [rabuzarus]
Fixed a missing extionsion index [nupplaphil]
Fixed a curl issue [MrPetovan]
Make it clear that Piwik is now Matomo but the addon supports both [tobiasd]
updated the addon dependencies [MrPetovan]
@ mentions are now stripped from the posts send to Twitter [MrPetovan]
Closed Issues:
1777, 2487, 3218, 3506, 3837, 4496, 5884, 6087, 6161, 6167, 6205,
6232, 6263, 6274, 6292, 6337, 6338, 6375, 6378, 6382, 6384, 6386,
6403, 6405, 6449, 6468, 6472, 6489, 6491, 6492, 6495, 6498, 6501,
6503, 6505, 6511, 6514, 6521, 6522, 6529, 6532, 6533, 6544, 6545,
6551, 6553, 6537, 6558, 6552, 6561, 6570, 6575, 6585, 6603, 6610,
6629, 6630, 6633, 6635, 6652, 6656, 6658, 6667, 6668, 6669, 6672,
6674, 6676, 6677, 6679, 6691, 6710, 6711, 6714, 6716, 6733, 6758,
6772, 6778, 6785, 6788, 6800, 6805, 6812, 6819, 6822, 6823, 6840,
6855, 6866, 6874, 6891, 6901, 6913
Version 2019.01 (2019-01-21)
Friendica Core:
Update to the translation (CS, DE, EN-UK, EN-US, FR, NB-NO, NL, PL) [translation teams]
Update to the documentation [AndyHee, FiXato, hoergen, JeroenED, MrPetovan, rebeka-catalina, tobiasd, wouter705]
Enhancements to the themes (frio, vier) [annando, JonnyTischbein, MrPetovan, rabuzarus]
Enhancements to the usage of MagicLinks [annando, rabuzarus]
Enhancements to the escaping of user submitted content [annando, MrPetovan, tobiasd]
Enhancements to the installation wizard [annando, JonnyTischbein, vinzv]
Enhancements to the OWA compatibility with Hubzilla [annando]
Enhancements to Friendica on the iOS Home Screen [MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the Welcome email after registration [MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the API [annando]
Enhancements to the methods to find potentially interesting contacts [MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the remote detection of already existing relationships [MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the handling of large posts [annando]
Enhancements to the user removal process [annando, MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the generation of HTTP error messages [annando]
Enhancements to the admin panel [AndyHee, annando]
Enhancements to the display of birthday reminders [MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the display of the group filter [annando]
Enhancements to the Worker [annando]
Enhancements to the exported Atom feeds [Alkarex]
Enhancements to the Vagrant VM [fabrixxm, tobiasd]
Enhancements to the tests [nupplaphil]
Enhancements to the node info [annando]
Enhancements to the DBclean process [annando]
Enhancements to the PasswordExposedChecker [MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the BBCode handling [MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the diaspora* protocol implementation [annando]
Enhancements to the automatic installation [nupplaphil]
Fixed various PHP notice occurrences [annando, MrPetovan]
Fixed the display of private postings in contact overview [annando]
Fixed a problem with the display of forums in the widget [annando]
Fixed a bug in the email support [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug in the endless scroll of the network stream [MrPetovan]
Fixed a style problem with iOS mobile browser [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug handling links to Hubzilla forums [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug in the character set detection [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug with the display of private notes [annando]
Fixed a bug in setting the photo permissions [JonnyTischbein]
Fixed a bug that caused some photo albums having no permissions [JonnyTischbein]
Fixed a problem adding multiple hashtags [JonnyTischbein]
Fixed a bug when subscribing to OStatus accounts [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug in SQL grammar [Alkarex]
Fixed a bug with WebSub [Alkarex]
Fixed a bug in the generated node info JSON [fabrixxm]
Fixed a bug displaying videos when using the frio theme [JeroenED]
Moved config format to PHP arrays [MrPetovan]
Moved several additional features back to the default features [annando]
Started to deprecate the Google+ support [annando]
Added support of ActivityPub (tested with Hubzilla, Mastodon, Nextcloud Social, Osada, PeerTube, Pixelfed, Pleroma) [annando]
Added support for custom emojis [annando, MrPetovan]
The util folder was removed and the content restructured elsewhere [MrPetovan]
Removed the old /p endpoint from diaspora* compatibility [annando]
Friendica Addons:
Updating the translations (DE, FR) [translation teams]
use original URL for link display [MrPetovan]
enhancements to shares [MrPetovan]
show preview pictures of videos [annando]
optionally suppress pictures [annando]
posting should work again [annando]
paging enhancements [MrPetovan]
addon rewritten [MrPetovan]
added addon to highlight source code [MrPetovan]
Closed Issues:
1430, 1495, 1572, 1575, 1580, 1581, 2123, 2893, 3016, 3466, 3777,
3870, 3897, 4242, 4584, 4592, 4609, 4688, 4708, 4715, 4738, 4804,
5264, 5368, 5547, 5596, 5627, 5716, 5723, 5737, 5757, 5771, 5779,
5797, 5798, 5811, 5809, 5814, 5820, 5834, 5847, 5801, 5805, 5857,
5858, 5859, 5863, 5875, 5879, 5886, 5890, 5893, 5896, 5908, 5911,
5915, 5913, 5924, 5932, 5934, 5943, 5955, 5956, 5960, 5966, 5968,
5971, 5975, 5992, 5994, 5996, 6006, 6010, 6015, 6027, 6032, 6036,
6038, 6047, 6081, 6100, 6109, 6119, 6124, 6125, 6128, 6140, 6149,
6157, 6173, 6202, 6211, 6212, 6213, 6236, 6243, 6255, 6257, 6259,
6268, 6282, 6283, 6208, 6289, 6294, 6308, 6309, 6313, 6316, 6323,
6329, 6334, 6344, 6347, 6343, 6349, 6350, 6355, 6358, 6360, 6361,
6363, 6368, 6370, 6391, 6394, 6424, 6425, 6439, 6459
Version 2018.09 (2018-09-23)
Friendica Core:
Update to the translation (CS, DE, EN-US, FI, IT, NL, PL, ZH-CN) [translation teams]
Update to the documentation [Aditoo17, annando, astifter, rebeka-catalina, fabrixxm, M-arcus, microgroove, nupplaphil, tobiasd]
Enhancements to the database structure, handling and documentation [abanink, Angristan, annando, miqrogroove, tobiasd]
Enhancements of unit testing [abanink, nupplaphil, rudloff]
Enhancements to labelling of UI elements [andyhee, tobiasd]
Enhancements to the background workers [annando, miqrogroove, rabuzarus]
Enhancements to the PHP7.2 compatibility [annando, miqrogroove, MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the content filter [MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the hooks provided for addons [abanink]
Enhancements to the interaction with public postings [annando]
Enhancements to the config storage [frabrixxm]
Enhancements to the themes (frio, quattro, smoothly, vier) [annando, astifter, hoergen, MrPetovan, rabuzarus, tobiasd]
Enhancements to the handling of locks [nupplaphil]
Enhancements to the redis integration [nupplaphil]
Enhancements to the admin panel [JeroenED, tobiasd]
Enhancements to the user import process [annando]
Enhancements to the display of invitation information [JeroenED]
Enhancements to the automatic installation process [nupplaphil]
Enhancements to the contact group UI [annando, astifter]
Enhancements to the call of JS [hypolite]
Enhancements to the storage of items in the database [annando]
Enhancements to the process of changing relationships [annando]
Enhancements to the OEmbed of data [MrPetovan]
Fixed various PHP notice occurrences [annando, MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug that could lead to the display of posts from deleted accounts on the community page for a short period [annando]
Fixed a bug that prevented email notification to be send out [annando]
Fixed a bug in database optimisation [annando]
Fixed a bug during removing contacts [annando]
Fixed a bug in the tag-cloud widget [annando]
Fixed a bug in the daemon mode of the background worker [annando]
Fixed a bug in the frio theme that contact filtering [rabuzarus]
Fixed a bug that mangled the display of some additional smileys [abanink]
Fixed a bug in generating registration mails [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug that caused blank re-share bodies [MrPetovon]
Fixed a bug in the API handling of private mails [fabrixxm]
Fixed a bug when calling the mail() function [miqrogroove]
Fixed a bug that caused deleted accounts being displayed in the local directory [miqrogroove]
Fixed a bug when checking the domain of an email address [VVelox]
Fixed a bug that prevented re-shares from Twitter to be shown as this [annando]
Fixed a bug that caused broken profile links [miqrogroove]
Fixed a bug that caused content from unknown accounts appearing in the timeline [annando]
Fixed a bug with the ignoring and blocking of contacts [annando]
Fixed a bug with showing hidden contacts in some places [annando]
Fixed a bug that prevented the deletion of events by contacts [annando]
Fixed a bug that prevented email contacts from being added [annando]
Fixed a bug in the notification/seen API call [fabrixxm]
Fixed a bug that prevented a refresh after un-/ignoring a conversation [annando]
Fixed a bug in the handling of some language translations [anndno]
Fixed a bug in the hook handling [annando]
Fixed the handling of too long tags [annando]
Fixed a bug that prevented the unliking of dis-/likes [annando]
Fixed bugs with the handling of private nodes [annando]
Fixed a bug in the session initialisation [annando]
Fixed bugs in the execution of the background processes [annando, Quix0r]
Fixed a problem with the notification page [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug with wrong dates in importing some Atom feeds [annando]
Fixed forum exclusive distribution of postings using the !notation [annando]
Fixed a bug that lead to empty notifications [MrPetovan]
Fixed a problem that could sometimes prevent the execution of the relocation [annando]
Fixed a bug with the handling of images in postings over the connectors [annando]
Added conversation cleanup configuration [miqrogroove]
Added support of the usage of internal diaspora links to accounts [annando]
Added the possibility for admins to block certain nicknames (e.g. role names) [tobiasd]
Added the generation of system guid [nupplaphil]
Added the possibility for admins to mark a node for explicit content [tobiasd]
Added filter by account type to the community page [annando]
Added private flag to API results [fabrixxm]
Added post update checks to the console utility [annando]
Added codecov analysis [nupplaphil]
Added access-keys to the frio theme [tobiasd]
Added the profile settings to the user settings [tobiasd]
General code refactoring and beautification work [annando, MrPetovan, Quix0r, tobiasd]
Fixation of the position on the network page when new posts arrive [rabuzarus]
Ported OpenWebAuth from Hubzilla [annando, rabuzarus]
Removed hard coded syntax highlighting from code blocks [MrPetovan]
Removed (temporarily) the possibility to add pictures to private messages [annando]
New INI style config file format in /config [MrPetovan, tobiasd]
The .htaccess file is not part of the git repository anymore [annando, Quix0r]
Friendica Addons:
Update to the translations (CS, DE, EN-US, NL, PL, ZH-CN) [translation teams]
General update to adopt changes in core [annando, MrPetovan, Quix0r, tobiasd]
Enhancement to the error handling [MrPetovan]
Honour the CSP settings [MrPetovan]
Fixed translation problems [annando]
Enhancement of the settings [AlfredSK]
support for removed [annando]
Enhancement of the album name handling [rabuzarus]
Enhancement to the wording of the labels [astifter]
Fixed a problem with default values of the filtered languages [tobiasd]
The service wont shutdown, so we can keep the addon [tobiasd]
Fixed a problem that prevented new connections [annando]
Fixed a bug that prevented the addon to block accounts [annando]
Enhancements of the settings [AlfredSK]
Use rich text for quote tweets [MrPetovan]
Prevent empty quotes from being created [annando]
Fixed a problem with re-shares from remote_self contacts [annando]
Changed URL display after link expansion [MrPetovan]
Fixed a problem with EXIF handling [MrPetovan]
added addons:
mastodoncustomemojis [MrPetovan]
deprecated addons:
notimeline, retriver, remote_permissions, widgets
Enhancements of the health summary [andyhee]
Enhancements of the PHP7 compatibility [MrPetovan]
Closed Issues:
901, 1034, 1074, 1303, 1308, 1391, 1490, 1470, 1559, 2093, 2337,
2340, 2381, 2396, 2675, 3291, 3299, 3493, 3501, 3535, 3643, 3840,
4148, 4419, 4475, 4507, 4655, 4659, 4710, 4726, 4739, 4753, 4814,
4830, 4868, 4889, 4923, 4971, 4950, 4985, 5066, 5099, 5137, 5148,
5158, 5168, 5188, 5202, 5211, 5222, 5233, 5243, 5247, 5252, 5257,
5260, 5262, 5268, 5274, 5275, 5276, 5278, 5298, 5318, 5319, 5320,
5321, 5322, 5330, 5333, 5341, 5365, 5405, 5407, 5411, 5423, 5432,
5434, 5436, 5443, 5455, 5464, 5467, 5469, 5486, 5496, 5497, 5514,
5539, 5524, 5541, 5544, 5550, 5564, 5566, 5605, 5630, 5638, 5651,
5653, 5660, 5670, 5691, 5733, 5745, 5768
Version 2018.05 (2018-06-01)
Friendica Core:
Update to the translations (DE, EN-GB, EN-US, FI, IS, IT, NL, PL, RU, ZN CH) [translation teams]
Update to the documentation [andyhee, annando, fabrixxm, M-arcus, MrPedovan, rudloff, tobiasd]
Enhancements to the DB handling [annando]
Enhancements to the relay system [annando]
Enhancements to the handling of URL that contain unicode characters [annando]
Enhancements to the Vagrant VM configuration [fabrixxm, tobiasd]
Enhancementa to the Babel module [MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the display of the [code] elements [MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the federation (OStatus, diaspora) [annando]
Enhancements to the PHP7.2 compatibility [Alkarex, MrPetovan, Quix0r]
Enhancements to the themes (frio, vier) [astifter, fabrixxm, koyuawsmbrtn, M-arcus, MrPetovan, Quix0r, rabuzarus]
Enhancements to the accessibility using the frio theme [annando]
Enhancements to the display of the registration note and the privacy statements on the registration page [tobiasd]
Enhancements to the UI by clarification of the wording (deletion of items, network widget, invitations) [annando, tobiasd]
Enhancements to the background worker [annando]
Enhancements to the forum display in the sidebar [annando]
Enhancements to the testing system [rudloff, tobiasd]
Enhancements to the display of events [MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the language detection of postings [MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the memcached handling [MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the Dandelion app support [annando]
Enhancements to the API [rudloff]
Enhancements to the systemd timer example [ben-utzer]
Enhancements to the notification emails to better integrate the securemail addon [tobiasd]
Enhancements to the caching/loading mechanisms [MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the sample-nginx configfile to not use $uri in the rewrite rules [anmol26s]
Fixed a bug in the relocation process of a Friendica instance [annando]
Fixed a bug in the shell wrapper for the console [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug with the console tool po2php [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug with the console tool blockaccounts [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug in the ACL [annando, MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug that prevented the deletion of contact groups [annando]
Fixed a bug that made edited mentions and hashtags plaintext [annando]
Fixed a bug that caused the /display page to receive constandly new updates [annando]
Fixed wrong version of a dependency preventing the usage of PHP 5.6 [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug in OpenID authentification [Quix0r]
Fixed a bug in the item deletion [annando]
Fixed a bug that prevented public comments from being distributed [annando]
Fixed a bug that caused empty profile pictures for public contacts [annando]
Fixed a bug that prevented the display of some postings in the network stream [annando]
Fixed a bug in the display of videos with parameters [annando]
Fixed a bug that caused the display of blocked contacts under some conditions [annando]
Fixed bugs in the installer [annando, M-arcus]
Fixed a bug in the installer running on nginx [astifter]
Fixed a bug with reshares from diaspora* [annando]
Fixed a bug that accounts from diaspora* could join private forums automatically [annando]
Fixed a bug that prevented the selection of displayed profiles for other Friendica contacts [MrPetovan]
Fixed the version sorting in the federation statistics page [annando]
Fixed a bug in the nodeinfo calculation of total comments [annando]
Fixed a bug during registration that prevented the detected language to be saved [tobiasd]
Added an optional module to display the Terms of Service [rabuzarus, tobiasd]
Added testfeed module [MrPetovan]
Added hashtag autocomplete (ported from Hubzilla) [rabuzarus]
Added password exposed check [MrPetovan]
Added preloading config adapter [MrPetovan]
Added a console to unify the PHP utility scripts [MrPetovan]
Added a tool to set user passwords to the console [annando]
Added memcached support [MrPetovan]
Added password exposure check [MrPetovan]
Added hashtag autocompletion [rabuzarus]
Added feedtest module [MrPetovan]
Added dbclean options to the admin panel [annando]
Added the possibility to add the remote_self flag to contacts from diaspora* and Twitter [annando]
Added the possibility of automatic installations [M-arcus]
Added the sending of a notification mail to the admin when a user deletes their account [tobiasd]
Added examples for home.html and home.css files [tobiasd]
Added an option to define after how many days a contact should be archived [annando]
Added parts of the list API [rudloff]
Added support of ALT texts for images [annando]
Removed the connection postings [annando]
Corrected a long standing typo in config variable names; should your bandwidth saver mode stop working please turn it off and on again [abanink]
The execute-ables were moved from /util to /bin [MrPetovan]
The execute-ables for the developers were moved from /util to /bin/dev [MrPetovan]
The last year deprecated themes frost and frost mobile got removed from the Friendica repository. They can be found in the dedicated repository for deprecated themes [tobiasd]
General code refactoring and beautification work [annando, MrPetovan, rudloff]
Switched to cropperjs to better support touch screen devices [rabuzarus]
Use the diaspora transport layer for the DFRN protocol as well [annando]
Friendica Addons:
Updates to the translations (DE, EN_GB, EN_US, ES, FI, FR, IS, IT, NL, PL, RU, ZH_CN) [translation teams]
advancedcontentfilter: new addon with advanced filter capabilities [MrPetova]
catavatar: new addon for profile pictures based on David Revoy's cat-avatar generator [annando, fabrixxm, tobiasd]
languagefilter: better help text [andyhee]
mathjax: fixed the config form and adopted new CDN URL [tobiasd]
NSFW: add hashtag only hiding [MrPetovan]
notifyall: fixed a bug in handling the sender name [tobiasd]
Twitter: fixed a bug during the creation of public contacts [annando]
Twitter: remote self now also works for Twitter contacts [annando]
Twitter: optimizations for sending media [annando]
Closed Issues:
839, 1186, 1729, 2115, 2247, 2781, 2880, 3174, 3395, 3409, 3412,
3611, 3834, 3837, 3979, 4146, 4572, 4601, 4616, 4629, 4647, 4660,
4661, 4663, 4664, 4665, 4666, 4669, 4670, 4681, 4695, 4670, 4689,
4730, 4749, 4760, 4772, 4786, 4790, 4791, 4816, 4867, 4878, 4819,
4860, 4876, 4879, 4886, 4898, 4899, 4902, 4921, 4926, 4927, 4928,
4938, 4943, 4946, 4947, 4965, 4976, 4966, 4994, 4997, 5002, 5014,
5033, 5043, 5050, 5051, 5056, 5063, 5067, 5010, 5111, 5116, 5128,
5137, 5147
Version 3.6 (2018-03-23)
Friendica Core:
Updates to the translations (DE, EN_GB, EN_US, ES, FR, IT, ZH_CN) [translation teams]
Updates for the Danish and French regions [Alkarex]
Update for the documentation [andyhee, annando, rabuzarus, ratten, rudloff, silke, tobiasd]
Updates to the themes [Andi-K, annando, fabrixxm, hoergen, rebeka-catalina, rabuzarus]
Enhancements to the ARIA support in frio [rabuzarus]
Enhancements to the DB handling and structure [annando]
Enhancements to the API [annando, fabrixxm, MrPetovan, rudloff]
Enhancements to the support of Open Graph with images [hoergen]
Enhancements to the Diaspora federation (participation signal, relay of dislikes, basic forum support for D*, Birthdays) [annando]
Enhancements to the OStatus federation [annando]
Enhancements to the handling of feed contacts [MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the display of threaded discussions (optional) [MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the display of events [hoergen]
Enhancements to the ACL dialog (selection of forums) [rabuzarus]
Enhancements to the handling of new connections [annando]
Enhancements to the vitality check of contacts [annando]
Enhancements to the daemon script [annando]
Enhancements to the federation stats [annando, tobiasd]
Enhancements to the interaction with public posts [annando]
Enhancements to the structure of the admin panel [tobiasd]
Enhancements to the community page [annando]
Enhancements to the delegation of accounts [annando, MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the user import and server relocation functionality [annando]
Enhancements to the menu layout in the admin panel [tobiasd]
Enhancements to the extraction of strings to be translated [fabrixxm, MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the installation wizard [annando, tobias]
Enhancements to the events [annando, hoergen, MrPetovan, rabuzarus]
Enhancements to the handling of email contacts [annando]
Enhancements to the Vagrant configuration of the development VM [tobias]
Enhancements to the probing of profiles [annando]
Enhancements to the handling of BBCode tags [MrPetovan]
Enhancements to the OEmbed handling [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug that triggered the display of activities on the cummunity page [annando]
Fixed a bug with personal notes [annando]
Fixed a display issue of long postings when using the showmore option [annando]
Fixed a bug that caused Twidere to crash on reload [annando]
Fixed a bug in the exported data to [annando]
Fixed a bug in URL completion for feed fragments [annando]
Fixed a bug in the notification system about new registrations [annando]
Fixed the display of dislikes [annando]
Fixed the display of orphans childs in threads [MrPetovan]
Fixed some SQL problems [annando]
Fixed the CLI config script [tobiasd]
Fixed the forum selection on the network display [annando]
Fixed a bug during the import of accounts [annando]
Fixed a problem with UTF8 encoding during account export [annando]
Fixed a problem with archiving "self" contacts [annando]
Fixes to file permissions lintian reported [tobiasd]
Fixed a session problem leading to double login problem [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug that caused code blocks on Diaspora being displayed wrongly [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug that suggested it was possible to use some bridges without an account on the other side [annando]
Fixed the situation that an OStatus activity was triggered when publishing a image without sending out a posting for it [annando]
Fixed some issues with the display of exported events on GNU social and diaspora [annando]
Fixed the issue that Atom feeds of forums had no postings listed [annando]
Fixed a problem with the expiration of accounts [annando]
Added Atom feed for conversations [annando]
Added the possibility to address forums with !forumname [annando]
Added option to compare version against upstream version [tobiasd]
Added an optional hint that a global community page is global [tobiasd]
Added an option to always display the preview image in shared articles even if larger ones exist [annando]
Added CLI script to silence accounts on the community page [tobiasd]
Added CLI script to block postings to a node from accounts [tobiasd]
Added account block interface to the admin panel [MrPetovan]
Added browser bookmarklet code snippet [hoergen]
Added an additional feature to display a tag cloud on the profile page [rabuzarus]
Added retrieval of Mastodon server statistics [annando]
Added Atom feed that only contains top level postings of a user [annando]
Added tag following via saved search for #hashtag [annando]
Added PHP version information to the admin panel [MrPetovan]
Added the possibility to change relationships between Friendica contacts [annando]
Added the membersince functionality from the addon to the core [rabuzarus]
Added support of nodeinfo 2.0 [annando]
Removed the long deprecated internal templating engine [annando]
Removed the obsolete mysql support, you have to use MySQLI or PDO [annando]
Removed the unused mood module [annando]
Removed connect link from side panel when it should not be there [annando]
Removed very old updating routines [annando]
Dependencies are now (mostly) handled by composer [MrPetovan, zeroadam]
General code refactoring and beautification work [annando, MrPetovan, tobiasd, zeroadam]
ejabberd logs are now handled by syslog [annando]
Moved the poller script to the "scripts" directory and renamed it to worker [annando]
Threaded display of conversations is now always enabled [annando]
Images send to public forums are now always public as well [annando]
The DB cleanup option now includes the conversation table [annando]
Hash tags now always search locally [annando]
Consistent naming of addons (instead of plugins and addons) [zeroadam]
Community page is split between local and global and always visible for local users [annando]
Updated the credits to include new contributors [tobiasd]
Friendica Addons:
Updates to the translations (DE, EN_GB, ES, FR, IT, NL, ZH_CN) [translation teams]
all bridges don't relay postings anymore that are posted to a public forum [annando]
DAV addon marked unsupported [tobiasd]
communityhome addon marked unsupported [MrPetovan]
yourls addon makrked unsupported [MrPetovan]
Current Weather: fixing a problem with the weathermap link [zeroadam]
NSFW added config examples, reworked the description, now ignores the CW from Mastodon [andyhee, annando, rebeka-catalina]
Twitter support 280 chars limit [annando]
OpenWeatherMap fix broken map link [zeroadam]
CommunityHome added settings to admin panel, removed active users feature [annando, fabrixxm]
General code refactoring and beautification work [annando, MrPetovan, tobiasd, zeroadam]
Public Server reworked [annando]
pageheader settings beautifications [tobiasd]
mailstream settings beautifications [tobiasd]
Membersince is now part of the core, addon marked unsupported [rabuzarus]
Forum posts are not transmitted over the connectors anymore [annando]
Friendica Dir:
Fixed a problem with the maintenance cron [MrPetovan]
Fixed a problem with the location widget [MrPetovan]
Work on the UI [MrPetovan]
Closed Issues:
929, 1050, 1056, 1125, 1215, 1251, 1289, 1312, 1429, 1488, 1540,
1610, 1858, 2786, 2845, 3020, 3039, 3337, 3379, 3394, 3396, 3566,
3583, 3661, 3671, 3680, 3801, 3822, 3824, 3828, 3839, 3855, 3857,
3860, 3863, 3867, 3905, 3911, 3916, 3942, 3946, 3999, 4013, 4020,
4023, 4041, 4042, 4061, 4069, 4070, 4071, 4075, 4078, 4082, 4094,
4105, 4115, 4116, 4137, 4141, 4144, 4150, 4155, 4161, 4163, 4173,
4184, 4199, 4200, 4207, 4227, 4228, 4236, 4251, 4272, 4273, 4278,
4279, 4281, 4290, 4294, 4295, 4296, 4304, 4306, 4319, 4348, 4362,
4368, 4369, 4377, 4390, 4395, 4396, 4409, 4412, 4426, 4431, 4445,
4450, 4452, 4458, 4463, 4481, 4482, 4495, 4497, 4498, 4508, 4518,
4520, 4522, 4535, 4543, 4550, 4555, 4556, 4571, 4575, 4610, 4611,
Version 3.5.4 (2017-10-16)
Friendica Core:
Updates to the translations (DE) [translation teams]
Updates to the docs [tobiasd, annando]
Code refactoring [annando]
Fixing some problems with moving accounts to new nodes [annando]
Fixing the admin account in the Vagrant box [tobiasd]
Fixing a bug in the search functionality [annando]
Improvements to SQL queries [annando]
Improvements to the themes (frio) [annando]
Improvements to the import of RSS feeds [annando]
Improvements to the OStatus (GNU Social) compatibility [annando]
Added possibility to block contacts for a node [annando]
Added sending out the migration signal to Diaspora contacts [annando]
Added processing of Diaspora account migration signal [annando]
Added new fields to the generated data for displaying events [annando]
Update vier theme with new support forum URL [AlfredSK]
Update the DB handling for support of PHP 7.1 [annando]
Friendica Addons:
dav: Update the database handling [annando]
newmemberwidget: Update support forum URL [AlfredSK]
Closed Issues:
3711, 3714
Version 3.5.3 (2017-10-05)
Friendica Core:
Updates to the translations (DE, EN-GB, EN-US, ES, ZH-CN) [translation teams]
Updates to the documentation [annando, tobiasd]
Code revision and refactoring [annando, rabuzarus, Hypolite]
Fix parsing of documentation and addon README files [tobiasd]
Fix a problem with MySQLi [annando]
Fix a problem with endless scroll [annando]
Fix a problem with the display of birthday dates on the profile page [irhen]
Fix a problem with the Vagrant config [silke, tobiasd]
Fix for a bug in picture upload via the API [annando]
Enhancements to the database structure and handling [annando, Alkarex]
Enhancements to the exception handling [ddorian1]
Enhancements to the OStatus federation (Mastodon and Pleroma) [annando]
Enhancements to the Libertree federation [annando]
Enhancements to the Diaspora federation (Diaspora and SocialHome) [annando]
Enhancements to the invitation procedure [tobiasd]
Enhancements to the themes (frio, globally all) [annando, rabuzarus]
Enhancements to the community page [annando]
Enhancements to the ACL selection dialog [annando]
Enhancements to the item expiration [annando]
Enhancements to the detection of Hubzilla and red nodes [zotlabs]
Enhancements to the background process/worker system [annando]
Enhancements to the UI [annando, AndyHee, tobiasd]
Enhancements to the handling of unicode smilies [annando]
Enhancements to the remote_self functionality [annando]
Enhancements to the nginx example config [shaftoe]
Enhancements to the detection of edited postings [annando]
The logging time stamp is now ISO8601 compatible [annando]
Pictures attached to OStatus transmitted postings are now shown [annando]
Added item deletion page to the admin panel [tobiasd]
Added link to the global directory from the contacts page [rjm6823]
Added JSON/JRD support to Webfinger [annando]
Added security and privacy related headers [annando]
Removed the external pubsubhubbub service support [annando]
Friendica Addons:
Updates to the translations (ES, ZH-CN) [translation teams]
Updates to the documentation [tobiasd]
Code revision and refactoring [Hypolite]
pumpio, twitter bridges adopted to new background mechanism [annando]
Leistungsschutzrecht has a new source list, and a whitelist [annando]
retriever marked unsupported due to unwanted side-effects [annando]
Unicode emoji added [annando]
Enhancement to the general content filter [annando]
Fixes to buffer, diaspora, libertree, pumpio, gnu social, tumblr, twitter and wppost bridges to redistribute remote_self content [annando]
Fixed a bug in securemail settings form [FuzzJunket]
external poller addons are deprecated, as this is now a core functionality [annando]
Friendica Directory:
Fix a problem with the Vagrant config [tobiasd]
Fix not working node health page [Hypolite]
Fix some old links [Hypolite]
Closed Issues:
1257, 2786, 2864, 2872, 2998, 3013, 3018, 3131, 3180, 3234, 3248,
3309, 3313, 3360, 3362, 3391, 3482, 3511, 3512, 3515, 3516, 3529,
3531, 3536, 3545, 3552, 3553, 3560, 3571, 3589, 3592, 3599, 3615,
3616, 3621, 3624, 3636, 3645, 3661, 3684, 3685, 3691, 3696, 3699,
3700, 3732
Version 3.5.2 (2017-06-06)
Friendica Core:
Updates to the translations (DE, EN-GB, EN-US, ES, IT, PT-BR, RU) [translation teams]
Updates to the documentation [annando, beardyunixer, rabuzarus, tobiasd]
Updated the nginx example configuration [beardyunixer]
Code revision and refactoring [annando, MrPetovan, Quix0r, rebeka-catalina]
Background process is now done by the new worker process [annando]
Added support of Composer for dependencies [Hypolite]
Added support of Web app manifests [Rudloff]
Added basic robot.txt functionality if none exists [Shnoulle]
Added server blocklist [Hypolite, tobiasd]
Removed mcrypt dependency [annando]
Removed unused libraries [annando]
Removed Embedly integration [Hypolite]
Fixed a bug in the language detection for EN [Hypolite]
Fixed a bug in the probing mechanism on old PHP version [annando]
Improved API [annando, gerhard6380]
Improved Diaspora federation [annando]
Improved Mastodon federation [annando, Hypolite]
Improved import from OStatus threads [annando]
Improved the themes (frio, quattro) [fabrixxm, Hypolite, rabuzarus, Rudloff, strk, tobiasd]
Improved maintenance mode [annando]
Improved gcontact handling [annando]
Improved desktop notifications [rabuzarus]
Improved keyboard shortcuts for navigation [Rudloff]
Improved the installer [annando]
Improved openid handling [strk]
Improved php7 support [annando]
Improved display of notifications [annando]
Improved logging mechanism [beardyunixer]
Improved the worker [annando]
Behaviour clarification of the group filter / new tab [annando]
Old options for the pager and share element were removed [annando]
Support of PDO was added [annando]
Improved error logging for issues with the database [annando]
Improved compatibility to MySQL version 5.7+ [annando]
Friendica Addons:
Updates to the translation (RU) [pztrm]
(core) Fix blocking issue for Communityhome [annando]
Pledgie addon was updated to remove cert problems [tobiasd]
Securemail now uses openpgp-php and phpseclib [fabrixxm]
Superblock Configuration [tobiasd]
Twitter Connector updated to use with new deletion method [annando]
Closed Issues:
1626, 1720, 2432, 2792, 2833, 2364, 2448, 2496, 2690, 2752, 2775,
2803, 2956, 2957, 2961, 2971, 2995, 2999, 3011, 3053, 3107, 3114,
3134, 3138, 3142, 3157, 3172, 3189, 3194, 3195, 3198, 3206, 3215,
3217, 3220, 3237, 3242, 3255, 3256, 3260, 3268, 3273, 3274, 3285,
3288, 3292, 3293, 3300, 3314, 3316, 3317, 3322, 3325, 3327, 3328,
3331, 3334, 3336, 3346, 3347, 3358, 3359, 3383, 3387, 3401, 3406,
3428, 3440, 3435, 3436, 3452
Version 3.5.1 (2017-03-12)
Friendica Core:
Updates to the translations (BG, CA, CS, DE, EO, ES, FR, IS, IT, NL, PL, PT-BR, RU, SV) [translation teams]
Fix for a potential XSS vector [annando, thanks to Vít Šesták 'v6ak' for reporting the problem]
Fix for ghost request notifications on single user instances [Hypolite]
Fix user language selection [tobiasd]
Fix a problem with communication to Diaspora with set posting locations [annando]
Fix schema handling of direct links to a original posting [Rabuzarus]
Fix a bug in notification handling [Rabuzarus]
Adjustments for the Vagrant VM settings [silke, eelcomaljaars]
Improvements to the unliking of prior likes [Hypolite]
Improvements to the API and Friendica specific extensions [gerhard6380]
Improvements to the Browser Notification functionality [Hypolite]
Improvements to the themes [Hypolite, rabuzarus, rebeka-catalina, tobiasd]
Improvements to the database handling [annando]
Improvements to the admin panel [tobiasd, Hypolite]
Improvements to the update process [annando]
Improvements to the handling of worker processes [annando]
Improvements to the performance [annando, Hypolite]
Improvements to the documentation [Hypolite, tobiasd, rabuzarus, beardyunixer, eelcomaljaars]
Improvements to the BBCode / Markdown conversation [Hypolite]
Improvements to the OStatus protocol implementation [annando]
Improvements to the installation wizzard [tobiasd]
Improvements to the Diaspora connectivity [annando, Hypolite]
Work on PHP7 compatibility [ddorian1]
Code cleanup [Hypolite, Quix0r]
Initial federation with Mastodon [annando]
The worker process can now also be started from the frontend [annando]
Deletion of postings is now done in the background [annando]
Extension of the DFRN transmitted information fields [annando]
Translations of the core are now in /view/lang [Hypolite, tobiasd]
Update of the fullCalendar library to 3.0.1 and adjusting the themes [rabuzarus]
ping now works with JSON as well [Hypolite]
On pending registrations, an email is now send to inform the user about it [tobiasd]
On systems where the registration needs approval, a note for the admin can now be written [tobiasd]
Meta Information for HTML descriptions is now limited to 160 character [rabuzarus]
Removed very old deprecated themes from the repository [silke]
Marked frost and frost mobile as deprecated [silke]
When creating new postings in the UI, focus is automatically put into the Title field [Hypolite]
We are now shipping config files for "tx" (the Transifex client) and the "EditorConfig" addon for many common editors [fabrixxm, tobiasd]
The TinyMCE richtext editor was removed [Hypolite]
We defined a coding style, PSR-2 with some adjustments
Various bugfixes
Friendica Addons:
Updates to the translations (DE, ES, FR, IT, PT-BR) [translation teams]
Improvements to the IFTTT addon [Hypolite]
Improvements to the language filter addon [strk]
Improvements to the bridge [annando]
Improvements to the jappixmini addon [annando]
Improvements to the gpluspost addon [annando]
Improvements to the performance of the Twitter bridge when using workers [annando]
Diaspora Export addon is now working again [annando]
Pledgie badge now uses https protocol for embedding [tobiasd]
Better posting loop prevention for the Google+/Twitter/GS connectors [annando]
One can now configure the message for wppost bridged blog postings [tobiasd]
On some pages the result of the Rendertime is not shown anymore [annando]
Twitter-bridge now supports quotes and long posts when importing tweets [annando]
Closed Issues
1019, 1163, 1612, 1613, 2103, 2177, 2252, 2260, 2403, 2991, 2614,
2751, 2752, 2772, 2791, 2800, 2804, 2813, 2814, 2816, 2817, 2823,
2850, 2858, 2865, 2892, 2894, 2895, 2907, 2908, 2914, 2015, 2926,
2948, 2955, 2958, 2963, 2964, 2968, 2987, 2993, 3020, 3052, 3062,
3066, 3091, 3108, 3113, 3116, 3117, 3118, 3126, 3130, 3135, 3155,
3160, 3163, 3187, 3196
Version 3.5 (2016-09-13)
Friendica Core:
NEW Optional local directory with possible federated contacts [annando]
NEW Autocompletion for @-mentions and BBCode tags [rabuzarus]
NEW Added a composer derived autoloader which allows composer autoloaders in addons/libraries [fabrixxm]
NEW theme: frio [rabuzarus, annando, fabrixxm]
Enhance .htaccess file (nerdoc, dissolve)
Updates to the translations (DE, ES, IS, IT, RU) [translation teams]
Updates to the documentation [tobiasd, annando, mexcon, silke, rabuzarus, fabrixxm, Olivier Mehani, gerhard6380, ben utzer]
Extended the BBCode by [abstract] tag used for bridged postings to networks with limited character length [annando]
Code cleanup [annando, QuixOr]
Improvements to the API and Friendica specific extensions [annando, fabrixxm, gerhard6380]
Improvements to the RSS/Atom feed import [mexcon]
Improvements to the communication with federated networks (Diaspora, Hubzilla, OStatus) [annando]
Improvements on the themes (quattro, vier, frost) [rabuzarus, fabrixxm, stieben, annando, Quix0r, tobiasd]
Improvements to the ACL dialog [fabrixxm, rabuzarus]
Improvements to the database structure and optimization of queries [annando]
Improvements to the UI (contacts, hotkeys, remember me, ARIA, code hightlighting) [rabuzarus, annando, tobiasd]
Improvements to the background process (poller, worker) [annando]
Improvements to the admin panel [tobiasd, annando, fabrixxm]
Improvements to the performance [annando]
Improvements to the installation wizzard (language selection, RINO version, check required PHP modules, default theme is now vier) [tobiasd]
Improvements to the relocation of nodes and accounts [annando]
Improvements to the DDoS detection [annando]
Improvements to the calendar/events module [annando, rabuzarus]
Improvements to OpenID login [strk]
Improvements to the ShaShape font [andi]
Reworked the implementation of the DFRN, Diaspora protocols [annando]
Reworked the notifications code [fabrixxm, rabuzarus, annando]
Reworked the p/config code [fabrixxm, rabuzarus]
Reworked XML generation [annando]
Removed now unused simplepie from library [annando]
Friendica Addons
Updated to the translations (DE, ES, IS, NL, PT BR), [translation teams]
Piwik [tobiasd]
Twitter Connector [annando]
Pumpio Connector [annando]
Rendertime [annando]
wppost [annando]
showmore [rabuzarus]
fromgplus [annando] Connector [annando]
GNU Social Connector [annando]
LDAP [Olivier Mehani]
smileybutton [rabuzarus]
retriver [mexon]
mailstream [mexon]
forumdirectory [tobiasd]
NEW notifyall (port from Hubzilla) [rabuzarus, tobiasd]
DEPRECATED cal (now in core), FB Connector, FB Post Connector, FB Sync
Closed Issues
683, 786, 796, 922, 1261, 1576, 1701, 1769, 1970, 1145, 1494,
1728, 1877, 2063, 2059, 2078, 2079, 2133, 2165, 2194, 2229, 2230,
2241, 2254, 2242, 2270, 2277, 2339, 2320, 2345, 2352, 2358, 2367,
2373, 2376, 2378, 2385, 2395, 2402, 2406, 2433, 2472, 2485, 2492,
2506, 2512, 2516, 2539, 2540, 2893, 2597, 2611, 2617, 2629, 2645,
2687, 2716, 2757, 2764
Version 3.4.3 (2015-12-22)
What's new for the users:
Updates to the documentation (silke, tobiasd, annando, rebeka-catalina)
Updated translations (tobiasd & translation teams)
New "Credits" page (tobiasd)
New custom font icon set (tobiasd, Andi Stadler)
Support to events attendance. Users can mark their participation to an event (rabuzarus, tobiasd, fabrixxm, annando)
Revised templates and used interaction in contacts lists (rabuzarus)
Mobile support for Vier theme (annando, fabrixxm)
Events editing and deletion from stream (annando)
Private forums are mentioned automatically like community forums (rabuzarus)
Show profile pictures and pending notifications on manage page (rabuzarus, annando)
Show Profile photo album only to owner and authenticated contacts (rabuzarus)
User language setting is now between settings in user settings page (fabrixxm)
Search for remote users in form of "@user@domain.tld" is supported (issue #1595) (annando)
Optionally show geo informations of uploaded photos, backport from Red (rabuzarus)
Setting for the first day of the week for events calendar (annando)
Reduced profile view with "show more" link (annando)
Show more informations to users when following a new contact (annando)
Renamed "Statusnet" to "GNU Social" (annando)
Image dialog insert link to image page instead of direct image (fabrixxm)
In registration page make clear that we only need a 'real-looking' name (issue #1898) (tobiasd, n4rky)
Unseen items per groups are shown (issue #1718) (strk, rabuzarus, fabrixxm)
Unseen items in forumlist widget (rabuzarus)
Preview the last five conversations in private message's sidebar (FlxAlbroscheit, fabrixxm)
Don't get notifications about own posts (strk)
Profile page shows a "Subscribe to atom feed" link (annando)
Contact list shows only contacts from supported networks (ananndo)
username@hostname is used instead of full urls (issue #1925) (annando)
Various small OStatus improvements (annando)
Contact's posts are shown in a dedicated page (annando)
Module name is shown in page title to ease browser history navigation (issue #2079) (tobiasd)
What's new for admins:
Forumlist functionality moved from addon to core (rabuzarus, annando)
Changes on poller/workers limits management (annando)
Diaspora and OStatus can be enabled only if requirements are satisfied (annando)
Support for additional passwords for ejabberd (annando)
Use proxy for profile photos (annando)
'Reload active themes' in theme admin page (fabrixxm)
Install routine checks for ImageMagick and GIF support (fabrixxm)
Install routine checks for availability of "mcrypt_create_iv()" function, needed for RINO2 (fabrixxm)
Only suported themes are shown in admin page (annando)
Optimized SQL queries (annando)
System perform an optimize pass on tables in cron, with maximum table size and minimum fragmentation level settings (annando)
New access keys in profile and contact pages (rabuzarus, annando)
Support for a new Diaspora command for post retraction (annando)
Show an info message if an empty contact group is shown (issue #1871) (annando)
User setting to disable network page autoupdate (issue #1921) (annando)
Settings to limit or permit access to crawler to search page (annando)
What's new for developers:
Themes can show Events entry in navbar (annando)
Themes can now override colorbox (fabrixxm)
Updated Vagrant development VM (silke, hauke)
New hook 'template_vars' (fabrixxm)
$baseurl variable is passed to all templates by default (fabrixxm)
OStatus delivery code is moved in new function (annando)
Doxygen config file and initial documetation of code (rabuzarus)
Full rewrite of util/php2po.php (fabrixxm)
Remote self works again (annando)
Fix feeds mistakenly recognized as OStatus (issue #1914) (annando)
Report invalid feeds to user (issue #1913) (annando)
Fix Update contact data functionality (annando)
Fix proxy function with embedded images (annando)
Fix Diaspora unidirectional connect request (annando)
Fix empty poco response (annando)
Fix API for andStatus (issue#1427, AndStatus issue #241) (annando)
Fix expiration of items (fabrixxm)
Fix javascript contact deletion confirmation dialog (issue #1986) (fabrixxm)
Admin wasn't able to change settings of not currently in use themes. Fixed (issue #2022) (fabrixxm)
Fix rapid repeated requests to GNUSocial instance (issue #2038) (annando)
Fix install routine css when mod_rewrite doesn't works (issue #2071) (fabrixxm)
Fix code to be compliant with minimum required PHP version (issue #2066) (fabrixxm, rabuzarus)
Fix feedback after succesfull registration (issue #2060) (annando)
Fix mention completition popup with TinyMCE (issue #1920) (fabrixxm)
Fix photo cache and proxy when installed in subfolder (ddorian1)
Fix bbcode conversion of the about text for the profile (issue #1607) (annando)
Version 3.4.2 (2015-09-29)
Updates to the documentation (tobiasd, silke, annando)
Updates to the translations (tobiasd & translation teams)
Updates to themes frost-mobile, vier, duepuntozero, quattro (annando, tobiasd)
Enancements of the communications via OStatus and Diaspora protocols (annando)
Option to automatically follow OStatus contacts was moved from addon to the core (annando)
Add tool to import OStatus contacts from an old account (annando)
SALMON slaps with OStatus were reworked (annando)
Fix for saving searches (rabuzarus)
Fix separation of list items in contact editor (issue #1747) (tobiasd)
When a picture is uploaded, "don't send a note about this new picture" is now the default behaviour (tobiasd)
Show profile url in contact-edit overview listing (issue #1745) (tobiasd)
The vagrant VM usage was changed so that the "installation" is now done automatically on the first run. Example users are automatically put into the database (silke)
Buttons to insert images or attachment to a post use a popup browser to select a previously uploaded item or upload a new one (fabrixxm, rabuzarus)
Improvements in contact handling (annando)
Friendica node can now query other nodes about their users and the contact lists (annando)
Contact recommendation is done only for recently active users (annando)
Admins can opt for search the local DB for contacts instead of the global directory (annando)
The global directory is queried in the background to update local DB and improve similar searches in the future. (annando)
By communication over the Diaspora protocol, red#matrix sources are now correctly identified, hubzilla is detected (annando)
Adopt limitation of usage of "-" in username to avoid conflicts with GNU Social and Diaspora (annando)
The [url] tag now also suppots ftp, mailto, gopher links (annando)
An "inspect queue" module was added to the admin panel (tobiasd)
Fix some missing SQL data escapes (fabrixxm)
Improved the accessibility of the web UI for better screen reader compatibility (annando)
Added access keys (annando)
Support for the public relay server of Diaspora (annando)
Support for the new nodeinfo protocol (successor of current statistics.json), addon deprecated as functionality has been moved into the core (annando)
Fix issue with moved Friendica profiles and Diaspora communication (issue #1491) (annando)
Show more information on contact request page (issue #1739) (annando)
Support for newer versions of the Twidere client was enhanced (annando)
Support for inline [code] tag usage (fabrixxm)
Fix login form in aside (issue #1348) (annando)
Show both url-style and webfinger-style identity address in profile (issue #1621) (tobiasd)
Add button to reload all active addons in admin addons page to ensure new hooks are used (fabrixxm)
Make the hardcoded path to global directory configurable (annando)
Change default directory to (annando)
Improve cache system with granular expire time (annando)
Remove oohembed code (issue #1855) (annando)
Checks for mcrypt availability before enable or use RINO2 (fabrixm)
Fix following email contacts (issue #1896) (annando)
Parse BBCode in contact request notification email (annando)
Version 3.4.1 (2015-07-06)
Implement server-to-server encryption (RINO) using php-encryption library as "RINO 2", deprecate "RINO 1" (issue #1655) (fabrixxm)
Fix connection with Diaspora "freelove" account (issue #1572) (annando)
Various SQL speedups (annando)
Port of Javascript DatePicker input from RedMatrix (rabuzarus)
Port of RedMatrix archive widget (rabuzarus)
Load profile owner settings for theme on profile page (rabuzarus)
Move HTML code from php into templates (rabuzarus)
Theme "frost": add event with doubleclick, event preview (rabuzarus)
Delete attachments on item deletion, delete videos from video tab (issue #1574) (fabrixxm)
Improvements with reshared Diaspora items (annando)
Improvements in OStatus communications: (annando)
improve duplicate handling
publish comments to post to all PuSH subscribers
use correct contact when automatically add @-replies
add attachment links as enclosures
send salmon notifications to every mentioned person
better thread completition
support for bookmarks
support for events and questions
link to items using GUID
Fix warning in mod/photo (issue #1638) (rabuzarus)
New option to block public access to local directory and poco
Fix parsing bbcode [url] tag with fragment identifier (issue #1514) (fabrixxm)
Fix HTML for oembeds (issue #1612) (fabrixxm)
Add fake fields to API response for better Twitter API compatibility (annando)
Fix search in local directory (issue #1657) (annando)
Improve OEmbed (issue #1640) (annando)
Fix double html encodig in site administration page for sitename and register text (issue #1628) (annando)
Fix remote subscription from GNU Social (annando)
Fix "{0}" in notifications (issue #1642) (annando)
Fix desktop notification (fabrixxm)
Fix rewrite test in install wizard with self-signed certificate (annando)
Better support for non standard installations of GNU Social (annando)
Fix emoticons alt text (tobias)
Improve threaded display in Vier theme (annando)
Use field templates in photo edit form (fabrixxm)
Alllow deletion of any user but yourself (issue #1625) (fabrixxm)
Install wizard load htconfig template from template/ folder, remove localized htconfig templates (fabrixxm)
Add contact detail to non-js contact drop confirm dialog (issue #1629) (fabrixxm)
Return geo coord in API (annando)
Improve events reminder: use title, show in colorbox, link using event ID (rabuzarus)
Fix spelling in accepted connection notification email (strk)
Show image size warning in a human readable format (rabuzarus)
Move ACL window in template (rabuzarus)
New option "-s" in util/ (fabrixxm)
Support, but ignore at the moment, delete message from Quitter (annando)
Remove google maps from core. Functionality moved to addon "googlemap" alongside "openstreetmap" (issue #1705) (annando)
Update to German documentation (Frank Dieckmann, tobias)
Updated translations (translation teams, tobias)
Version 3.4 (2015-04-05)
Optionally, "like" and "dislike" activities don't update thread timestamp (annando)
Updated markdown libraries (annando)
Updated jQuery (StefOfficiel)
Cache zrl verification requests to prevent DSoS (issue #1453) (annando)
"Verify SSL" options affects also VERIFYHOST (annando)
Better handling of hashtags (annando)
Updated translations (translation teams, tobias)
Access a contact directly from the contact-manager-page (FlxAlbroscheit)
Reworked GUID generation, remove db store (annando)
Improve search for tags and terms (annando)
Fix OAuth signature (thorsten23)
Fix utf8 characters in items (issue #1307) (hauke)
Ignore tag-likes char sequences in code blocks (issue #1041) (fabrixxm)
Fix sending email to CC recipients (issue #1437) (fabrixxm)
Fix signature check of likes from diaspora (issue #905) (mike, annando)
Fix pagination urls (issue #1341) (fabrixxm)
Add scheme if missing in "web link" dialog (issue #1362) (fabrixxm)
Don't detect Facebook and RSS feeds as contacts (issue #1432) (annando)
Add cli command to generate database.sql from scheme description (issue #1370) (fabrixxm)
Fix warning trying to creating already existing itemcache dir (pztrn)
Send update to directory when account is removed (issue #1038) (annando)
Fix settings page's aside menu visibility (issue #1459) (fabrixxm)
Don't show past events in event reminder in profile page (issue #1306) (annando)
Add help text to explain the options for approving contacts (issue #1349) (silke)
API set as unseen only posts returned by the call (issue #1063) (annando)
Version 3.3.3 (2015-02-24)
More separation between php and html in photo album (issue #1258) (rabuzarus)
Enhanced community page shows public posts from public contacts of public profiles (annando)
Support for IndieAuth/Web-sign-in (hauke)
New hooks "emailer_send_prepare" and "emailer_send" (fabrixxm)
New hook "oembed_fetch_url" (annando)
Add un/ignore function to quattro theme (tobiasd)
Enhanced POCO data (annando)
Use HTML5 features to validate inputs in install wizard and in some settings fields (tobiasd)
Option to receive text-only notification emails (fabrixxm)
Better OStatus support (annando)
Share-it button support (annando)
More reliable reshare from Diaspora (annando)
Load more images via proxy (annando)
util/typo.php uses "php -l" insead of "eval()" to validate code (fabrixxm)
Use $_SERVER array in cli script instead of $argv/$argc (issue #1218) (annando)
Updated vagrant setup script (silke)
API: support to star/unstar items (fabrixxm)
API: attachments for better AndStatus support (annando)
Fix missing spaces in photo URLs (issue #920) (annando)
Fix avatar for "remote-self" items (annando)
Fix encodings issues with scrape functionality (annando)
Fix site info scraping when URL points to big file (annando)
Fix tools for translations (ddorian1)
Fix API login via LDAP (issue #1286) (fabrixxm)
Fix to link URL in tabs, pager (issues #1341, #1190) (ddorian1)
Fix poke activities translation (fabrixxm)
Fix html escaping in templates (fabrixxm)
Fix Friendica contacts shown as Diaspora contacts via Poco (annando)
Fix shared contacts wrong linking (issue #1388) (annando)
Fix email validation (ddorian1)
Better documentation for developers (silke)
Version 3.3.2 (2014-12-26)
Set default value for all not-null fields (fixes SQL warinigs) (annando)
Fix item filters in network page (issue #1222) (fabrixxm)
Remove reference to an ex Friendica hub from documentation (beardyunixer, tobiasd)
API throttling (annando)
Use a san-serif font in breathe style of vier theme (silke)
Prevent BBCode parsing problems with URLs (annando)
Add back tags to posts to Diaspora (annando)
Better display of pictures in posts (annando)
Fix out of control gprobe process (annando)
Version 3.3.1 (2014-11-06)
JSONP support for API (fabrixxm)
Fixed small bug in direct messages API (fabrixxm)
More filter for direct messages API (fabrixxm)
New hooks "getsiteinfo", "page_info_data" (annando)
Better loop post prevention (annando)
Via API, replace data: uri images in plain text version with link to post. (issue #1134) (fabrixxm)
Set default location to empty for new users. Suppress warning on user creation (issue #1193) (fabrixxm)
Correctly build urls with queries (issue #1190) (fabrixxm)
Optionally use keywords in feed as post tags with "remote self" (annando)
A blacklist of keywords to not use can be defined (annando)
"remote self" works also with Friendica and Diaspora contacts (annando)
Show exact post time after 12 hours (FX7)
Optionally redirect from non-SSL to SSL (annando)
Translation updates
Version 3.3 (2014-10-06)
added support in the API to allow image uploads from Twidere
support for the diaspora app in Firefox
Stopped support of unmaintained themes. They will continue to work if enabled but are no longer displayed in the list of themes.
Merged all "zero" themes into a theme with variations.
new default avatar by Andi Stadler
network page as default page after login
sections on users' settings page are now collapsable
automatic updating the network stream was improved
ignoring of threads
for selected contects one can now get notifications when they post something, useful e.g. for forums
After a new friendica contact is added, the user is directed to the contact page of the new contact. (Instead of the remote profile)
many improvement on all connectors, new connector
the algorithm for shortening postings when posting to limited platforms was improved
improvements for the remote_self functionality for RSS/Atom feeds were done
System stuff
no more apc support due problems with PHP 5.5
privacy image cache moved from an addon into the core
updated the following libraries: smarty 3.1.19, fullcalendar 1.6.4, jquery 1.11, jgrowl 1.3.0
added modernizer 2.8.3, better browser support
updates to the DB structure for better performance
preperations to use PDO in a later release
new notification system
web interface translations updated, addon translations now also possible separately from the main UI and done for CS, IT, RO, DE
vagrant support added for developers
some bugs were fixed for the profile import function
BBCode handling and reformatting to e.g. markdown was improved
Internal PusH server for communication with OStatus contacts
translation now done at transifex as well
"newmemberwidget" adds widget with help links + welcome message to sidebar of network tab for new members
new statistics addon to take part in the Diaspora* survey
new bidirectional connector for
new relay connector for Diaspora*
new connector for the buffer service
improvements for the connectors with Twitter, StatusNet/GNU Social,, google+ and facebook
improvements to the cal and jappix-mini addons
Change in the structure of the git repo
The "master" branch will now contain stable stuff and hotfixes.
The new "develop" branch will contain the latest changes.
Version 3.2
LICENSE change from Friendica uses now the AGPL
Language updates: PT_BR, RU, NB_NO, DE, PL, CS, ZH-CN, IT, CA, FR, NL
new languages: BG
added a README.translate and updates to the translation utils
addons are now translated separately
Theme updates: vier, smoothly, diabook, decaf-mobile, dispy, frost, frost-mobile, quattro
Bug fixes: #516, #517, #525, #476, #540, #546, #712, #728
sample nginx and lighttpd config
new default templating engine: smarty3
new share element
maintenance mode for longer running upgrade tasks
small fixed
edit profile photo link
better caching of pictures
threadening for outgoing emails
mail import
oembed thumbnails
SN subscriptions & more SN like behaviour if snautofollow addon is used
collect content of SN discussion threads
communication with Diaspora*
usage of the API
search improvements
MIME types for attachments
support Open Graph and Dublin Core when showing single items
better use of APC if present
use https versions of videos from youtube and vimeo to make firefox happy
fixes to the documentation
if a home.html is there, home.css is used as well
update included TinyMCE to version 3.5.8, fancybox
made more options available in the admin panel that were hidden before
show the admin information about when accounts expire in the admin panel
improving the install.php script
addons now can be members only
item object now contains the "edited" information left for the theme designers to show this info in a pretty way
improvments to the user-import from exported account files
It's now possible to authenticate an ejabberd server against friendica.
bugtracker moved to github
improvements to MySQL queries
Version 3.1