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{{* Template for singele photo view *}}
{{* "live-photos" is needed for js autoupdate *}}
<div id="live-photos"></div>
<div id="photo-view-{{$id}}" class="generic-page-wrapper">
<div class="pull-left" id="photo-edit-link-wrap">
<a class="page-action faded-icon" id="photo-album-link" href="{{$album.0}}" title="{{$album.1}}" data-toggle="tooltip">
<i class="fa fa-folder-open"></i>&nbsp;{{$album.1}}
<div class="pull-right" id="photo-edit-link-wrap">
{{if $tools}}
<span class="icon-padding"> </span>
<a id="photo-edit-link" href="{{$tools.edit.0}}" title="{{$tools.edit.1}}" data-toggle="tooltip">
<i class="page-action faded-icon fa fa-pencil"></i>
<span class="icon-padding"> </span>
<a id="photo-toprofile-link" href="{{$tools.profile.0}}" title="{{$tools.profile.1}}" data-toggle="tooltip">
<i class="page-action faded-icon fa fa-user"></i>
{{if $lock}}
<span class="icon-padding"> </span>
<a id="photo-lock-link" onclick="lockview(event,'photo/{{$id}}');" title="{{$lock}}" data-toggle="tooltip">
<i class="page-action faded-icon fa fa-lock"></i>
<div class="clear"></div>
<div id="photo-view-wrapper">
<div id="photo-photo">
{{* The photo *}}
<div class="photo-container">
<a href="{{$photo.href}}" title="{{$photo.title}}"><img src="{{$photo.src}}" alt="{{$photo.filename}}"/></a>
{{* Overlay buttons for previous and next photo *}}
{{if $prevlink}}
<a class="photo-prev-link" href="{{$prevlink.0}}"><i class="fa fa-angle-left" aria-hidden="true"></i></a>
{{if $nextlink}}
<a class="photo-next-link" href="{{$nextlink.0}}"><i class="fa fa-angle-right" aria-hidden="true"></i></a>
<div id="photo-photo-end"></div>
{{* The photo description *}}
<div id="photo-caption">{{$desc}}</div>
{{* Tags and mentions *}}
{{if $tags}}
<div id="photo-tags">{{$tags.title}}
{{foreach $tags.tags as $t}}
<span class="category label btn-success sm">
<span class="p-category">{{$}}</span>
{{if $t.removeurl}} <a href="{{$t.removeurl}}">(X)</a> {{/if}}
{{if $tags.removeanyurl}}
<div id="tag-remove">
<a href="{{$tags.removeanyurl}}">{{$tags.removetitle}}</a>
{{* The part for editing the photo - only available for the edit subpage *}}
{{if $edit}}{{$edit}}{{/if}}
{{if $likebuttons}}
<div id="photo-like-div">
{{* Insert the comments *}}
<div id="photo-comment-wrapper-{{$id}}" class="photo-comment-wrapper">