Friendica Communications Platform (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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/* ********************************************************************
* The following configuration has to be within the .htconfig file
* and will not be overruled by decisions made in the admin panel.
* See below for variables that may be overruled by the admin panel.
* ********************************************************************/
// Set the following for your MySQL installation
// Copy or rename this file to .htconfig.php
$db_host = '{{$dbhost}}';
$db_user = '{{$dbuser}}';
$db_pass = '{{$dbpass}}';
$db_data = '{{$dbdata}}';
// Set the database connection charset to full Unicode (utf8mb4).
// Changing this value will likely corrupt the special characters.
// You have been warned.
$a->config['system']['db_charset'] = "utf8mb4";
// email adress for the system admin
$a->config['admin_email'] = '{{$adminmail}}';
// Location of PHP command line processor
$a->config['php_path'] = '{{$phpath}}';
// If you are using a subdirectory of your domain you will need to put the
// relative path (from the root of your domain) here.
// For instance if your URL is '',
// set path to 'directory/subdirectory'.
$a->path = '{{$urlpath}}';
// Allowed protocols in link URLs; HTTP protocols always are accepted
$a->config['system']['allowed_link_protocols'] = array('ftp', 'ftps', 'mailto', 'cid', 'gopher');
/* *********************************************************************
* The configuration below will be overruled by the admin panel.
* Changes made below will only have an effect if the database does
* not contain any configuration for the friendica system.
* *********************************************************************/
// Choose a legal default timezone. If you are unsure, use "America/Los_Angeles".
// It can be changed later and only applies to timestamps for anonymous viewers.
$default_timezone = '{{$timezone}}';
// Default system language
$a->config['system']['language'] = '{{$language}}';
// What is your site name?
$a->config['sitename'] = "My Friend Network";
// Be certain to create your own personal account before setting
// REGISTER_CLOSED. 'register_text' (if set) will be displayed prominently on
// the registration page. REGISTER_APPROVE requires you set 'admin_email'
// to the email address of an already registered person who can authorise
// and/or approve/deny the request.
$a->config['register_policy'] = REGISTER_OPEN;
$a->config['register_text'] = '';
// Maximum size of an imported message, 0 is unlimited
$a->config['max_import_size'] = 200000;
// maximum size of uploaded photos
$a->config['system']['maximagesize'] = 800000;
// PuSH - aka pubsubhubbub URL. This makes delivery of public posts as fast as private posts
$a->config['system']['huburl'] = '[internal]';
// Server-to-server private message encryption (RINO) is allowed by default.
// Encryption will only be provided if this setting is set to a non zero value
// set to 0 to disable, 2 to enable, 1 is deprecated
$a->config['system']['rino_encrypt'] = {{$rino}};
// default system theme
$a->config['system']['theme'] = 'vier';
$a->config['system']['allowed_themes'] = 'vier,quattro,duepuntozero,smoothly';
// By default allow pseudonyms
$a->config['system']['no_regfullname'] = true;
//Deny public access to the local directory
//$a->config['system']['block_local_dir'] = false;
// Location of the global directory
$a->config['system']['directory'] = '';