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Friendica 3.2
* LICENSE change from Friendica uses now the AGPL
* Language updates: PT_BR, RU, NB_NO, DE, PL, CS, ZH-CN, IT, CA, FR, NL
* new languages: BG
* added a README.translate and updates to the translation utils
* addons are now translated separately
* Theme updates: vier, smoothly, diabook, decaf-mobile, dispy, frost, frost-mobile, quattro
* Bug fixes: #516, #517, #525, #476, #540, #546, #712, #728
* sample nginx and lighttpd config
* new default templating engine: smarty3
* new share element
* maintenance mode for longer running upgrade tasks
* small fixed
* edit profile photo link
* better caching of pictures
* threadening for outgoing emails
* mail import
* oembed thumbnails
* SN subscriptions & more SN like behaviour if snautofollow addon is used
* collect content of SN discussion threads
* communication with Diaspora*
* usage of the API
* search improvements
* MIME types for attachments
* support Open Graph and Dublin Core when showing single items
* better use of APC if present
* use https versions of videos from youtube and vimeo to make firefox happy
* fixes to the documentation
* if a home.html is there, home.css is used as well
* update included TinyMCE to version 3.5.8, fancybox
* made more options available in the admin panel that were hidden before
* show the admin information about when accounts expire in the admin panel
* improving the install.php script
* addons now can be members only
* item object now contains the "edited" information left for the theme designers to show this info in a pretty way
* improvments to the user-import from exported account files
* It's now possible to authenticate an ejabberd server against friendica.
* bugtracker moved to github
* improvements to MySQL queries