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<!DOCTYPE html ><?php // This is a perfect example of why I prefer to use template files rather than mixed PHP/HTML ?>
<title><?php echo $page['title']; ?></title>
<?php echo $page['htmlhead']; ?>
<header><?php echo $page['header']; ?></header>
<nav><?php echo $page['nav']; ?></nav>
<?php if((is_array($profile)) && count($profile)) { ?>
<div class="vcard">
<?php if(strlen($profile['name'])) { ?>
<div class="fn"><?php echo $profile['name']; ?></div>
<?php } ?>
<?php if(strlen($profile['photo'])) { ?>
<div id="profile-photo-wrapper"><img class="photo" src="<?php echo $profile['photo']; ?>" alt="<?php echo $profile['name']; ?>" /></div>
<?php } ?>
<div id="profile-extra-links">
<li><a id="dfrn-request-link" href="dfrn_request/<?php echo $profile['nickname']; ?>">Introductions</a></li>
<?php if(! $profile['hide-friends']) echo '<li><a id="viewcontacts-link" href="viewcontacts/' . $profile['nickname'] . '">View Contacts</a></li>'; ?>
<?php if ( (strlen($profile['address']))
|| (strlen($profile['locality']))
|| (strlen($profile['region']))
|| (strlen($profile['postal-code']))
|| (strlen($profile['country-name']))) { ?>
<div class="location">Location:
<div class="adr">
<div class="street-address"><?php if(strlen($profile['address'])) echo $profile['address']; ?></div>
<span class="city-state-zip"><span class="locality"><?php echo $profile['locality']; ?></span><?php if(strlen($profile['locality'])) echo ', '; ?><span class="region"><?php echo $profile['region'] ?></span><?php if(strlen($profile['postal-code'])) { ?> <span class="postal-code"><?php echo $profile['postal-code']; ?></span><?php } ?></span>
<span class="country-name"><?php echo $profile['country-name']; ?></span>
<?php } ?>
<?php if(strlen($profile['gender'])) { ?>
<div class="mf">Gender: <span class="x-gender"><?php echo $profile['gender']; ?></span></div>
<?php } ?>
<?php if(strlen($profile['pubkey'])) { ?>
<div class="key" style="display: none"><?php echo $profile['pubkey']; ?></div>
<?php } ?>
<?php } ?>
<?php if(strlen($profile['marital'])) { ?>
<div class="marital"><span class="marital-label"><span class="heart">&hearts;</span> Status: </span><span class="marital-text"><?php echo $profile['marital']; ?></span></div>
<?php } ?>
<?php if(strlen($profile['url'])) { ?>
<div class="homepage"><span class="homepage-label">Homepage: </span><span class="homepage-url"><?php echo $profile['homepage']; ?></span></div>
<?php } ?>
<?php echo $page['aside'] ?>
<?php echo $page['content']; ?>
<?php echo $page['footer']; ?>