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* Name: Frost--mobile version
* Description: Like frosted glass
* Credits: Navigation icons taken from Other icons taken from, including: Like, Dislike, Black Lock, Unlock, Pencil, Tag, Camera, Paperclip (Marie Coons), Folder (Sergio Calcara), Chain-link (Andrew Fortnum), Speaker (Harold Kim), Quotes (Henry Ryder), Video Camera (Anas Ramadan), and Left Arrow, Right Arrow, and Delete X (all three P.J. Onori). All under Attribution (CC BY 3.0). Others from The Noun Project are public domain or No Rights Reserved (CC0).
* Version: Version 0.2.6
* Author: Zach P <>
* Maintainer: Zach P <>
$a->theme_info = array();
function frost_mobile_init(&$a) {
// I could do this in style.php, but by having the CSS in a file the browser will cache it,
// making pages load faster
if( $a->module === 'home' || $a->module === 'login' || $a->module === 'register' || $a->module === 'lostpass' ) {
$a->page['htmlhead'] = str_replace('$stylesheet', $a->get_baseurl() . '/view/theme/frost-mobile/login-style.css', $a->page['htmlhead']);
if( $a->module === 'login' )
$a->page['end'] .= '<script type="text/javascript"> $j(document).ready(function() { $j("#id_" + window.loginName).focus();} );</script>';
$a->sourcename = 'Friendica mobile web';
$a->videowidth = 250;
$a->videoheight = 200;
$a->theme_thread_allow = false;