Friendica Communications Platform (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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* handle non-markdownifiable lists (i.e. `<ul><li id="foobar">asdf</li></ul>`)
* organize methods better (i.e. flushlinebreaks & setlinebreaks close to each other)
* take a look at function names etc.
* is the new (in rev. 93) lastclosedtag property needed?
* word wrapping (some work is done but it's still very buggy)
Markdownify Extra
* handle table alignment with KEEP_HTML=false
* handle tables without headings when KEEP_HTML=false is set
* handle Markdown inside non-markdownable tags
Implementation Thoughts
* non-markdownifiable lists and markdown inside non-markdownable tags as well as the current
table implementation could be rewritten by using a rollback mechanism.
<ul><li>asdf</li><li id="foobar">asdf</li></ul>
we come to `<ul>`, know that this might fail and create a snapshot of our current parser
we keep on parsing and when we reach `<li id="foobar">` we gotta rollback and keep this
list in HTML format.