Friendica Communications Platform (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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Fabio Comuni 306036c626 cache api 11 years ago
Contact.php remove queued items for contact when removing contact 11 years ago
EmailNotification.php rfc2047 encode notification email headers 11 years ago
Photo.php diaspora photos ? 11 years ago
Scrape.php fix various html parse errors 11 years ago
acl_selectors.php diaspora admin toggle, update install guide 11 years ago
api.php stuff 11 years ago
attach.php several fixes for attachments 11 years ago
auth.php works on login form 11 years ago
bb2diaspora.php diaspora reshares 11 years ago
bbcode.php stuff 11 years ago
cache.php cache api 11 years ago
config.php never enough comments 11 years ago
contact_selectors.php some minor work on contact edit page 11 years ago
contact_widgets.php add contact_widgets and provide widgets on appropriate pages, fix the saved search widget 11 years ago
conversation.php stuff 11 years ago
cronhooks.php cronhooks broken 11 years ago
crypto.php login_hook 11 years ago
datetime.php diaspora birthday notifications 11 years ago
dba.php undo last checkin 11 years ago
delivery.php local_deliver testing 11 years ago
diaspora.php bug in diaspora_reshare 11 years ago
directory.php load db configs (config,system) for all "executables" 11 years ago
email.php only header encode if necessary 11 years ago
event.php fix various html parse errors 11 years ago
expire.php load db configs (config,system) for all "executables" 11 years ago
fcontact.php friend finder support functions 12 years ago
group.php really commiting files this time, still getting the hang of git. 11 years ago
html2bbcode.php import image sizes from html source 11 years ago
items.php fix for errant top-level posts from feeds 11 years ago
message.php move send private message code out of view code 11 years ago
nav.php solve intro/notify naming issue by providing both or either, theme decides what to do 11 years ago
network.php fix various html parse errors 11 years ago
notifier.php working on long-term solution to relay issue 11 years ago
oembed.php cache api 11 years ago
pgettext.php finish up ability to switch languages without function collision 11 years ago
plugin.php breaking up boot file (part of zot refactor) 11 years ago
poller.php cache api 11 years ago
profile_advanced.php Remove full profile html from php and add new template 'profile_advanced.tpl' 11 years ago
profile_selectors.php match the documentation 12 years ago
profile_update.php bug in diaspora_reshare 11 years ago
queue.php starting the big delivery shakeup 11 years ago
queue_fn.php facebook queueing on failure, sync update.php with boot.php update version to avoid race condition 12 years ago
remoteupdate.php First test for friendika "live" update 11 years ago
salmon.php requeue deliveries on 503 errors which have 'retry-after' headers 11 years ago
security.php dfrn friendship issue 11 years ago
session.php Initial checkin 12 years ago
system_unavailable.php resolve file inclusion conflicts w/ multiple plugins, improve the typo checker 12 years ago
template_processor.php remove global $lang var in templates. can't work as intended 11 years ago
text.php stuff 11 years ago